Scenic Spots Exploration along Yellow River

Upper Reaches

Qinghai Province is the source of the Yellow River, which is also the longest in this province, flowing for a total of 1,964 kilometers (about 1,220 miles). As it has flowed through this part of the country, the river has created many spectacular gorges and many other places that are worth visiting. Exploring along the Qinghai section of the river, you can have a look at Qinghai's capital city, Xining. It boasts a lot of attractions, including Zhaling Lake, E'ling Lake, Longyang Gorge, Star Sea and Mt. Riyueshan.

In fact the Yellow River is the natural boundary of Sichuan Province and Gansu Province. On its west side side is Gansu while on the east side is Sichuan. As it flows through Gansu Province, it forms a giant 'S' shape that is clearly visible on most maps. This is just the famous sight “the First Bend of Yellow River', not far from Jiuzhaigou. During a day, the best time to visit it is dusk. When the sun goes down below the horizon, the surface of the river becomes red. At the junction of the sky and the water appear pieces of red-tinged clouds.

The Yellow River flows through Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. The water here is torrential, running to the east with its own rhythm. The river itself and its many tributaries provide life-giving water to industrious people who live along its banks. Here, you can find many places of historical interest, including Gansu Provincial Museum, Bingling Thousand Buddha Caves and Fu Hsi Temple.

As the Yellow River flows through Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region; it contributes to a fertile land that is seen elsewhere only along the lower reaches of Yangtze River. The scenery along the river in this area is charming and varied, ranging from the desolate landscapes of northern region of China to the softer, more typical scenery of the southern region of the country. If you want to come to seek the trace of the river here, you can choose Yinchuan - the capital city of Ningxia. It has a lot of attractions well worth seeing. The most famous ones include Shapotou and Sand Lake.

Inner Mongolia
Stretching for 800 kilometers (about 497 miles) through this area, the Yellow River is the longest in Inner Mongolia. It flows through its capital city, Baotou and it provides not only abundant water for irrigation but also the possibility for the development of ship transportation, electricity generation and commercial fishing. In this area, the river freezes during the winter, so visitors who come in spring when the ice starts to thaw, will see the sight of chunks of ice float downriver on their way to warmer water where they eventually melt.

Middle Reaches

Known as the mother river of the Chinese nation, the Yellow River has nurtured Chinese civilization for many millennia. In historic Shaanxi Province, visitors can see attractions that demonstrate the important role the river has played in the development of Chinese culture in this area. Coming to Shaanxi for exploring the river, you shouldn't miss visiting Yan'an. There, you can appreciate the majesty of Hukou Waterfalls or may go to pay tribute to the tomb of Huangdi (Yellow Emperor), the ancestor of Chinese nation.

The tireless Yellow River has conquered mountains and plains, arriving in Shanxi Province with great vigor and then turning to the south, where it cuts the Loess Plateau like a mighty sword and creates a deep gorge. The Hukou Waterfalls is just situated between Jixian County of Shanxi and Xichuan County of Shaanxi. It's the first largest yellow waterfalls in the world.

In Henan Province, the Yellow River traverses the important cities of Luoyang, Zhengzhou and Kaifeng. In the west of the Mengjin County, the river's current is strong, but by the time it reaches the plains in the eastern part of the county, it becomes mild. Its flow here is slowed by sediment, mud and sand. Luoyang and Zhengzhou are located on the middle reaches of the river. With a very long history, Luoyang is renowned for its numerous historical relics. In the city, you can visit the famous Xiaolangdi Scenic Area, White Horse Temple and Sanmen Gorge. As the capital of Henan, Zhengzhou of course is your must-see city. There you can go to the Yellow River Scenic Area.

Lower Reaches

After visiting Luoyang and Zhengzhou, you can go on to visit Kaifeng, which is located on the lower reaches of the Yellow River. In Kaifeng, you can go on a visit to the Dragon Pavilion, Iron Pagoda and Xiangguo Temple.

In Shandong Province, the Yellow River flows through the capital city Jinan and continues running towards the northeast. Finally, it reaches its destination - the Bohai Sea. It has become the main water resource for northwestern part of Shandong Province and some of the coastland. If you go to Jinan, this city will not disappoint you. It is famed for lots of springs. The most famous one is the Baotu Spring. Besides, you may go to have a look at the Daming Lake, Shandong Provincial Museum and Qianfoshan (Thousand-Buddha Mountain).
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