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Classic Shanghai One-Day Trip

Shanghai Bund
Route: Shanghai Museum - Yuyuan Garden - the Bund - Night Cruise on Huangpu River

Take subway line 1, 2, or 8 to People's Square Station and leave from Exit 1. Then walk westwards for about 200 meters (220 yards) to find the entrance of the Shanghai Museum. After that, take bus no. 930 near the Exit 1 of People's Square Subway Station to Xinbeimen, and head southwards to visit the Yuyuan Garden. When the visit is over, go down the Fuyou Road to the east to Zhongshan Road (E-2), and you will find the Shiliupu Dock on the opposite side of the road. Book the night cruise ticket there and then walk northwards to stroll around the Bund Area. When the night comes, go back to Shiliupu Dock to have a night cruise on the Huangpu River.
Highlights of this one-day independent Shanghai tour:
Shanghai Museum It is a comprehensive museum of the ancient Chinese art with over 120,000 pieces of rare historical items on display, including bronze wares, porcelains, paintings, calligraphy works and jade wares. Among them, potteries representing the Liangzhu Culture (3400 - 2250 BC) are the most precious treasure.
Yuyuan Garden It is a private garden built during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Although not very large in scale, you can still find pavilions, ponds, corridors, bridges, and rockeries exquisitely laid out in it, making the garden like an elegant bonsai in the middle of the bustling block.
The Bund It is one of the landmarks of the city and 52 western-style buildings of different architectural features are the essence of this attraction. Besides these western old buildings, you can also overlook the modern skyscrapers on the other side of the Huangpu River while wandering around.
Huangpu River Cruise Taking a Huangpu River Cruise must be a highlight of your one-day Shanghai backpacking tour. You might feel like being inside a time tunnel with high-rise buildings on one side and old-style mansions on the other side. You can receive great view during the cruise, especially at night when buildings on the two banks of the river are lightened up.
Yuyuan Area
1. You are suggested to arrive at the Shanghai Museum early in the morning to avoid the possible long queue at the security checkpoint.
2. If you want to know the background knowledge of exhibits in Shanghai Museum, you can rent an audio guide at the lobby on the first floor. The rental is CNY 40 per set and you need to pay another CNY 400 or USD 50 as a deposit.
2. After visiting the Yuyuan Garden, you may stop by the nearby City God Temple if interested. The surrounding blocks are prosperous brimming with shops selling various handicrafts and snacks. You may go shopping along the streets and have a taste of the local cuisines.

Yuyuan Garden CNY 40 (Apr. 1 ~ Jun. 30 & Sept. 1 ~ Nov. 30)
CNY 30 (Jul. 1 ~ Aug. 31 & Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 31)
Huangpu River Night Cruise CNY 120
Fare for Bus no. 930 CNY 2
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