Lige Island

Lige Island is a peninsula on the northern bank of Lugu Lake. Surrounded by water on the east, west, and south and against Goddess Gem Mountain which the locals call Lion Mountain on the north, Lige Island is one of the most beautiful places along Lugu Lake. Villagers here are mostly Mosuo people, who still have a matriarchy.

Top Things to Do in Lige Island

Lige Island
A Bird-eye View of Lige Island

Overlook Lige Island

You can overlook the entire Lige Island from the observation deck on the mountain slope behind Lige Island. The Lige Peninsula which seems like an arm reaching into Lugu Lake and the green water of the lake form a blue “heart” shape.

Appreciate Sunrise over Lugu Lake

The sunrise here is fascinating. Under an arrangement with the locals, you can take the Mosuo people’s unique "pig trough boat" which looks like a trough the locals use to feed pigs to the small island in the center of Lugu Lake and enjoy a wonderful view of sun rising over the lake.

Enjoy Bright Stars

Lige Island can be said to be the most beautiful place on Lugu Lake. You can stay here for one night in a lake view room and truly feel the brightest stars in the night sky hanging above you.

Dance and Sing at the Bonfire Party

In the evening, you can also go to the bonfire party which is held every night. The Mosuo men and women enthusiastically invite visitors to dance together, and then there is the antiphonal singing. It is recommended that you wear Mosuo clothing to participate, which makes it more meaningful. If you are lucky enough, you may also see the characteristic adult ritual of the Mosuo People.

Enjoy Lugu Lake on Boat Taste the Preserved Pork

It is recommended that you taste a preserved pork and the fish of Lugu Lake. Preserved pork is actually a kind of cured pork with all the bones removes all the bones except the pig’s skull removed. It is covered with various seasonings, then sutured, pressed and marinated in winter.

Pay a Visit to Zhaxi’s

It is said that Zhaxi is the most handsome and capable person in the Lige Village. He is the first one to build a toilet and a bathroom in the village. Zhaxi can give you a more comprehensive view of the Mosuo people and explain the local social system which still retains the style of the matriarchal family. In addition, both men and women still belong to their original family after marriage.

How to Get to Lige Island from Kunming

There are two long-distance buses at 09:30 and 20:00 every day from Kunming West Bus Station to Ninglang Bus Station. Sometimes, there is an additional one at 09:00. The journey takes about 10 hours and the fare is CNY207. Then you can hire a local car which takes about 2 or 3 hours to reach Lige Island from Ninglang Bus Station.

How to Get to Lige Island from Lijiang

There are five to ten long-distance buses from Lijiang Bus Station to Ninglang Bus Station. The departure times are mainly from 8:00 to 13:00. The journey takes around 4 hours and the ticket price is CNY 40. Then one can hire a local car to arrive in Lige Island.
Admission Fee  Free
Opening Hour All day
Suggested Visiting Time One day and one night
- Last updated on Oct. 23, 2018 -
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