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Best Japanese Food Restaurants in Shanghai

SashimiShanghai has a large number of best Japanese food restaurants in Shanghai, offering pleasant surroundings, exquisite tableware, authentic Japanese dishes and attentive service. Due to these, dining in these restaurants is a little costly. The following are some of the typical Japanese food and drinks for your reference:
Sashimi: Fresh fish flakes eaten with Japanese mustard paste and soy sauce.
Sushi: A common Japanese dish made of rice, pickles sashimi and laver flakes.
Tempura: A kind of fried dish made of seafood and vegetables covered with flour and egg paste.
Teppanyaki: A kind of grilled food cooked on teppan, an iron griddle.
Sake: This clear Japanese wine tastes like the yellow wine of Shaoxing in China's southeast Zhejiang Province.


Chinese name: 山里日本料理 (shān lǐ r ì běn liào lǐ)
The quiet and elegant environment of Yamazato shows a typical Japanese style. It can be regarded as one of the top Shanghai sushi restaurants. The waitresses wearing kimonos offer very excellent service. The dishes served here are satisfactory. You are recommended to taste the tempura, sashimi, beef, sushi, pine fungus and tofu.
Average cost per person: CNY500
Location: 2F, Okura Garden Hotel, No. 58, South Maoming Road, Luwan District (near Middle Huaihai Road)


Chinese name: 仙炙轩 (xiān zhì xuān)
Japanese FoodJust as the name suggests, Ambrosia offers very delicious food and drink, including fresh beef, goose liver, grilled oxtongue, sashimi, beefsteak, salmon, grilled lobster, tiramisu, Japanese sake and fruit tea. On weekends, buffet dinner is served here to attract many diners.
Average cost per person: CNY470
Location: 4F, No. 555, Expo Avenue, Pudong New Area


Chinese name: 滩万日本料理 (tān wàn rì běn liào lǐ)
As one of the best Japanese food restaurants in Shanghai, its interior is designed like a Japanese garden. You can enjoy perfect service and tasty food here, but the cost is quite high. Quality Kaiseki Ryori served here feasts all distinguished guests.  In addition, deluxe sashimi, eels and grilled cod are very popular.
Average cost per person: CNY620
Location: 2F, Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, No. 33, Fucheng Road, Pudong New Area (near Mingshang Road)

Sun with Aqua

Chinese name: 东京和食 (dōng jīng hé shí)
Japanese DessertThis restaurant has an open kitchen through which people can see chefs cooking. The tempura and salmon are worth trying here. Sitting at a seat near the window, you can see the marvelous view of the Bund.
Average cost per person: CNY500
Location: 2F, No. 6, the Bund, East Zhongshan 1st Road, Huangpu District (near Guangdong Road)


Chinese name: 新都里无二 (xīn dū lǐ wú èr)
As one of the top Shanghai sushi restaurants, this capacious restaurant is said to be rebuilt from a storehouse, with a low-key signboard and scattered tables. However, it serves creative Kaiseki dishes, including sashimi, cheese shrimp scroll, grilled codfish and grilled beef.
Average cost per person: CNY500
Location: No. 803, Julu Road, Jing'an District (near Fumin Road)


Chinese name: 伊藤家 (yī téng jiā)Japanese Food
This old Japanese restaurant has many branches, becoming one of the best Japanese food restaurants in Shanghai. The recommended dishes are grilled eel, salmon, grilled oxtongue, tempura, sashimi, echinus and tuna. Buffet dinner is also available.
Average cost per person: CNY200
 South Shaanxi Road Branch
Location: 3F, No. 141, South Shaanxi Road, Luwan District (near Nanchang Road)
 Ruijin Road Branch
Location: No. 24, Ruijin 2nd Road, Luwan District (near Middle Huaihai Road)
 Jianguo Branch
Location: 3F, Jianguo Hotel, No. 439, North Caoxi Road, Xuhui District


Chinese name: 四季酒店新太郎 (sì jì jǐu diàn xīn tài láng)
This one is considered one of the popular Shanghai sushi restaurants. Diners can order dishes or have buffet in Shintaro. Grilled eel, sashimi, oyster, echinus, prawn and goose liver are recommended.
Average cost per person: CNY360
Location: 2F, Four Seasons Hotel, No. 500, Weihai Road, Jing'an District (near Shimen 1st Road)


Chinese name: 大江户日本料理 (dà jiāng hù rì běn liào lǐ)
Japanese sushi This one is on the list of best Japanese food restaurants in Shanghai. Due to the pleasant environment and considerate service, diners feel at home when at Ooedo. You can order whatever you like or have the buffet here. Various dishes are offered such as grilled codfish, grilled eel, salmon, echinus, sashimi, shellfish, beef and tempura.
Average cost per person: CNY270
 Pudian Road Branch
Location: the skirt building of Lujiazui Investing Mansion, No. 366, Pudian Road, Pudong New Area
 Hubin Road Branch
Location: 3F, Hubindao Shopping Mall, No. 150, Hubin Road

Sushi Oyama Shanghai

Chinese name: 鮨大山 (yì dà shān)
Average cost per person: CNY1,400
Location: nearby the intersection of Middle Huaihai Road, No. 20, Donghu Road

Haiku by Hastune Shanghai

Chinese name: 隐泉日式料理 (yǐn quán rì shì liào lǐ)
Authentic Japan dishes can be found in this cheap sushi Shanghai restaurant.
Average cost per person: CNY200
 IAPM Branch
Location: L4-408, IAPM Shopping Mall, No. 999, Middle Huaihai Road
 Disneyland Town Branch
Location: No. 815-820, Lane 255, West Shendi Road

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Questions & Answers on Best Japanese Food Restaurants in Shanghai
Asked by Ho Li Yoke-Olivia | Jun. 10, 2015 01:38Reply
Any Yum+good price Chirashi bowl in Shanghai?
I love chirashi bowl especially overflowing with goodness!

Any place you would recommend with good price. Of course Im a sucker for cheap/reasonable price.
Answers (1)
Answered by Sophia from ITALY | Jun. 10, 2015 02:14

Oh, I know one named as Bulianglai Janpanese Restaurant that has reasonable price.
And they have delicious Chirashi Bowl. You can go and taste it.
The address is No.669, Xianxia Road, Changning District.
Asked by nelly from SWITZERLAND | Jul. 07, 2013 04:30Reply
is there an excellent japanese restaurant with fresh sushi next to the WESTIN in Shanghai - thank you
Answers (1)
Answered by Bob from USA | Jul. 07, 2013 22:06

I think the hotel you lived in supplies good Sushi, so it is suggested to go there to enjoy.
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