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Three-Day City Highlights

Day 1 Terracotta Warrior and Horses Museum - Huaqing Hot Springs
Terracotta Warriors
The Terracotta Warrior and Horses Museum is always on top priority for visitors who travel to Xian. Our suggested itinerary today starts with this unique sightseeing spot. It is suggested that you get up early this morning and make your own way to Xian Railway Station, where you can find the grey Tourist Bus No. 5 (306) at its east square. Alternatively, you may also take bus 307 from the south gate of Tang Paradise if your hotel is in the southeast of the city. Bing Ma Yong (Terracotta Warriors) Station is the terminal of both the two buses. Ticket costs CNY 7 per person for the former and CNY 6 per person for the latter. Besides, the ride of the two buses takes about 70 minutes and 90 minutes respectively. From the parking lot, you still need to walk for about 5 minutes to arrive at the ticket office of the Terracotta Warrior and Horses Museum. There is a fair amount of information in English catering to tourists. If you want to get a better understanding of the site, you may hire a regular guide at a cost of CNY150 on site. A normal visit usually takes about 2.5 to 3 hours. After your visit, you may choose to have lunch at KFC, Subway, Starbucks or Dicos outside the museum as the food at some local eateries is unsanitary.

Next we suggest you visit the Huaqing Hot Springs on your way back to Xian. You only need to pay CNY 1 per person to take either tourist Bus No. 5 (306) or 307 to arrive this site. Taxi is also a choice as the cost is only about CNY 10. With traditional Chinese buildings, nice views and touching loving story, Huaqing Hot Springs is quite popular among history lovers. Again, you may hire a regular guide at a cost of CNY60 on site. Generally speaking, one hour or one and a half hours are enough for your visit here. Afterwards, return to downtown area by taking tourist Bus No. 5 (306) or 307.

Admission Fee for sightseeing spots today:
Terracotta Warrior and Horses MuseumCNY 150 (Mar ~ Nov)
CNY 120 (Dec ~ Feb)
Huaqing Hot SpringsCNY 110 (Mar ~ Nov)
CNY 80 (Dec ~ Feb)
Day 2 Banpo Museum - Banpo Art District - Great Mosque - Muslim Quarter
City Wall
We recommend Banpo Museum as the first stop of your independent exploration today. Take subway line 1, get off at Banpo Station and then get out from Exit A. Walk 490 meters west along Changle East Road, turn left and continue to walk for 370 meters, you will arrive at Banpo Museum. Built right on the amazing archaeological site, this museum displays many artifacts, burial goods, as well as a prehistoric village dating back to some 6000 years ago. After that, you may hail a taxi at a cost of CNY9 to arrive at the Banpo International Art Zone, a tranquil place to enjoy some handmade articles and crafts. Or you may walk back to Banpo Subway Station. From here you just walk about 20 meters northeast, turn right to Fangzhicheng West Road, and continue walking along this road for 690 meters, you will get to the Art Zone. You will find fancy restaurants and cafes for lunch at its entrance.

Your next destination is the Great Mosque. Please return to Banpo Station to take subway line 1 to Beidajie Station. Here you can transfer to subway line 2, and then get off at Zhonglou (Bell Tower) Station. Leave from the exit B, walk southward for 60 meters, turn right and walk towards the Bell Tower, where you can easily find direction to the Great Mosque in Huajue Lane. Take your time to appreciate the ancient buildings and architectures in the serene mosque. Before getting back to your hotel, you can try some local food when exploring the nearby bustling Muslim Quarter.

Admission Fee for sightseeing spots today:
Banpo MuseumCNY 65 (Mar ~ Nov)
CNY 45 (Dec ~ Feb)
Great MosqueCNY 25 (Mar ~ Nov)
CNY 15 (Dec ~ Feb)
Day 3 City Wall - Small Wild Goose Pagoda - Shaanxi History Museum
Small Wild Goose Pagoda
Today we suggest you visit the ancient City Wall, Small Wild Goose Pagoda and Shaanxi History Museum.

