Lijiang Dining

Lijiang is a place blessed with an advantageous geographical position and a mild climate all year-round, resulting in a variety of natural resources and agricultural products in the region. The Naxi people, who have lived here for many generations, have developed their own cuisine using the rich local ingredients. Their dishes, with a refreshing flavor intermediate between Han Group and Tibetan, are a must to try if you travel there.

Lijiang snacks
Lijiang Dim Sum
Actually, authentic Naxi cuisine consists of a number of tasty snacks that can be easily found in the streets of Lijiang City. Jidou Liangfen (a kind of jelly made from chick pea) is one of the favorite snacks of locals, so don't forget to sample it while on your trip. Another one to try should be Baba, a kind of fried potato cake that is eaten with seasoning. Others such as Bingfenliangxiao (a tasty and refreshing dessert) and butter tea are also popular with visitors. Apart from these dishes, the Naxi people have a small formal banquet that is usually thrown to entertain distinguished guests. This banquet is called Sandieshui and includes about 39 courses of various local snacks and specialties. At present, you can have this banquet as well as other Naxi cuisine in Rongpo Restaurant, located in Xinhua Street in the Old Town.

As more and more visitors from home and abroad come to this city year by year, a number of western and Chinese restaurants catering for their needs have already opened in Lijiang. Moreover, some former visitors who enjoyed Lijiang very much have now opened their own restaurants here, providing visitors with a place not only for food but also to share their tourist experience.

Where to eat

Besides being a tourist attraction in Lijiang, Square Street is also an ideal place for visitors to sample the local snacks. Other snacks from Yunnan Province, such as the well known Cross-bridge Rice Noodle, are also sold here.

Lijiang dining
A Local Restaurant in the Old Town
Hua Hua Shen Restaurant
It specializes in Naxi cuisine, attracting many visitors from home and abroad.
Location: Fuhui Road, the New District

Naxi Yinshi Wenhua Cheng (Naxi Food and Culture City)
You can sample various local snacks and cuisines here while enjoying dancing and singing.
Location: in the middle section of Fuhui Road, the New District

Dashiqiao Snack (Big Stone Bridge Snack)
Location: No.5, Square Street, the Old Town

The Old Town Beef Restaurant (also known as Ha's Beef Restaurant)
Serving Muslim food, it has a history of more than ninety years.
Location: Xueshan Middle Road

Western Food Restaurant

Currently, there are a large number of western restaurants which have opened in Lijiang, especially in the Old Town. These range from star-rated hotels to characteristic steakhouses.

Lijiang Guanfang Hotel
This is the first five star-rated hotel built in Yunnan Province, serving both western and Chinese food.
Location: Shangri-La Avenue, the New District

Mamafu's Restaurant
Built alongside a babbling stream in the Old Town, it is popular with western visitors.
Location: Xinyi Street, the Old Town

Western food, Lijiang
Mamafu's Restaurant
Wester restaurant, Lijiang
Naxi Family Cafe

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Questions & Answers on Lijiang Dining
Asked by Guest | Nov. 14, 2013 03:36Reply
I'm trying to estimate my budget for Lijiang.
1) In most (say mid-tier) restaurants, how much would be it be for a meal per person?
2) How much is it per person to try good regional regional food?

Answers (1)
Answered by Heidi from FRANCE | Nov. 15, 2013 01:48

I just know for regular meal in the city, it costs around CNY20/meal/person. And if you have a meal in the ancient town, it costs CNY50 per person for each meal.
Asked by Kamlesh from INDIA | Dec. 16, 2012 03:34Reply
I want to know if there is any Indian Restaurant in Lijiang.
Answers (1)
Answered by Mike | Dec. 16, 2012 03:56

I am afraid that there is no Indian restaurant there, I think you can have a taste of local food. Laodao Private Home Cuisine on Wuyi road in the old town is recommended to taste the local food.
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