Ganzhou Huangjin Airport

Airport Code: KOW


Ganzhou Huangjin Airport is located at Emei Village, Fenggang Town, Jingkai District, Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, with a distance of about 16 kilometers (about 10 miles) from downtown Ganzhou.


Ganzhou Airport has one terminal for international and domestic flights now, and a new terminal is under construction. T1 is being expanded in 2019 which will add three sets of ticket counters and security check equipments, three security channels, one baggage collection and sorting table, and one boarding bridge.

Airlines Companies

Ganzhou Airport cooperates with Air China (CA), China Southern Airlines (CZ), China Eastern Airlines (MU), Tianjin Airlines (GS), Lucky Air (8L), Loong Air (GJ), Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines (GX), Jiangxi Airlines (RY), Xiamen Airlines (MF), Qingdao Airlines (QW), Sichuan Airlines (3U), and Fuzhou Airlines (FU).

Ganzhou Huangjin Airport Flights Schedule

Ganzhou Airport has opened domestic flights to/from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Xi’an, Hangzhou, Kunming, Nanning, Jinan, Changzhou, Haikou, Nanchang, Chongqing, Qingdao, Chengdu, Xiamen and Fuzhou…
To/ From Frequency (weekly) Travel Time
Beijing 2 on each day 2H40M - 2H50M
Shanghai 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun.
2 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat.
1H40M - 1H50M
Guangzhou Daily 1H
Zhuhai Daily 1H10M
Shenzhen Daily 1H20M
Xi'an Daily 2H35M
Hangzhou 1 on each Mon. Tue. Wed. Thurs. Sat.
2 on each Fri. Sun.
Kunming 1 on each Mon. Wed.
2 on each Fri. Sat. Sun.
3 on each Tue. Thurs.
Nanning 1 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 1H50M
Jinan 1 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 2H5M
Haikou Daily 1H45M
Nanchang 2 on each day 1H
Chongqing 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun. 2H
Qingdao 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun. 2H55M
Chengdu 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri.
2 on each Sun.
Xiamen 1 on each Mon. Wed. Fri. Sun. 1H
Fuzhou 1 on each Tue. Thurs. Sat. 1H35M

How to Travel between Ganzhou Airport and Downtown Ganzhou

1: Airport Shuttle Bus

Route: Ganzhou Airport - Dongyangshan Road Civil Aviation Ticket Office - Civilization Avenue (Wenmingdadao)
Operating Hour: Two hours before the flight depart
A single-way Travel Time: About 30 minutes
Ticket Price: CNY 10

2: City Bus

 Line K6: Shizonggonghui - Sheqian
Main Route: Shizonggonghui – Jiangxi University of Science and Technology – Songcheng Road – Huangjinjiayuan Community – Zijin Crossroads – Yanpokeng – Ganzhou Huangjin Airport - Sheqian
Operating Hour: 6:10 – 21:00
Ticket Price: CNY 1
 Line 168: Ganzhou Airport - Bus Hub Station of Xingguo Road
Route: Ganzhou Airport – Songcheng Road – Jiangxi University of Science and Technology – China Mobiles Hall – Bus Hub Station of Xingguo Road
Operating Hour: 00:00-24:00
Ticket Price: CNY 10
 Line 320: Ganzhou Airport – Jintan Road
Main Route: Ganzhou Airport – Ganma Company – Huangjin Avenue South – Bus Hub Station of Jinling Avenue – Jintan Avenue
Operating Hour: 6:00 – 21:00
Ticket Price: CNY 1

3: Taxi

Taking a taxi from airport to downtown Ganzhou will take about 20 minutes and cost CNY 50.

How to Travel between the Airport and Sanqingshan Railway Station

 1. Take airport shuttle bus line K001 at the airport; get off at New Railway Station and walk about 700 meters (766 yards) to Sanqingshan Railway Station. It will take you about 50 minutes and cost CNY 5.
 2. Taxi-taking method can take you about 35 minutes and around CNY 57.
- Last updated on Jun. 21, 2022 -
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