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10 Best Indian Restaurants in Shanghai

Hara Bara Kabab
Hara Bara Kabab

There are 10 best Indian restaurants in Shanghai. Most of them are decorated in Indian style and play their traditional music. Authentic Indian food and drink are served, including curry and tandoori dishes, naans, samosas, yogurt and masala tea.

1. Tandoor

Chinese name: 天都里 (tiān dū lǐ)
As the name suggests, it serves authentic tandoori food. Curry dishes, yogurt and top Indian vegetarian food are worth trying. The special decor, appealing music and attentive service all offer its customers a memorable experience.
Average cost per person: CNY220
Location: the lobby of the south building, Jinjiang Hotel, No. 59, South Maoming Road, Luwan District (near Changle Road)

2. Bollywood

Aloo Ka Chaat
Aloo Ka Chaat
Chinese name: 宝莱坞 (bǎo lái wū)
As one of the 10 best Indian restaurants in Shanghai, it serves delicious Indian food including vegetable samosa, chicken tikka, mutton seekh kabab, butter chicken, roti, lassi, rice pudding and masala tea.
Average cost per person: CNY130
Location: No. 326, Hongfeng Road (near Biyun Road), Pudong New District

3. Indian Kitchen

Chinese name: 印度小厨 (yìn dù xiǎo chú)
This is a popular restaurant with an open kitchen, allowing diners to clearly see the chefs cooking. The tender tandoori chicken and curry mutton with coconut milk are highly recommended. Also you can try the delicious naans, masala tea and yogurt.
Pudong branch: No. 480, Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area
Average cost per person: CNY120
 Minsheng Road Branch
Location: No. 480, Minsheng Road
 Hongmei Road Branch
Location: No. 8 Villa, 3911 Leisure Street, SOHO, No. 3911, Hongmei Road, Changning District

4. Masala Art Indian Cuisine

Masala Art serves top Indian vegetarian food with thick sauces, becoming one of the 10 best Indian restaurants in Shanghai. Grilled fish with black pepper sauce, curried mutton, cheese with spinach and yogurt are truly delicious. Indian waiters provide excellent service. Its second floor is decorated  Indian style!
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Dagu Road Branch
Location: No. 397, Dagu Road, Jing'an District (near Chengdu Road)
 Kangding Road Branch
Location: No. 1018, Kangding Road, Putuo District

5. Vedas Indian Cuisine & Lounge

Tomato Soup
Tomato Soup

As a pure Indian restaurant in Shanghai, Vedas serves distinctive barbecue, curry, naans and desserts. Roasted lamb chops and grilled chicken cannot be missed.
Average cost per person: CNY170
 Changshu Road Branch
Location: 3F, Shenzhou Commercial Building, No. 83, Changshu Road
 Hongqiao Road Branch
Location: 2F, No. 3729, Hongmei Road

6. Kaveen's Kitchen

This is a small but comfortable restaurant. Waiters wear traditional Indian costumes. Dishes have a typical northern Indian style. Tandoori chicken, naans, curry samosas and yogurt are recommended.
Average cost per person: CNY110
Location: 2F, No. 231, Huashan Road, Jing'an District

7. Kebabs on the Grille

Chinese name: 克比印度料理 (kè bǐ yìn dù liào lǐ)
It is one of the 10 best Indian restaurants in Shanghai. Tandoori dishes, creamy gravies, rice, dals and authentic Indian desserts are mouthwatering here. It offers an exciting experience with grilled Indian cuisine.
Average cost per person: CNY130
 The Bund Branch
Location: inside of the Cool Docks, No. 505, South Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District
 People’s Square Branch
Location: 1F, Central Plaza, No. 227, North Huangpi Road, Huangpu District (near West Nanjing Road)
 Biyun Road Branch
Location: inside of Green Sports & Leisure Center, No. 633, Biyun Road, Pudong New Area

8. The Indian Aroma

Indian Chapati
Chinese name: 阿若玛 (ā nuò mǎ)
Decorated in Indian Style, the waiters, chefs and many customers are from India. Naans and curry dishes are worth a try. It also can be regarded as one of the Indian vegetarian restaurants in Shanghai.
Over dining, you can also enjoy Indian dance and music here.
Average cost per person: CNY120
Location: A123, 1F, No. 2108, Middle Yanggao Road

9. Indian Curry Hut

Chinese name: 印度咖喱小屋 (yìn dù gā lǐ xiǎo wū)
This restaurant is on the list of 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Shanghai. Authentic Indian food served here include tandoori chicken, barbecue special, creamy gravies with red, yellow and green sausages, all kinds of naans, Biryani, home-made yogurt and masala tea.
Average cost per person: CNY100
Location: No. 1078, Hongquan Road

10. Hit Wicket Indian Restaurant

With fabulous decor and pleasant music, this one is one of the south Indian restaurants in Shanghai, offering classical and modern Indian delicacies including tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, salmon tikka, tandoori brocolli, lamb tikka, saag curry, vindaloo curry, goan curry and tikka masala curry. There are usually many foreign diners here.
Average cost per person: CNY120
Location: B1, Xinglehui Commercial Street, No. 36, Gongping Road

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Questions & Answers on 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Shanghai
Asked by M from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 01, 2019 13:25Reply
downtown Area Shanghai

Please can you advise which area are considered to be in downtown in the city, from where pick-up and drop-off facility would be provided for the day tours ? Also, could you please recommended any Indian restaurant nearby ?
thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Joanne from UNITED KINGDOM | Sep. 03, 2019 22:57

Generally speaking, you are advised to find a hotel in Jing'an District or Pudong District. Kebabs On The Grille Indian Restaurant is recommended. It is located at 1F, Central Plaza, No.227, North Huangpi Road. You can go and see.
Asked by Pankaj from INDIA | Jun. 17, 2019 08:29Reply
Hi All, Any suggestion for good Indian restaurant near 98 Shouning Road, Shanghai??
Answers (1)
Answered by Karma from USA | Jun. 17, 2019 20:57

There is a good restaurant located at No. 397 Dagu Road, Jing'an District, whose name is Masala Art Indian Cuisine.
Asked by Dilip Sanghvi from INDIA | Apr. 06, 2019 20:46Reply
Looking for Indian veg restaurant near Shanghai exhibition centre
Answers (1)
Answered by Samuel from SINGAPORE | Apr. 08, 2019 01:06

You can go to Vedas Indian Restaurant, which is located at 3F, Shenzhou Business Building, No. 83, Changshou Road, Jing'an District. The distance to your hotel is around 950 meters. You can find nice India foods there. Hope helpful!
Asked by Mohsin from PAKISTAN | Mar. 08, 2019 05:28Reply
Is there any indian or pak restaurant near 707 laoshan road shanghai
Answers (1)
Answered by Dylan from CANADA | Mar. 11, 2019 22:55

I know one named as Kebabs On The Grille. It is about 1.5km away from the starting place.
You can find authentic indian foods there. And the prices are reasonable. It is located at Building No.8, Laomatou, No.505, South Zhongshan Road, Huangpu District.
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