Shuhe Ancient Town

Shuhe Old Town, Lijiang
Shuhe Old Town, Yunnan
Four kilometers (2 miles) to the northwest of the Lijiang Old Town, at the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, lies a compact village hidden in the forest, the Shuhe Ancient Town. UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has listed it as an important component of Lijiang as it is a well-preserved example of a town along the ancient tea route and one of the earliest settlements of the ancestors of Naxi people. It is called 'the hometown of springs'.

Sifang Street

Ambling along Sifang Street, you will feel time slowly flowing backwards. Though it is only 30 meters long (32 yards), the smooth flagstone remind you of their flourishing past. Listen carefully, you can even hear the light ringing sound of busy horses' hooves from far away places.

Qinglong Bridge

Qinglong Bridge, built of stone pieces, measuring about 25 meters long (27 yards), 4.5 meters wide (4.9 yards) and 4 meters high (13 feet), was built during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Among the countless old stone bridges in Lijiang, it is regarded as 'the First'. The deck has been pock-marked over hundreds of years, revealing the solemn passing of history.

Long Pool & Sansheng Palace

There is a deep pool at the end of the street, called Long Pool (Dragon Pool), from which the overflowing water winds through the village, and the bubbling sound can be heard miles away. Fishes in the pool are appreciated by every tourist, because they are close to people. When you throw food to them, they will fight each other for it. Beside the pool lies a broken stele. When knocked by a stone, it sends out a sharp and light ringing sound, which is very pleasant. Above Long Pool is a temple called 'Sansheng Palace'. Standing against the wooden railings, you can have a bird's eye view of the village presenting a poetic rural idyll.

In addition, the Old Town of Shuhe was once famous for its developed leatherworking and education.
Local residents, Shuhe
Shuhe Naxi People
Buildings in Shuhe
A Local Familiy of Shuhe Old Town
The town is alive with the strong culture of primitive simplicity. If you are tired by the hustle and bustle of city life, come here, the tranquility of country life will certainly relax and revive you.

How to get to Shuhe Ancient Town from Lijiang

1. Take bus 11 to Shuhe Lukou station.
2. Take bus 6 to Shuhe Shangcun Wenmingcun station.
3. Take a taxi. The fare is around CNY 20.
4. Ride a bicycle to reach there. It takes around 40 minutes from Lijiang Old Town.
Entrance Fee CNY 40
- Last updated on Jul. 23, 2023 -
Questions & Answers on Shuhe Ancient Town
Asked by Jack from AUSTRALIA | Jul. 21, 2023 04:42Reply
Lijiang: Shuhe and Dayan Ancient Town Entrance fee duration
Hi, if I pay the entrance/maintenance fee, how long does it last? For example, if I stay in a hotel inside for two days, do I have to pay a fee everyday?
Answers (1)
Answered by Rita | Jul. 23, 2023 19:50

It is valid for 7 connective days. Keep the receipt well.
Asked by Christie from USA | Jan. 14, 2019 02:36Reply
What bus can I take to get from shuhe town to the jade dragon mountain?
Where is the location of the bus stop, how much is it, are there schedules and how long does it take ? Thank you
Answers (2)
Answered by Emily from AUSTRALIA | Jan. 17, 2019 19:40

There is no direct bus that can take you to the mountain. Thus for your convenience, you can hire a car or take a taxi to there. The distance is only around 16km. Thus the fare won't be expensive.
Answered by Eddie | Sep. 01, 2021 05:32

Public bus 101 goes directly from Lijiang to the Jade Dragon Mountain scenic area. It's reliable and convenient. The price is ¥15. Most of the drivers speak some English. The busses have comfortable seating.
Asked by Jiha from MALAYSIA | Aug. 15, 2018 08:33Reply
May I know the entrance fee to Shuhe ancient town for 2018
Answers (2)
Answered by Hill from FINLAND | Aug. 16, 2018 19:04

One of my friends went there a few month ago. He said that tourists need to pay CNY40 to enter the scenic area.
Answered by Peter from CHINA | Oct. 05, 2018 18:41

During the golden week (1.-7. October) both, the Shuhe and Lijiang old town were free to visit.
Asked by Lim from MALAYSIA | Jul. 31, 2018 06:29Reply
Tranportation options from Railway Station to Shu He
How do I go to Shuhe ancient town from the railway station? How much is the cost and time required for each option?
Answers (1)
Answered by Mike from USA | Jul. 31, 2018 20:00

You can take bus line 16 to Qixing Street, and then transfer to bus line 5 outer ring to Shouhe Qingyun Village. It talks about 2 hours and the bus fare is CNY 2. You can also take a taxi and the fare is about CNY 60, it takes 40 minutes to arrive.
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