Shenzhen Skyline: 10 Highest Buildings in Shenzhen

Like many other international metropolis, Shenzhen skyline is abundant in skyscrapers. According to the latest statistics, Shenzhen has 262 skyscrapers above 150m (492 ft), ranking the 3rd all over the world and only after Hong Kong and New York. Here are 10 highest buildings that pierce the Shenzhen skyline.

1. Ping An International Finance Center – 592.5m/ 1,943.9ft

 Location: No. 16, Fuhua 4th Road, Futian District
Ping An International Center, the highest one up on Shenzhen skyline, is now the headquarters of Ping An Life Insurance of China with a total construction area of 302,900 square meters (362,265 square yards) and a floor area of 18,931 square meters (22,641 square yards). There are 118 floors on the ground and 5 floors underground. 1F – 8F is for business use including industries of retailing, catering & entertainment and 9F – 115F is office area. 116F is Free Sky Observation Floor, from which tourists can have a bird view of Shenzhen and overlook Hong Kong. Futian Port, Huanggang Port, Mipu Natural Reserve, Nanshan Park, Lianhuashan Park, Shennan Avenue and Huaqiangbei Electronic Marketplace can be seen from this observation floor.

2. KingKey 100 Financial Center – 441.8m / 1,449.5ft

 Location: No. 5016, East Shennan Road, Luohu District
Kingkey 100 has 100 floors with an area of 602,401 square meters (720,465 square yards). 1 – 4 floors are KK Mall and reception hall, 5th floor is a conference center, 6 – 72F is office area and 75 – 100F is St. Regis Hotel. The sightseeing area is on 96th floor and is free of charge.

3. China Resources Headquarters – 392.5m/ 1,287.7ft

 Location: No.6, Tonggu Road, Nanshan District
Shaped like a bamboo shoot, China Resources Headquarters has been the landmark of Shenzhen Bay with 66 floors on the ground and 5 floors underground. It is not only the office area of China Resources Headquarters, but also a comprehensive trade building integrating shopping mall, new science and technology museum, and six star hotel, etc.

4. UpperHills – 388m/ 1,273ft

  Location: No. 5001, Huanggang Road, Futian District
UpperHills, the 4th highest on Shenzhen skyline, is composed of two buildings with heights of 388 meters and 300 meters/ 984ft separately. This large urban complex includes buildings of industry research and development, apartments, hotels and commercial area.

5. Diwang Tower – 383.9m/ 1,259.5ft

 Location: No. 5002, East Shennan Road, Luohu District
Diwang Tower, also called Shun Hing Square, used to be the highest one on Shenzhen skyline, and even the highest building in Asia when completed in 1996. It is an important landmark of the city and is composed of commercial building, business apartments and shopping malls. This 69-storey building is the thinnest one among the high-rises in the world. Meridian View Center on the highest level of the building is the first high-level thematic sightseeing project in Asia.

6. SEG Plaza – 355.8 m/ 1,167.3ft

 Location: No. 1002, Huaqiangbei Avenue, Futian District
As the world’s highest concrete-filled steel tube structure building, SEG Plaza has 75 floors on the ground and 4 floors underground. The underground floors are used as garage, the 1 – 10 floors are for business use with Asia’s biggest electronics marketplace and the other floors are for office area, hotels and sightseeing.

7. Hanking Center – 350m/ 1,148ft

 Location: No. 9968, Shennan Avenue, Nanshan District
The main building of Hanking Center has 66 floors in total with 5 underground and 61 on the ground and the wing building is 4-storey high. This building is built for high-end business and office area. The design of double curtain walls makes it the most beautiful architecture on Shenzhen skyline.

8. One Shenzhen Bay Tower 7 – 342m/ 1,122ft

 Location: Zhongxin Road, Nanshan District
One Shenzhen Bay is a high-end urban complex with residential area, hotel and office area. This skyscraper on Shenzhen skyline is the representative building in the region of Houhai.

9. Donghai International Center – 308.6m/ 1,012.5ft

 Location: South Keyuan Road, Futian District
Composed of office area, hotels, apartments and commercial area, Donghai International Center is the biggest architectural complex in Shennan Avenue. The two office buildings are 200 meters (219 yards) high with 37 floors and 150 meters (164 yards) high with 26 floors separately and the two apartments are with a height of 308.6 meters and 283.5 meters (310 yards) separately.

10. Shenzhen CFC Changfu Center (Changfu Jin Mao Tower) – 303.6m/ 996ft

 Location: No.5, Shihua Road, Futian District
The main building of CFC Changfu Center is for office use with 68 floors on the ground and 3 floors underground and the wing building is 17 floors high.
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Questions & Answers on Shenzhen Skyline: 10 Highest Buildings in Shenzhen
Asked by Jay from THAILAND | Jan. 07, 2020 01:42Reply
Shenzhen Building Light show in every evening?
We will be traveling to SZ at end of feb'20 and finding information about building light show. have every evening?
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Answered by Joanna from UAE | Jan. 07, 2020 22:33

As I know, the Light Show will always on Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays.
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