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Assignment of Copyright in Work(s) Created By Volunteers

I, (The contributor/Author) a volunteer working on the Program/Project - Language Polishing/Proofreading, am serving as a volunteer for It is my intent that the work(s) created or to be created by me, in my capacity as a volunteer, will become the property of, and that will own the copyright in such work(s). To the extent that the work(s) is/are not a work for hire, I hereby transfer and assign all world-wide copyright interest(s) in the work(s) to for the life of such copyright interests.

This assignment of all right, title, and interest in the work(s) to is a transfer to of the full ownership in and of the work(s), including all rights of reproduction, distribution, display, and the right to create derivative work(s) on web site and its other affiliated web sites. grants the original Contributor/Author non-exclusive permission to use the Contributor/ Author's contribution to the full work(s) at no cost, provided that the copyright is properly acknowledged. retains the full copyright of the work(s) unless expressly granted.

In consideration of this agreement, agrees to acknowledge that I participated in creating the work(s) and will give full and complete attribution in all versions of them.

I warrant that I am either the author or a contributing author of the work(s) and that, to the best of my knowledge, the work(s): is/are original and not in the public domain; does/do not violate, or infringe upon, any existing copyright, common law literary right, or privacy right of any third party; does/do not libel any other person(s); that I have full power to enter into this assignment; and that I own all rights granted hereunder free of any liens or encumbrances.

The term "work(s)", as used in this assignment of copyright, includes: the final document, or other materials identified above; all drafts of the identified materials; and any other materials and work products submitted for inclusion in the work(s), where such relevant materials are created as a result of my work or activities as a volunteer involved in a specific activity.

I have entered into this assignment voluntarily and understand that, from the date of this agreement forward, the copyright(s) to the work(s) created by me, and/or to be created by me for the purpose of and in my capacity as a Volunteer, is/are owned, and will be owned, solely by

- Last modified on Jul. 10, 2019 -
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