Visitors can ascend the City Wall from the South Gate, East Gate, North Gate, West Gate, Wenchang Gate, Heping Gate, Shangde Gate or Hanguang Gate. You may just choose the nearest gate to begin your trip today. The South Gate is generally recommended since it is the most time-honored and beautifully decorated one. Take subway line 2 and get off at Yongningmen Station, you will find the South Gate easily. Also, there are many buses have stops at the South Gate Station. This more than 600 years old City Wall is the world's most completed and best preserved one of its kind. You can get nice views of the city when standing on the wall. Riding a bicycle is a very interesting and fun way to enjoy your visit. You can hire a bicycle at a cost of CNY45 for two hours on the site.

Leaving from the South Gate Bus Station inside the city wall, you can take bus No. 46 for three stops, get off at the Small Wild Goose Pagoda Station, and then you'll find the site across the road. You may also take a taxi at a cost of CNY9 instead. It is free for entry if you show your valid passport. Set in a beautiful and serene garden, this pagoda is a good example of ancient Chinese architecture in Tang Dynasty. One hour or so is enough to visit this sightseeing spot.

Return to the entrance of the Small Wild Goose Pagoda, walk eastward for a few minutes, you will find the Nanshaomen bus station. Take tourist bus No. 8 or bus No. 610 from here, get off at Cuihua Road after 5 stops, move forward for 10 meters, turn left and continue walking for 30 meters, you will get to the ticket office of Shaanxi History Museum. There are awesome amount of exhibits including artifacts, bronze ware, pottery ware, statues, calligraphy and painting works, and so on. Remember to use the audio guide device to deepen your understanding. You may spend 2-3 hours at this wonderful museum. Now this three-day independent Xian tour comes to an end.

Admission Fee for sightseeing spots today:
City WallCNY 54 (It does not apply to the yearly Xian City Wall Lantern Fair.)
Small Wild Goose PagodaFree of Charge. It is not open to tourists on every Tuesday.
CNY 30 for visitors who would like to ascend the Pagoda.
Shaanxi History MuseumThere are 4,000 free tickets for individual travelers a day except every Monday when it is not open to tourists. You can get one with the valid ID card or passport. To avoid the long queues, you can pay CNY 20 for the Exhibition Hall for Treasures of Great Tang Dynasty to enter the Museum.
Audio Guide Device: Deposit: CNY 100; Rent: CNY 20
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Questions & Answers
Asked by B Yue from USA | Jun. 06, 2016 16:41Reply
From Xi'an airport to Hanyangling
Is it easy to charter a taxi from Xi'an airport to Hanyangling, wait at the site, and then to hotel in Xi'an? How much will it cost? If not, could you recommend a company for a private car (without a guide)?

We will arrive Xi'an airport around 9 am and will have luggage with us.

Alternatively, is there place at the airport that we can store our luggage for 3-4 hours?
Answers (1)
Answered by Rose | Jun. 06, 2016 20:47

Hanyangling is not far from Xi'an Airport, but there is no public bus from the airport to the site. The only way is to take taxi. Since you have luggage, I suggest you charter a car in advance to take you to the site and then go to the hotel in city center. The fare is around CNY200-250 per car.
Asked by Mr.Walker from AUSTRALIA | Oct. 23, 2010 09:38Reply

How far is it from Qianling to the Great Buddha Temple ? Is it easy to catch a bus from Qianling to the Buddha Temple and then another bus to Xi'an afterwards ? Thanks !
Answers (2)
Answered by Ms.Xin from CN | Oct. 24, 2010 20:04

Mr. Walker,

You can find bus from Qianling to the Buddha Temple. It is not far. I'm afraid you can not find bus back to Xi'an from the Temple directly. You'd better take taxi back to Binxian and take bus back to Xi'an.
Answered by Mr.Walker | Oct. 26, 2010 07:55

Thankyou for the information Xin Xiao Jie !
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