Yinhai (Silver Sea) International Yacht Club

With a land area of 7.5 hectares (18.5 acres) and a sea area of 8.7 hectares (21.5 acres), Yinhai (Silver Sea) International Yacht Club is the largest yacht club in China. Aiming to provide an ideal location for entertainment, business and sporting, the well-equipped chamber is a luxurious, large-scale private yacht club. It is located on the central part of Donghai Road, Shinan District of Qingdao, along the city's beautiful coastline.

Constructed in strict accordance with international standards, the Yinhai International Yacht Club has more than 360 normative yacht berths, world-class docks, a sailing training center and other related facilities. Yinhai International Yacht Club combines rich tourist seashore resources and a series of distinctive attractions, in particular, the Site of China Sea Level Datum, the Star of Yinhai, Longwan Rainbow, a sightseeing beacon and the Olympic Cultural Corridor. As well as appreciating the enchanting seashore scenery, tourists experience the charm of yacht sports and the Olympics.

Star of Yinhai

The Star of Yinhai, the international exhibition center of the Yinhai Group, is the world's largest steel structure and is built in the shape of starfish. It has a height of eight meters (26.2 feet) and each horn measures 20 meters (65.6 feet), looking like a gigantic starfish mounting the seashore. The exhibition center contains 416 standard exhibition booths and a large convention hall which can accommodate over 100 people. The chambers built within the horns provide facilities for business and dining. After dark, the light inside the steel structure reaches into the sky and the neon lights on the framework form five beautiful roses, creating a spectacular show.

Longwan Rainbow

Longwan Rainbow, to the east of Yinhai International Yacht Club, is designed to resemble a rainbow. It is the first bridge ever constructed to be opened and closed by machinery and is now comparable to the Millennium Bridge in Britain. Made of steel tubes, the imposing bridge is 60 meters (197 feet) long and 2 meters (6.56 feet) wide, connecting the marina with the dams. When oversize watercraft enters or leaves the port, the bridge opens from middle, resembling two grand sails.

The Sightseeing Beacon

The sightseeing beacon was built to commemorate success in China's bid for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. It has a height of 20.08 meters (65.88 feet) and a bottom diameter of 8.11 meters (26.6 feet), indicating the date of the sailing race which happened on August 11, 2008. On the top of the beacon is the symbol of the 29th Olympic Sailing Race. The automatic rotary is clearly visible in land, in the sea and in the air both day and night. The top platform can be reached along the staircases inside the beacon and commands a superb view of the bay.

Olympic Culture Exhibition Hall

With models of sail boats from various historical periods on display, the Olympic Culture Exhibition Hall introduces the Olympic sailing race and the development of sailing in China and foreign countries. The Olympic Cultural Corridor, 390 meters (1,280 feet) long, displays the general facts of all previous Olympic Games. Here, the classic menus will tell you the profound Olympic Sports and the deep Olympic spirits.

Clubhouse, yacht training school, fitness centers, star-rated hotels, exhibition center and other subsidiary facilities in the Yinhai International Yacht Club provide you with a full range of high quality services.

How to get to Yinhai International Yacht Club

1. Take Metro Line 2 to Maidao and leave from Exit E, then walk south for 10 minutes to get to the club.
2. Take Bus 225, 231, 232, 232 Express, 317, 504, G1, Sightseeing Bus Line 1 or Line 4 to Yinhai Youting Julebu (Yinhai International Yacht Club).
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Questions & Answers on Yinhai (Silver Sea) International Yacht Club
Asked by Mr.Paul Larkin from NEW ZEALAND | Dec. 01, 2010 13:27Reply
Does the Yinhai International Yacht Club have an email address? There is no 'Contact Us' icon on their web site. Most strange.
Answers (3)
Answered by Mr.Anthony | Dec. 02, 2010 21:46

I only find the phone Number for you 86 0532-66887701 / 66887702. Hope it is helpful for you.
Answered by Mr.Paul Larkin from NEW ZEALAND. | Dec. 03, 2010 12:59

Thanks you for that. Is the second number their fax?
Answered by Mr.Anthony | Dec. 04, 2010 22:31

No, they are all listed as the phone number in his Chinese version web inside 'Contact us'
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