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Lijiang is a city with long history, rich culture, and breathtaking scenery. It is also a place where a number of nationalities live together, which endows the place with colorful customs.

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Lijiang Ancient Town is one of China’s four best preserved ancient towns. It also boasts long history, colorful culture and beautiful scenery.
Baisha Village is the cradle of Lijiang’s “No. 1 Family” – Mu Family. As early as in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 AD), Mu family has started building street and temple here. Nowadays, the village preserves architecture and other historical relics of local Naxi nationality features, hence reputed as the “Most Primitive Naxi Village”.
Long time ago, there are ten dragons threatening the safety of mankind. Lv Dongbin, a famous Taoist immortal, brought under control nine of them and left a black one at nowadays black dragon pool to serve the people, hence the name of this charming pool, which later developed into a park with lots of architecture built around.
There are three houses and a yard in the Former Residence of Joseph Rock. The one facing east used to be headquarter of China Yunnan Expedition of National Geographic Society and Rock lived upstairs for over 20 years. The one facing north preserves reminders of Rock and precious historical pictures.

Yuhu Village is so named because of the Yuhu Lake located here. When it is sunny, blue sky, white cloud, and snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain will be reflected in the lake, forming one of the famous “Top 12 Scenes of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain”.

Jade Dragon Snow Mountain is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemispher, hence reputed as “Modern Glacier Museum”. It is also reputed as “Natural High Mountain Animal and Plant Kingdom”, for it cultivated various animals and plants.
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Asked by Meg from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 02, 2015 04:18Reply
China's 4 best preserved ancient towns
This article mentions that Lijiang is one of four of China's best preserved ancient towns. Where are the other 3 ancient towns?
Answers (1)
Answered by Melinda from INDIA | Jul. 04, 2015 03:15

The other three are Langzhong in Sichuan, Shexian in Anhui and Pingyao in Shanxi.
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