Sai Kung

Sai Kung, the “Back Garden” of Hong Kong, is located in the eastern coastal area of the New Territories. Thanks to its beautiful scenery, the area has already become a hotspot amongst the locals for going out and spending their weekends. Besides, the seafood there is a must.

What to Do in Sai Kung Hong Kong

Seafood in Sai KungEnjoy Seafood

Located along the seafront, Sai Kung Seafood Street offers you great choice when buying and tasting all kinds of palatable seafood. Amongst the large range of seafood on offer are fishes, shellfishes, shrimps and crabs. You can select the fresh seafood yourself and let the restaurants cook according to your own preference. You can also enjoy the cooked seafood at any of the restaurants. At the pier of Sai Kung Peninsula, you will find local people selling seafood on their boats, which is usually cheaper and fresher.

Sail over Sea by Sampan

If you come on sunny weekends, you can view many yachts, adorning colorful sails, sailing out at sea. Or you can simply relax and enjoy sea fishing on the sampan.

Hike on Sharp Peak

Sharp Peak is a good hiking spot in Hong Kong. Although less famous, it is one of the most beautiful peaks in this area and one of the steepest. The hard climb to the top however is worth it when you stand on top of the peak and enjoy the panoramic view sea, scenery and sky. This view is what drives hikers and climbers alike to the mountain. A visit to Sharp Peak scenic area usually needs 4-5 hours.

Do Water Sports or Get Relaxed in Big Wave Bay

Big Wave Bay is an ideal choice for recreation and entertainment. Here, you can experience surfing and other exciting sea sports. For those who prefer to just relax, you can lie on the beach chair and enjoy the sea breeze and sunshine. Going for a walk along the beach, camping and having a barbecue are also great things to do in Big Wave Bay.  

What to See in Sai Kung

Tin Hau Temple

In the northeast coast of Inland Sea of Port Shelter lies Tin Hau Temple. Although small, it is the oldest temple amongst the Tin Hau Temples in Hong Kong. Here, it is local custom to burn incense to pray. You may wish to worship inside the temple. Afterwards, you are suggested to taste the desserts at the well-known Honeymoon Dessert across the way.

Hong Kong Sai KungSai Kung Country Park

The park consists of the East and the West Park. East Park boasts the four most famous beaches in Hong Kong - Sai Wan, Ham Tin, Tai Long, Tung Wan. In West Park, Pak Sha O is the best preserved old village. The most popular destinations in the park however are Wong Chuk Wan, Tai Mong Tsai, Pak Tam Chung, Yung Shue O and Lai Chi Chong. Cheung Sheung Plateau is a good destination for those who enjoy camping and hiking.

High Island Reservoir

High Island Reservoir has the maximum water storage amongst the reservoirs in Hong Kong. At the seaside, you can find a jetty made of 7,000 anchor stones which shield the land from the raging sea waves. Even more interesting, is the masterwork of nature that can be viewed - a unique and rare six corners pillar resulting from volcanic lava. 

Lion Nature Education Center

Being Hong Kong's first Nature Education Center, the Lion Nature Education Center is located east of a highway near Sai Kung Town. The center covers an area of about 34 hectares (84 acres) and has an arboretum, a medicinal plant garden, an insectarium and a shell house. It was originally a farm but with the help and support of the International Association of Lion Clubs, it was established as a nature education center.

How to get to Sai Kung

1. Take bus no.1A, 92, or 96 R from Diamond Hill MTR Station to get there. Please note 92 and 96R are operated on holidays only.
2. Take bus no. 792M from Hang Hau MTR Station to get there.

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