Hainan - Haikou Hiking Tours

Haikou01 : 7-Day of Haikou - Xinglong - Sanya - Haikou
Hainan is the largest island in China, which has abundant natural resource. Blue sea, bright sunshine and golden beach is only the first impression of the Island. Here we introduce the 7 days Island tour to lead you explore this place deeply.

Arrive in Haikou. Check in a local hotel. Enjoy the night landscape in the "Coconut City". Head for Xinglong by coach. On the way will pass by Wanquan River. You will enjoy its picturesque landscape and the sculpture of Red Detachment of Women. Take boat to visit Boao Water Town and reach the Yudai Beach scenic spot which was recorded by the Guinness World Records. Take the bamboo rafts to excurse on the "Chinese Amazon River", Wanquan River. You can experience the charming tropic scenery and the special sight of farmhouse in Coconut village on both riverbanks. Drive to visit the Xinglong Overseas Chinese Farm, the biggest settlement in Hainan for returned overseas Chinese and go to Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden which is called the bright pearl of tropical scenery. In the evening, you can take hotspring in the hotel or enjoy the local show. Stay at a local hotel.
Sanya Bay, Sanya
Take coach to Sanya and visit Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Center. It is a blissful place that combines the Chinese and foreign gardens, Buddhism culture as a whole. And its feature is a grand statue of Nanhai Guanyin which is 108 meters high on the sea. Visit the big and small East Sea resorts. You can take some water sports there, such as swim and deep-diving. Sightsee in the Li and Miao Village. Li and Miao are considered the top two ethnic minorities in Hainan. It is the time for you to explore their culture and find out their uniqueness. You can taste the delicious the seafood for dinner and enjoy the local show. Stay at a local hotel.

You can take yacht to West Island or Boundary Island for sightseeing. Passing the Binhai Road at Sanya Bay which is recognized as "the coconut dream corridor", you will visit the famous resort, the tropical Ultima Thule of China and a Pillar Piercing into the Southern Sky. In the evening, you can have some free time on the seaside, enjoy the Fish Hotspring Spa or take a night cruise on the Sanya bay.
Leisure time in Yalong Bay, Sanya
Excurse on the Yalong Bay which is regarded as the "No. 1 Bay in the world", Yalong central square and shell museum. You can relax yourself on the charming beach of Yalong Bay and enjoy the sunlight there. You can take the double deck sightseeing bus back to the city center so that you can see the beautiful landscape on the way.

Have a day tour to Wuzhizhou Island. That is a peaceful island away from the noisy city area. There, you can overlook the mountains and the sea, and take part in the colorful water and sand beach sports. Enjoy the night landscape along the Sanya Bay for your last evening in Sanya.

You can do some shopping and buy some gifts for your family and friends at local markets in the morning. Transfer back to Haikou for your homeward flight or you can take flight leaving Sanya directly. Tour ends.
Haikou02 : 5 Days Haikou - Xinglong
We will spend the first day enjoying the beautiful scenery in Haikou, the capital of Hainan Island. In the morning, take a taxi or one of the many buses that go to Evergreen Park. After enjoying the park's natural beauty, take the No.37 bus from the park's gate to get to Holiday Beach located at the North Qingling Avenue. The beach is a perfect place to enjoy the sunshine and have a leisurely afternoon. You can stay at the Kaiwei Hotel (20 Haigang Road, Xiuying District, Haikou) that is quite close to the Evergreen Park and the Holiday Beach.
Yalong Bay, Sanya
On the second day, we are going to visit the Dongzhaigang Mangrove Reserve and Dongjiao Coconut Groove. From Haikou's Eastern Terminal (Add: 148, Haifu Road, Haikou), take the bus that goes to Qinglan Harbor.  There are only two buses that go to Qinglan - one leaving at 10:10 and the other at 16:10. The fare is about 13 RMB. Alternatively, you can go to Haikou's Southern Bus Terminal (Add: 10, South Longkun Road, Xinhua District, Haikou) to take a bus for Wenchang. From Wenchang, take a minibus to  Qinglan Harbor. The fare is 3 RMB and the trip is about 30 mintues long. After touring the mangrove, you can catch a ferry from Qinglan to the Dongjiao Coconut Groove, home to over 500 000 coconut tree. The admission fee is 18 RMB. You can enjoy the local seafood there. Stay overnight at a local hotel in Wenchang.

On day three, take a bus from the Wenchang Terminal to Xinglong. You can view the Wanquan River on the way. After reaching Xinglong, check out the Tropical Botanical Garden. You can stay at Mingyang Mountain Villas which located at Xinglong Hot Spring Resort.
Tropical Botanical Garden, Xinglong
On the fourth day we will catch a bus at Xinglong Terminal and head for Sanya. Sanya is a city that is suitable for touring all year round with an average temperature of 25.5 degrees. About 40 km west of Sanya you can visit the Nanshan Buddhism Cultural Zone. Sanya has a wide array of hotels and resorts to choose from.

