Wanchai, formerly a favorite place for sailors to take R&R, is now a fabulous shopping centre and a popular tourist attraction at the north end of Hong Kong.

Here, old buildings coexist with modern architectures. The old buildings remind us of the Hong Kong in the past, while the modern architecture shows us the city's journey to the 21st Century. Some favorite places for people to visit in Wanchai are: the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center, the Museum, and Golden Bauhinia Square


Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center

The most notable place in Wanchai is the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center. In the Center is Xinyi Hall where the ceremony marking Hong Kong's return to China in 1997 was held. This beautiful hall looks like a sea-gull spreading its wings. In front of the Xinyi Hall is Golden Bauhinia Square. The sculpture of golden bauhinia there is a present that was given by the Chinese mainland government to celebrate the founding of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Every day there is a flag raising ceremony in honor of the city's returning to China.

Causeway Bay in Wanchai is a popular shopping site. Here, both the dearest and the cheapest merchandise are on sale. Perhaps no other place has such a diverse marketplace as does Hong Kong. The shopping spots include Times Square, Japanese department stores, Lee Gardens, and the Hong Kong World Trade Centre. These shopping attractions should not be missed. The extensive array of items is unbelievable. Times Square is the biggest emporium in Causeway Bay.

There are phenomenally good buys from the ground floor to the top floor. Each floor has its own special pricing. Hong Kong World Trade Centre is a favorite place for office workers as it always has specially designed promotions. Additionally, there are a myriad of restaurants that provide customers with a good place to enjoy the beautiful view outside through windows while dinning. Tired of shopping and eating, take a rest! Go to the city's largest park, the exquisite Victoria Park, which is also located in Causeway Bay, Wanchai.

How to get to Wanchai

1. Take  Island Line to Wan Chai.
2. Take bus 1, 1p, 103, 182, 182x, 681, 681p, 789 or n8x to O'Brien Rd, Hennessy Rd.

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