Transportation of Expo 2010

Expo subway map
Metro Maps of Expo Shanghai
In the master plans, the World Expo Shanghai China 2010 venues will be supported by five metros, two vehicular tunnels, one magnetic-levitation train, three sea ports in addition to two international airports and the city's reliable bus system. Generally speaking, public land transportation will play the key role during the Expo.

How to Get to Shanghai Expo?

The magnetic-levitation train and metro lines 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 will lead directly to the exhibition garden of 2010 Expo. Metro Line 13 (World Expo Special Line) will be ready for public use. This 5-km metro line connects Pudong and Puxi, right across and under Shanghai World Expo Park. 

 Corresponding metro station of direct metro lines to the entrance of the Expo:
Line Station Entrance/Exit Direct Zone
Line 4 South Xizang Rd* South Xizang Rd Zone D, Puxi
Nanpu Bridge Bansongyuan Zone E, Puxi
Luban Rd Luban Rd Zone D, Puxi
Line 6 West Gaoke Rd * West Gaoke Rd Zone A, Pudong
Line 7 Pujiang Yaohua Houtan Zone C, Pudong
Changqing Rd Changqing Rd Zone B, Pudong
Yuntai Rd West Gaoke Rd Zone A, Pudong
West Gaoke Road* West Gaoke Rd Zone A, Pudong
Line 8 South Xizang Rd* South Xizang Rd Zone D, Puxi
Yaohua Rd* Shangnan Rd Zone B, Pudong
Line 9 Madang Rd* Transfer to Line 13 to the Expo Zone D, Puxi; Zone B and C, Pudong

Tips: subway stations with '*' are metro hub for transfer. For part of the stations which are relatively far from the park entrance, there are free shuttle buses in service to the entrances.
Take Subway Line 4 to Expo Park
Go to Expo Park by Metro Line 4
Go to Expo Park By Cross-river Ferry
Go to Expo Park By Cross-river Ferry

There are ferry schedule at each water gates (totally four) which can take passengers to the piers (M1, M2, M3 which are respectively close to L1, L2, L6 cross-river ferry terminals) of the Expo park. Qichangzhan, Qinhuangdao Rd, Shiliupu gates along Huangpu River are only for group visitors and Dongchang Rd for individual visitors. Expo ticket excludes ferry cost. 
 Qinghuangdao Rd Gate - M2
08:10-11:30 every 30 - 45 minutes
Duration: 60 minutes
 Qichangzhan Gate - M1
08:10-12:00 every 25 minutes
Duration: 60 minutes
 Shiliupu Gate - M1, M2, M3
08:20-12:00 every 20 minutes, 16:00-16:40 every 20 minutes
Duration: 40 minutes
 Dongchang Rd Gate - M1
08:30-11:20 every 20 minutes, 16:30-17:30 every 30 minutes
Duration: 40 minutes

To Leave the Expo Park by Ferry
M1, M2 and M3 mainly offer cruise ferry to Shiliupu Water Gate via Lujiazui and North Bund areas.
Operating hours: 18:00-23:30
Ticket Price: CNY60
Duration: 80 minutes

Special Bus Lines
What's more, to make the exhibition more accessible, a number of public buses will be put into service during the Expo. Many of them will run on specially-designed roadways and lead directly to the garden while private cars are restricted during the Expo. There are 16 Special Expo Bus Lines lead to the Entrance Bailianjing, Houtan, and Shangnan Rd in Pudong. Some bus routes around the Park will open 20 special lines (Da Zhan Line) to the park entrance during the event, as well as 6 exurban lines.

