Top 8 Things to Do in Hefei

Hefei in east China is blessed with rich water resources. Accordingly, ancient water towns, wetland parks, and lakes are popular places for people to enjoy beautiful waterscapes. Also, as a city with profound history and capital of Anhui Province, tourists should not miss its historical sites, so Anhui Museum, Memorial of Lord Bao, and the Former Residence of Li Hongzhang are also added into the top things to do in Hefei.

Sanhe is a typical ancient Chinese water town. Literally, Sanhe means “three rivers” because of the three rivers flowing through the town. 30 km (19mi) south of downtown Hefei, its peaceful waterscape and quaint buildings provide tourists with an escape from the busy urban life. The buildings here, including folk residences, pavilions, tea houses and temples are in typical Anhui architectural style and every detail, such as plaques, eaves, and wood carvings is well designed, no wonder visiting it is a top Hefei thing to do. Here, tourists can also enjoy the interesting exhibitions at the folk museum or the residence of former celebrities. Last but not least, at the south of the town, dishes made of aquatic products are strongly recommended.

Xiaoyaojin Park

What to do in Hefei if it is a family trip? Xiaoyaojin Park will meet the demands of both adults and children. At the west area of the park, various plants and flowers welcome people all year round, and it is very relaxing to take a walk through well laid out pavilion, pagoda and bridge. Melodious opera sung by local people can also light up your mood. In contrast, the east area features lots of recreation facilities, thus it never fails to win children’s hearts. Aquarium and 7D cinema are easily accessible, and kids may try bungee, Ferris wheel, and so on. Paddling a boat is always a safe choice which can include all family members.

Anhui Museum

If you want to learn the history and culture of a place, nowhere else is better than the local museum. At the Anhui Museum, tourists could appreciate the traditional Anhui Architecture. Also, since Anhui is the birthplace of “Four Treasures of Study” in ancient China, the museum displays a variety of brushes, ink, paper and ink stones, and people could see how they are skillfully used at the exhibition of calligraphies and paintings. Other worth-seeing treasures include the lacquer wares, Huizhou carvings, porcelains, and gold and silver wares. After you finish the visit, you may go northeast to tour the Geological Museum. Specimens of rocks and fossils make it another eye-opening thing to do in Hefei.
Lord Bao (999 - 1062) was a famous official of the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) born in nowadays Hefei, and he won grassroots’ respect for great integrity and impartiality. Now, at the memorial temple, tourists could feel his high status in China through a huge statue, screen wall and stone lions. His relics, family motto and calligraphy and paintings are also displayed. A very interesting attraction inside the temple is the Dragon Well. It was said that if officials who once took bribes drunk the water, he would suffer headache or stomachache. The entire memorial temple is encircled by river, and the white lotus flowers inside are always associated with Bao’s uprightness.

Former Residence of Li Hongzhang 

This place is recommended to tourists who are interested in the history of the late Qing Dynasty. As a military official at that time, Li Hongzhang (1823-1901) contributed a lot in repressing rebels and promoting westernization. The panorama of his life is now displayed in the lobby. Nevertheless, more details can be seen in the main building. Exhibited armors and weapons show how valiant Li once was. Tourists would also admire his foresight upon knowing the innovative measures he took to boost China’s shipping, mining and textile industry. By the way, the mahogany furniture with fine carvings is also worth seeing.

Huiyuan Garden

Does it sound like an incredible thing to do in Hefei if tourists could visit attractions of other nearby cities within just half a day? Well, it is possible at the Huiyuan Garden, because its miniature landscape covers the most representative attractions of another 16 cities. Thus, people could conveniently visit the bell and drum tower at the Bozhou Park, strange cypress and stone at the Huangshan Park, waterfall at the Luan Park, and the west lake at the Fuyang Park etc. Why not ride a bike to discover these attractions by yourself? What is more, every Chinese New Year, Huiyuan Garden hosts a splendid temple fair, and tourists could watch various folk performances, which are definitely fun Hefei activities to enjoy.

Binhu Wetland Forest Park

Whenever you come to Hefei, Binhu Wetland Forest Park is a must-see destination. In spring, you may ride a bike along the secluded path to enjoy magnolia and cherry blossoms. In hot summer, it will cool you down when you take a boat to tour the peaceful lake. If you come here in autumn, why not go hiking in this oxygen bar while seeing swaying reeds and colorful leaves? In winter, it is worth taking a lot of photos of the stunning snow view. In fact, this place could be the priority for those with children. Younger children would get familiarized with the knowledge of nature when taking a forest train or experience outdoor activities.
Since Chaohu Lake is south of the Binhu Wetland Forest Park, tourists may schedule them together when listing things to do in Hefei, China. As one of the largest freshwater lakes in China, Chaohu boasts beautiful waterscape and many historical sites. First, tourists may visit the shoreside attraction, Zhongmiao Temple, and feel the Buddhist atmosphere. Then, take a boat to the Mushan Island at the center of the lake. Among all the ancient buildings on the island, Wenfeng Tower is a must, because one may enjoy the plain lake view from the top.
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