On the last day, we are going to visit Yalong Bay, Dadonghai Beach, West Island and End of the earth. The latter site is a cape about 20km west of Sanya and is so named based on the ancient traditional belief that China's southern shore marked the geographical end of the world. Take the double-decked bus at Yalong Bay for all of these destinations. Buses leave hourly starting from 7:15. The last bus returning from End of the Earth leaves at 19:00. The trip is about 70 minutes long.
Hainan - Sanya
Sanya01 : 2 Days Mt. Wuzhishan of Sanya - Mt. Wuzhishan - Sanya
Leave by bus from the Sanya Terminal (Address: Second Jiefang Road) to go to Wuzhishan city. Buses leave every thirty minutes starting at 0600 until 1700. The trip is about a half ninety minutes long and the fare is 13 RMB.
Mt. Wuzhishan, Sanya
Upon your arrival in Wuzhishan city, you should take another bus to get to the Shuiman village. The village is about ten km away from Mt. Wuzhishan (namely Five Fingers Mountain, the highest peak in Hainan Province; admission fee is 20 RMB). The buses leave from Tongshi Bus Station in Wuzhishan City (Address: 50 Haiyu North Road) and reach Mt.Wuzhishan in one hour. The fare is 11 RMB.

After reaching the Shuiman village, you can experience the lifestyle and customs of indigenous people. Take some time to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. You can stay overnight at the three-star hotel on the mountain – International Vacation Hotel. After having breakfast on the second day, hike to the mountain and enjoy its lush tropical rainforest. Return by bus to Wuzhishan city and then to Sanya. Please be aware that the last bus from Mt. Wuzhishan to Wuzhishan city leaves at 13:00.
Questions & Answers
Asked by Benny from INDONESIA | Dec. 28, 2019 23:24Reply
My wife has walking difficulty, which areas are easily accessible for
Are wheel chairs available on most tourist spots? Could you give advice in this matters i.e. tour destination, hotel, transport etc. Thank you.
Answers (2)
Answered by Dorothy | Dec. 31, 2019 01:11

As I know, most toursit spots in Sanya have wheelchair access so don't worry. Tianya Haijiao, Yalong Bay, Sanya Bay, Wuzhizhou Island etc. are some famous tourist destinations in Sanya. For the hotel accommodations, Sheraton Sanya Resort(5 Star) and Palm Beach Resort & Spa Hotel(4 Star) are both good for choice.
Answered by Benny from INDONESIA | Dec. 31, 2019 04:03

Thanks a lot Dorothy, we indeed appreciate your helpfull information.
Asked by Annie from USA | Jun. 26, 2016 06:44Reply
Can I hired local tour guide and will take us to some attraction area? About how much, for Nanshan?
Want to hired tour guide and provide transportation to the Nanshan temple from hotel in Sanya bay? If so how much will it be, about?
Answers (1)
Answered by Lily | Jun. 26, 2016 21:12

hi Annie, most of hotels in Sanya offer guide and car service. You can contact your hotel directly.
Asked by Alex from FRANCE | Nov. 12, 2014 05:07Reply
Climbing Mt. Wuzhishan
I plan to go to Mt. Wuzhishan but I would like to know if there are cheap hotels or hostels in Wuzhishan city because I am student and I can't afford paying too much. Do you have any suggestions or good address please?
Moreover, since "the last bus from Mt. Wuzhishan to Wuzhishan city leaves at 13:00", how is it possible to go up and come back? Does the trek last only 2/3 hours?
Thank you for your answer, I look forward to reading you.
Answers (1)
Answered by Percy | Nov. 12, 2014 20:37

It takes about 4-5 hours to climb up the mountain and 2-3 hours down. You'd better live in Shuiman Town rather than Wuzhishan city the day before, so you can get to the mountain foot early. There are some cheap hotels in Shuiman town, just bargin as possible as you can. BTW, there are leeches up there, wear long trousers, long-sleeve shirts and gloves.
Asked by Mei | Nov. 12, 2013 09:56Reply
Wish to visit Yanoda Rainforest on 1st day & Wuzhishan on 2nd day
Is staying at Sanya hotel useful in order to visit these 2 mountain resorts over 2 days? Will be flying into Meilan Airport, speed train to Sanya. How to use public or shuttle bus transport to and fro to Yanoda & Wuzhishan. We are not mountain climbing, just strong on our feet to enjoy walking! 4 people group.Tks
Answers (8)
Answered by Joyce | Nov. 12, 2013 20:33

Yes. It is ok for you to stay in Sanya city. To Yanoda Rainforest, you may go to Sanya Bus Terminal to take bus heading to Baoting(CNY10) and get off at Yanoda. Or, you can purchase the through ticket including the round way transfer, but this should be reserved in advance. As for Wuzhishan, you can take bus at Sanya Bus Terminal (6:00-17:00) to Wuzhishan city and the journey takes around 2 hours. Upon arrival, you will find regular buses at Wuzhishan Bus Station from the city to the foot of the mountain(Shuiman village). The earliest bus is available at 9:30. Since the transpotation to Wuzhishan is not very easy, you'd better to get up early to catch the earliest bus so that you will have enough time to climb the mountain.
Answered by Mei | Nov. 12, 2013 22:16

