Panjin Travel Guide

Panjin Facts

Chinese Name: 盘锦市 (pán jǐn shì)
Location: Panjin City lies in the southwest of Liaoning Province at the central area of the Liaohe River delta. It neighbors Anshan and Jinzhou and is separated from Yingkou by the Liaohe River in the southeast, facing southward to the Liaodong (Eastern Liaoning) Bay of Bohai Sea.

Population: 1,259,000
Area: 4,084 square kilometers (1,577 square miles)
Nationalities: Han
Administrative Division: 2 districts (Xinglongtai, Shuangtaizi); 2 counties (Dawa, Panshan)
Seat of the City Government: 18, Shifu Jie, Xinglongtai District
Bank of China: 116, Xinglongtai Jie, Xinglongtai District
China Post: 32, Shifu Jie, Xinglongtai District

Useful Telephone Numbers:
Tourist Complaints: 0427-2812499
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184

Panjin Attractions - Things to Do

The Red Beach refers to the top scenic area of the city in a 100 square kilometers (39 square miles) reed field of Dawa County. The red color comes from a kind of grass that can grow in saline and alkaline soil. Set in the Red Beach and broad reed field, is a wonderful scenic wetland tourist resort area. Furthermore, wooden buildings in archaic style bring more elegance to the scenic area. The best time to visit Red Beach Panjin China is from mid September to mid October.

 Other Scenic Spots: Liaohe Beilin (Stele Forest), Dingxiang Ecology Travel Resort

How to Get to Panjin

Panjin is 155 kilometers (96 miles) from Shenyang and 302 kilometers (188 miles) from the Port of Dalian. Panjin's long distance bus station is seated in 145, Taishan Lu, Xinglongtai District, operating buses to main cities within the province and inter-provincial buses, including Beijing, Tianjin, and cities of Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Shandong and Henan provinces.



Enjoying a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, the city is characterized by four clear seasons, moderate temperature and abundant sunlight. The annual temperature of Panjin weather averages around 10C (50F). June, early and mid August are the rainy periods. The temperature here in spring and autumn is relatively higher. Especially, September is the best season to admire the breathtakingly beautiful Red Beach. 

Panjin Travel Tips

 History: Administrative history of the area can be traced back to 195BC during the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). The Tang Dynasty (618AD-907AD) brought the region back from the Koguryo Kingdom to the regime of Central China. Panshan is the earliest county established in modern Panjin.

 Physical Features: Panjin is situated in the alluvial plain area. Its terrain slopes downward from the north to the south. The land of the city is flat. Paddy field makes up about eighty-five percent of the arable land.

 Special Local Products: rice, reed, river crab

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