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10 Best Korean Food Restaurants in Shanghai

Kimchi with Shrimp
Kimchi with Shrimp
It will be lucky to find 10 best Korean food restaurants in Shanghai. In particular, the local Hongquan Road in Minhang District is regarded as the Korean Street, where you will have many choices. You can find dishes on the street like hot pot, Naengmyeon (special cold noodles), seafood cake, soybean paste soup and fried rice cake.

1. Qinghegu Korean Traditional Restaurant

Chinese name: 青鹤谷 (qīng hè gǔ)
Great barbecue, hot pot, kimchi and bibimbap are served here. Free ice cream is provided to attract many girls. It has several branches in Shanghai, but the one near Hongquan Road is the most popular.
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Hongxin Road Branch
Location: 2F, Dibao Plaza, No. 3998, Hongxin Road, Minhang District (between Wuzhong Road and Hongquan Road)
 Songjiang Branch
Location: 2F, Lohas, No. 568, Middle Songhui Road, Songjiang District

2. Shui Yuan Wang Barbecue

Chinese name: 水原王烤肉 (shuǐ yuán wáng kǎo ròu)
As one of the top Korean BBQ restaurants in Shanghai, Delicious self-service barbecue is available here. In particular, the grilled steak is superb. Naengmyeon are also worth a try. The only drawback is that some people may smoke during dinner time.
Average cost per person: CNY130
 Century Park Branch
Location: No. 963, Meihua Road, Pudong New Area
 Hongquan Road Branch
Location: No. 8-9, Lane 1101, Hongquan Road, Minhang District (near Hongxin Road)
 Jiangqiao Wanda Branch
Location: No. 5, Lane 42, Huoxuan Road

3. Busan Stove

Chinese name: 釜山火炉 (fǔ shān huǒ lú)
It can be regarded as one of the 10 best Korean food restaurants in Shanghai. Korean elements can be easily found in this restaurant. Streaky pork, steak and pork chop are nice choices for barbecue. Aside from them, you can also taste the bibimbap. Go there early in the afternoon, or you have to queue up. It has a number of branches in Shanghai including the one on Hongquan Road.
Average cost per person: CNY100
 Meihua Road Branch
Location: No. 37, Lane 999, Meihua Road
 Jiading Branch
Location: Room 101, No. 1, Lane 788, Cuoxi Road
 Lancun Road Branch
Location: No. 473, Lancun Road
 East Jiangwan Road Branch
Location: No. 458, East Jiangwan Road, Hongkou District
 Ziteng Road Branch
Location: No. 156, Ziteng Road, Minhang District (near Wuzhong Road)

4. Hanshangong Korean BBQ Cuisine

Chinese name: 韩膳宫料理 (hán shàn gōng liào lǐ)
This restaurant offers top Korean BBQ, good-looking and tasty South Korean dishes such as pumpkin porridge, grilled streaky pork, grilled ox tongue, fried rice cake, bibimbap, mutton chop and kimchi. Waiters offer attentive and prompt service. Thus it becomes one of the 10 best Korean food restaurants in Shanghai.
Average cost per person: CNY100
 Middle Huaihai Road Branch
Location: 5F, Shanghai Plaza, No. 138, Middle Huaihai Road, Luwan District (near Pu’an Road)
 Xinshijie Branch
Location: 9F, Xinshijie Shopping Mall, No. 68-2, West Nanjing Road
 Xinglehui Branch
Location: B1, Xinglehui Commercial Street, No. 36, Gongping Road

5. Han Fu Xuan

Chinese name: 汉釜轩 (hàn fǔ xuān)
This restaurant offers tasty South Korean food at relatively low price. All kinds of barbeque food are very popular. Waiters would help grilling if you don’t refuse. The fried rice cake with red pepper sauce, cold buckwheat noodles and bibimbap are also satisfactory choices. In addition, every diner can enjoy a bowl of pumpkin porridge for free.
Average cost per person: CNY100
Location: No. 777, Dongbaoxing Road

