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Mountain Kangrinboqe Hiking

Mt. Kangrinboqe, Tibet
Mt. Kangrinboqe, Tibet
The hiking starts from Darchen and the walk on the first day will take about 10 hours, covering approximately 22 kilometers. Overnight stay shall be at the Drirapuk Monastery. Hiking continues the next day as early as possible after a hearty breakfast. Entry to the annular mountain is 5 kilometers away from the west of Darchen and is identified by a 20-meter high pillar with plenty of flags. Climb the hill along the existing path for about an hour before reaching the peak, where there are flags with scripture in various colors are scattered. The Holy Mountain can be seen from there.
From the peak, walk downhill but follow the north path and enter the Lhachu Valley. Continue trekking for 2 hours (about 6 kilometers) before reaching a Buddha tower called ChoSen Kang-nyi which is renowned as one of the symbols of this holy mountain. There is a saying that people would be blessed by crossing over the feet of the Buddha statue. Evil people, however, may not be able to cross over!
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East of the Buddha tower stands a huge Darboche flagpole and you are to proceed hiking until the end of the valley. The famous Chogu Monastery is situated in the middle of the west cliff, underwhich lies Lhachu River.  Cross the bridge and climb onto the Hanging Monastery. A precious statue from India named Chogu Opame can be found in there. You will also have a golden opportunity to witness the marvelous west precipice of Mt. Kangrinboqe; its triangular shape looks like a Buddha statue on the Lotus throne.
The path will split into two ways, along the west and east bank of the Lhachu River. Both paths will end up at the Drirapuk Monastery, located north of Lhachu River. If the west bank is chosen, you will need to walk in the water. However, you need to walk longer if you chose the east bank. The monastery can be reached in about three and a half hour later (about 15 kilometers.) You are recommended to put up a night in this monastery. It costs a mere ¥20.00 per person per night. The magnificent north cliff faces this monastery.
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The next day will be a severe test of your will and strength. You will reach Mt. Dolma La, the highest point with an altitude of 5630 meters. Follow the path on the left of the Holy Mountain and east of Drirapuk Monastery. The zigzag path of 4 kilometers will lead to the DEATH LAND - Silwutsel Charnel Ground. The hill slope is covered with piles of cloth, symbolizes death. Chiliasts (?) believe that adding a drip of blood or a strand of hair will be better (for what?). The path is extremely narrow, with boulders on both sides; no wonder the place is called the TEST STONE area. It is said that one would not be able to pass through this area if one has committed evils in their previous life. On the right of the path marks the Sage Milarepa' footprint. It also marks the end of Siltwutsel.
All the trekking up Mt. Dolma La will make one breathless and stopping to rest. The precaution to take is not to rest for too long to avoid catching cold. Just rest your tired limbs for a short period while taking the opportunity to snack and enjoy the mysterious environment.
Continue walking along the steep mineral path and you will come to the most dangerous part of your journey. If you look down to the south of the mountain, you will see the Lenity Lake in aquamarine. There is a legacy that the water could clean off the dirt and evil if you bath in the lake.
The path will disappear once you go down the hill slope. You will need to jump and leap on the huge brown boulders to proceed, until another path reappears on the next hill slope; which means you arrive at the Lham Chukhir river valley. There are two paths along the river bank and both lead to another valley in the south. The grassland on the river bank is a natural paradise to camp. Those without camping equipments need to walk another 2 hours and stay overnight at the Zutrupuk Monastery, which also cost ¥20.00/ per person per night.
The final day will be relatively relax to return to Darchen. You might visit the Zutrupuk Monastery in the morning, where the altitude is 4790 meters. Proceed hiking along the river bank, which becomes steeper as you reach the Bage Grassland. You will go across a place, named Trangser Trangmar, where owning polychrome stones, ranging from red to yellow, from black to purple. The path will then turn right, stretching to Darchen along the foot of the hill.
Admission fee for the Mt. Kangrinboqe is ¥80.00/ per person.
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