Ticket Agents of Shanghai Expo

 Ticket Categories and Rates

 How to Identify An Expo Ticket

Please buy expo tickets at entrances or appointed ticket offices and agents. At present, there is no discounts on the price, except preferential price for student, kids and senior people. Pay attention to bogus ticket which is too cheap or has been used. Used ticket has embossing stamp 'Expo 2010 Shanghai' at the edge, or a punch mark on the corner. Here below  is an unused ticket and  used ticket with embossing 'Expo 2010' on edges.

Single Day Admission of Standard Day
Unused Ticket
Single Day Admission
Used Ticket
  Tips to distinguish a genuine expo ticket:
1. Under the ultraviolet lamp, red, blue and green fibres can been seen randomly distributed here
2. Under natural light or lamplight, translucent wave images on the façade take on antique bronze color and take on green color if inclined at an angle of 45 degrees.
3. Under a magnifying glass, main picture on the ticket is surrounded by the shading of 'Expo 2010'.
4. Under natural light or lamplight, the background of the characters on bottom of the ticket takes on scarlet gold color and takes on green if inclined at an angle of 45 degrees. In strong light, it shows obvious metallic luster and twinkle, granular and rough to touch.
5. In natural light and lamplight, you can see blue, gold, pink and green square glittering spangles to flicker on the black background under the characters.

 Where to Buy Shanghai Expo Tickets

 Buy Expo Ticket on the Spot
In the entrances and exits of expo site, visitors can buy Night Admission, Standard Day Single Day Admission and Standard Day Special Admission in ticket office on the spot. 
Tips: The Night Admission is sold before 20:50 everyday.

 Four Appointed Ticket Agents in China:
China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC)
China Telecom
Bank of Communications
China Post
Notes: Visitors have to book ticket through local offices of these four agents. China Mobile offers online reservation. 

 Other Ticket Agents in Shanghai:
Apart from those appointed agents, Shanghai Expo organizer also empowers Shanghai Railway, Bailian Group, Shanghai Hualian Lawson Co., Ltd, etc to sell tickets. That is to say, visitors can buy Expo ticket in totally 116 railway ticket offices, 126 Hualian Supermarkets, 16 Lianhua Supermarkets, 26 Quik Convenient Stores, 296 Alldays Convenient Stores, 157 Kedi Convenient Stores and 81 Lawson Convenient Stores all over the city. 
Ticket Categaries: Only Single Admission of Standard Days and Special Admission of Standard Days can be purchased in those places.

 Overseas Appointed Ticket Agents
China Travel Service (H.K.) Ltd. (Hong Kong)
China Travel Service (Macau) Ltd. (Macau)
New Sintra Tours Limited (Macau)
China Travel Service (Taiwan)
JTB Corp. (Japan)
GlobeVison. Krea. Inc (South Korea)
China Travel Service (Australia)
Helen Wong's Tours (Australia)
Ticketmaster Inc. (USA & Canada)
Tian Bao Travel Ltd. (Canada)
Peregrine Travel, Inc. (USA)
Agence Chine Tourisme (France)
CHIMA Fernost Service Jun Zuo e. K. (Germany)
Becker Travel Worldwide GMBH (Germany)
Tian-Tan Horizon S.A. (Switzerland & Liechtenstein)
Commonwealth Travel Service Corporation Pte Ltd (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Brunei)
Singa China Travel Service Pte Ltd (Singapore)
China Travel Service (H.K.) Ltd. (Vietnam)
G.M.Tour &Travel Co.,Ltd (Thailand)
IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. (Thailand)
Notes: If visitors from other regions and countries want to book Shanghai Expo ticket in advance, you can contact those above appointed overseas agents by making a phone call, online service or email.
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Questions & Answers on Ticket Agents of Shanghai Expo
Asked by Mr.Rio from CANADA | Oct. 16, 2010 18:10Reply
Where can i buy a 3-day passes to the Expo for Oct 20-22. I am now in Hangzhou and will be in Shanghai in a few days.
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.SUMMERSNOW from FIJI | Oct. 16, 2010 21:16

Hi, you need to buy these three standard day tickets at the site on arrival.
Asked by Ms.grace from PHILIPPINES | Sep. 04, 2010 07:38Reply
we will be in shanghai from oct 2-8 which is a week long "national day" holiday so we expect much much more visitors. but since we dont have ticket agents in our country,
Q1. are we assured we can still buy tickets when we reach there? at the site? & supermarkets& railway offices?
Q2. are there any other options where we could buy before we arrive there?
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.SUMMERSNOW from FIJI | Sep. 05, 2010 01:23

It is the Peak Day from October 2-7, I am afraid that the tickets for that time have already sold out. You can not get it when you reach there.
Asked by Ms.PUNJAB17A from CHINA | Aug. 22, 2010 03:04Reply
I have friends visiting from NZ for 3 days only and they want to go to Expo. They are very keen to see the Chinese pavilion. Is there any way I can book tickets for the pavilion in advance as I hear that queuing for the 30,000 pavilion tickets released each day starts about 5am!
Answers (1)
Answered by Ms.Candy | Aug. 22, 2010 04:43

You can book it online through the appointed outlets on the offical website.
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