Sight of Tea Trees

5 Days of Jionghong - Mengzhe Township - Zhanglang Village - Xiding Township - Bada Township - Manhong - Nannuoshan- Jinghong
Scenery of the Mengzhe Township
On the morning of your first day, take a coach from the Jinghong Passenger Depot, one single ticket will cost you CNY8. After about one hour of traveling westward, you will reach Menghai County. Upon arrival, change to another bus for Mengzhe Township. After only 20 minutes, you will reach the Jingzhen Octagonal Pavilion. The admission fee is CNY10. As a typical Buddhist building, the pavilion absorbs the architectural style of Southeast Asia and also has the characteristics of Chinese classical architecture. After visiting the Pavilion, have your lunch at Mengzhe Township before hiring a car to travel south. Passing Hani Village you will reach Zhanglang Village, where the Bulang ethnic minority people have led their lives for thousands of years. Today this village still preserves the relatively complete historical site of the Bualng tea culture. You can experience the cultural legacy of the villagers' daily life as a living fossil. So look forward to enjoying a cup of tea at Zhanglang Village. Strolling in the village and the tea hill you can visit the Bulang Ecological Museum. At night, you might have the chance to enjoy the Bulang people's folk music after dinner.
On the second day, hire a car to go to Xiding Township. Observe the sea of clouds and wander a bit in the local multiracial market. Then take a car southwest to reach Bada Township. After lunch at Hesong Village, seek the wild Tea Tree King, which is more than 1,700 years old. Go on trekking along the Bada reservoir. Today you have a journey of 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) to complete. Pitch camp at a suitable spot beside the reservoir.
A bird's eye view of the Menghun terrace
On the third day you will travel on foot for about 18 kilometers (11.1 miles). Tramp through the virgin forest of Dabang South Hani Village. Pass by the Damanlu Hani Village, having a simple lunch on the way. In the afternoon, reach Manhong and camp there.

On the fourth day, hire a car to go to Menghun Town. After visiting the local market, change to another car to visit Nannuo Mountain, which is considered as the foremost ancient tea mountain in Yunnan Province. Here you cannot miss the Hani style feast. Start to climb up the tea hill from the Xiangyangzhai. Most of the trees on the hill are more than 300 years old, growing on the 30 degree slope. Hani girls climb up the tea trees using wooden ladders. When they are tired, they may stop tea-plucking for while and sing a folk song. Trim tea trees, singing birds and Hani girls together constitute a harmonious ecological picture. Stay at a Hani village after a journey of 15 kilometers (9.3 miles).
On the fifth day, rise at 7:00 to witness the sunrise and the sea of clouds too. Head for Duoyi Village to appreciate the full view of the whole mountain village. Continue to pass by Shitou and Guniang Villages. Have your lunch at Banpo Village. You are advised to make a reservation in advance. In the afternoon, go downhill using another path by Bamboo Village. Transfer back to Jinghong and this is the end of your trekking tour.

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