Thanks for your reply, seems like it is quite a long trip to Wuzhishan town from Sanya Speed train station & Dadonghai area. Do you advise if we stay at Wuzhishan Hotel-Tongshi (cannot find this hotel name on Sanya hotel website?). A little more detailed information, please. Is this also better and nearer when we visit Yanoda Rainforest? If we are 4 people, can we take a taxi and how?
Answered by Joyce | Nov. 13, 2013 19:53

Yes. It is more convenient to stay at the hotel in Wuzhishan. Acturally, Yanoda is located on the way to Wuzhishan, so you can go to Wuzhishan directly after visiting Yanoda. You will find the bus(from Sanya to Wuzhishan city) at the entrance. As for the hotel, you may contact an agency to see if they can help you book or not.
Answered by Mei | Nov. 13, 2013 20:27

1 ) "You will find the bus(from Sanya to Wuzhishan city) at the entrance" refers to a bus stop at the Yanoda Rainforest up at main entrance gate where we buy entrance tickets, or is this bus stop at the foot bottom of Yanoda? What is the time table of the bus & price, of this bus to Wuzhishan town? This is so helpful Joyce !

2) Early we arrive at Sanya Speed train station, how to get to Sanya Bus Terminal to take bus to Baoting, can we walk? Does this special bus bring me up to the ticket entrance gate of Yanoda?
Answered by Joyce | Nov. 14, 2013 20:52

1). Yes. The bus stop at the main entrance gate where you buy ticekts. The bus is available every half an hour from 6:00am-17:00pm and the ticket fare is about CNY13. The bus takes you to Wuzhishan City, which means you will need to take another bus at Wuzhishan Bus Station to Wuzhishan village(also called Shuiman village). This bus is available at 9:00, 12:30 and 16:00. Upon arrival, you can charter a car to the entrance of the site.
2). From the train station, you may take bus no. 4 and get off at Bus Terminal after 14 stops, or you can take taxi at a cost of CNY20. The bus heads to Baoting but you should get off at Yanoda. It will not bring you up to the entrance, you will need to walk for a while to the ticket office. Here, I would recommend you to reserve the shuttle bus with Yanoda. There are several buses available at different locations and it is more conveniet for you.
Answered by Mei | Nov. 15, 2013 23:34

1) "The bus heads to Baoting but you should get off at Yanoda." How frequent is this Sanya-Baoting Bus? May I know the walk up to entrance ticket gate is how far/steep & take how long? Is it a safe pedestrian walk path up, scared of big buses zooming close us!
2) Will take your advise to take the Yanoda shuttle bus, but not sure if there is any pick-up time which is at 10am? as the Yanoda wesite shows 4 different pick-up points are around 8am-9am.
Thanks for your useful knowlege, it will help us to make wise decision.
Answered by Joyce | Nov. 17, 2013 23:56

1). The bus from Sanya to Baoting is available every one hour from 06:45am-16:30pm. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the entrance from the bus stop. If you do not want to walk, you may call 0898-83881121(Tourist Centre) to take electronical car at a cost of CNY2 per person.
2). There is no shuttle bus leaving at 10am. They are only available at around 8:00-9:00 in the morning. However, the shuttle bus is very convenient. You can choose the nearest pick-up point and do not forget to make a reservation in advance.
Answered by Mei | Nov. 18, 2013 19:50

Thank you Joyce, we appreciate all the information, so Sanya here we come!
Asked by luke tyburski | Sep. 22, 2013 11:22Reply
Need some advice regarding running/hiking/camping in Hainan
Hi, I'm looking for some advice.

I'm thinking of having 4-5 days stopover in Hainan to explore it, by foot. I'm an Adventurer and would love to simply run/hike all day, then camp somewhere and chill-out for the night then repeat each day.

Is this possible in Hainan? I think I would fly into Sanya, then head from there?

I would have my camera to take pictures and film the beautiful scenery, I would love to get into the rain forests, and on trails (if there are any??)
Probably run 40-50kms each day for the 4-5 days I'm there (if possible).
Would love your thoughts, Ideas, and tips to where I can find more info... Hire a tent, do I need one etc, and If I can just camp anywhere, fire restrictions, animal safety, that type of stuff.

Thanks again, hear from you soon.

Luke Tyburski

The Adventure. The Travel. The Challenge.

Twitter- LukeTyburski
Answers (1)
Answered by Jack | Sep. 22, 2013 21:32

Hi, it is a good idea to hike in Hainan. Here I would like to recommend some famous hiking spots for you. Five Fingers Mountain in Haikou, where you can go into a rain forest, Jinmujiao, Pawn Bay(a good place for camping), Tonggu Ling, Limu Mountain, Diaoluo Mountain and Jianfeng Mountain.Most of people choose to camp at beach or mountain area. It is quite safe to trek in the forest as there is no large fierce animal. You are suggested to find a parter and don't go to far.
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