6. Benjia Shanghai

Chinese name: 本家 (běn jiā)
Average cost per person: CNY120
 Pudong Branch
Location: 2F, Qianjiang Mansion, No. 971, Dongfang Road
 Tianshan Road Branch
Location: 5F, No. 1900, Tianshan Road
 East Tianlin Road Branch
Location: 3F, Huiyang Square, No. 75, East Tianlin Road
 Wuzhong Road Branch
Location: No. 1339, Wuzhong Road

7. Pan Barbecue

Chinese name: 喜来烤肉 (xǐ lái kǎo ròu)
The best Korean BBQ Shanghai can be found here. Professional chefs make authentic dishes like grilled beef, kimchi, hot pot, Naengmyeon and seafood cake. Waitresses wearing their traditional costumes offer attentive service.
Average cost per person: CNY130
 Wujiang Road Branch
Location: Room 218 to 220, No. 169, Wujiang Road
 Baoshan Wanda Branch
Location: Room 240 to 241, 2F, Wanda Plaza, No. 988, Yierba Jinian Road
 Hongquan Road Branch
Location: No. 10, Lane 1101, Hongquan Road


This is an authentic South Korean restaurant is on the list of 10 Best Korean Food Restaurants in Shanghai, offering many delicious dishes such as sliced beef, grilled streaky pork, soybean paste soup, beefsteak, bibimbap and Naengmyeon.
Average cost per person: CNY60
Location: No. 129, Jiaozhou Road

9. Korean Traditional Restaurant

Chinese name: 明洞王妃家烤肉 (míng dòng wáng fēi jiā kǎo ròu)
Dishes served here have a typical South Korean flavor. The recommended dishes are grilled beef offal, fried octopus with chili sauce, bibimbap and kimchi soup.
Average cost per person: CNY150
 Changtai Branch
Location: 2F, Building No. 10, Changtai Square, No. 2889, Jinke Road
 Jinqiao Guoji Branch
Location: 4F, Building No. 1, Jinqiao Business Square, No. 3611, Zhangyang Road
 Zhongshan Park Branch
Location: 6F, No. 1018, Changning Road
 Wujiaochang Branch
Location: 1F, Teli Fashion Shopping Mall, No. 189, Zhengtong Road

10. Sopoong Korean Restaurant

Chinese name: 兜风韩国料理 (dōu fēng hán guó liào lǐ)
Average cost per person: CNY70
Location: No. 64, Xuefu Street

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Questions & Answers on 10 Best Korean Food Restaurants in Shanghai
Asked by Mr.Eduardo from MEXICO | Apr. 09, 2009 11:59Reply
Do you know where i can find live octopus in Shanghai? I've been told it is a corean dish
Answers (2)
Answered by Miss.Serena07 from CHINA | Apr. 22, 2009 19:58

Live octopus? I'm afraid it is not a corean dish. The cooked octopus can be found in many seafood restaurants in Shanhgai, but live ones are hardly found. You may go to the supermarkets or the seafood markets in Putuo District.
Answered by Mr.hanguolaohu from USA | Mar. 23, 2010 00:54

Mr.Eduardo, please ignore Miss.Serena07's comment, she is not Korean and is not knowledgeable about Korean food. If you want live octopus in Shanghai go to To Dam Gol. This is a country inn style place, with authentic very spicy Korean home cooking. The octopus is usually boiled in a soup or sauteed on a pan right in front of you, LIVE. To be honest, an uncomfortable experience but I wanted to try it to begin to understand what the fuss was about. After I ate it, I realized that octopus when it's cooked can become extremely tough and hard to chew, but eating it so fresh like that it was unusually tender. And then I began to understand :-)

To Dam Gol (토담골)
2918 Longmin Lu.
Near Wuzhong Lu, on Jinhui Nan Lu which becomes Longmin Lu.
Open daily- 9:30am-2am
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