Expo transport map
Transportation Map of Expo 2010 Shanghai
Expo Bus
Expo Bus

 16 Direct Special Expo Bus Lines: Shi Bo Line 1 - 16
Bus No. & Route Hours Fare
Line 1: North Square of Shanghai Railway Station ↔ Shangnan Rd. (P13) 07:00-21:00 from Railway Station
09:00-01:10 from Shangnan Rd.
Line 2: South Square of Shanghai South Railway Station ↔ Houtan (P19) 08:20-20:10 from South Railway Station
09:00-01:10 from Houtan
Line 3: North Square of Shanghai South Railway Station ↔ Houtan (P19) 08:20-20:10 from South Railway Station
09:00-10:10 from Houtan
Line 4: Hongqiao East Traffic Hub (Hongqiao Airport)↔ Shangnan Rd. (P13) 07:30-19:30 from Hongqiao Airport
08:50-10:10 from Shangnan Rd.
Line 5: Hongqiao West Traffic Hub (Hongqiao Railway Station)↔ Shangnan Rd. (P13) 08:00-19:50 from Hongqiao P&R Site
09:00-01:10 from Shangnan Rd.
Line 6: Danba Rd. Meichuan Rd ↔ Houtan (P19) 07:30-19:30 from Danda Rd. Meichuan Rd.
08:50-01:10 from Houtan
Line 7: Gonghexin Rd. Wenshui Rd. ↔ Houtan (P19) 07:50-19:50 from Gonghexin Rd. Wenshui Rd.
09:00-01:10 from Houtan
Line 8: Huashi Rd. (IKEA) ↔ Shangnan Rd. (P13) 08:30-20:30 from Huashi Rd.
08:30-10:10 from Shangnan Rd.
Line 9: South Square of Xinzhuang Metro Station ↔ Houtan (P19) 08:00-19:50 from Xinzhuang
08:50-01:10 from Houtan
Line 10: Shanghai F1 Circuit  ↔ Houtan (P19) 07:30-19:35 from Shanghai Circuit
09:00-01:10 from Houtan
Line 11: Wujiaochang ↔ Bailianjing (P10) 08:00-20:00 from Wujiaochang
09:00-01:10 from Bailiangjing
Line 12: Luxun Park ↔ Bailianjing (P10) 08:00-20:00 from Luxun Park
09:00-01:10 from Bailiangjing
Line 13: Shenyuan Sports Center ↔ Bailianjing (P10) 08:20-20:20 from Shenyuan
09:00-01:10 from Bailiangjing
Line 14: Chuansha Coach Station ↔ Bailianjing (P10) 08:15-20:20 from Chuansha
09:00-01:10 from Bailianjing
Line 15: Pudong Airport ↔ Bailianjing (P10) 08:00-20:00 from Pudong Airport
09:00-01:10 from Bailiangjing
Line 16: Nanhui University City ↔ Shangnan Rd. (P13) 07:40-19:40 from Nanhui University City
09:00-01:10 from Shangnan Rd. 

 20 Da Zhan Special Lines: Shi Bo Line 17 - 36
Bus No. Bus No.
Line 17 (17B): Tongbei Rd ↔ Lupu Bridge Ling 18 (36B): Dongxin Rd ↔ Lupu Bridge
Line 19 (806B): Hongqiao Airport ↔ Lupu Bridge Line 20 (86B): Beiqu Bus Station ↔ Nanpu Bridge
Line 21 (869B): Xincun Rd ↔ Nanpu Bridge Line 22 (89B): Tianlin Rd Hechuan Rd ↔ Nanpu Bridge
Line 23 (910B): Shijie Rd New Jiangwan Town ↔ Nanpu Bridge Line 24 (43B): South Hongcao Rd Jiang'an Rd ↔ Nanpu Bridge
Line 25 (45B): Caojiadu ↔ Nanpu Bridge Line 26 (66B): New Fengzhen Village ↔ Nanpu Bridge
Line 27 (253B): New Pengpu ↔ VillageLupu Bridge Line 28 (96B): Zhongshan Park Metro Station ↔ South Xizang Rd
Line 29 (733B): New Changfeng Village ↔ Lupu Bridge Line 30 (18B): Luxun Park ↔ Nanpu Bridge
Line 31 (802B): Shanghai Railway Station ↔ Nanpu Bridge Line 32 (610B): Donggou ↔ Houtan
Line 33 (614B): Jia Dong Hua Yuan ↔ Shangnan Rd Line 34 (871B): Jinxi Rd ↔ Shangnan Rd
Line 35 (82B): Lujiazui Metro Station ↔Houtan Line 36 (Zhou Nan LineB ): Zhoupu ↔ Shangnan Rd

 6 Exurban Bus Lines: Shi Bo Line 37 - 42
These buses are running to Sheshan, Songjiang University Town stations of Line 9, Jiangyue Rd and Aerospace Museum stations of Metro Line 8 and South Yanggao Rd Station of Metro Line 7. Visitors can change to other Metro lines to enter Expo park.
Bus No. Bus No.
Line 37: from Chongming Ximen Bus Station Line 40: from Jinshan Bus Station
Line 38: from Qingfu Bus Station Line 41: from Fengxian Nanqiao Bus Station
Line 39: from Shihua Bus Station Line 42: from Fengxian Fengcheng Bus Station

For visitors coming from other places, especially from the Yangtze River Delta, five transfer stations in Shanghai City will be built in Jiading Town , Qingpu Town, Songjiang New City, Jinshan, Fengxian and Chongming towns supplying nonstop buses to the Expo garden. On the other hand, some transfer stations will also be set up along the main expressways leading to the city during the expo.

Take a Taxi to Expo Park
Taking Taxi to Expo Park

Private cars and taxis are stopped 1.5km outside the Expo Park. There are some 4000 designated taxis that can enter and all taxis can enter this area after 21:00. During peak hours, transfer stations outside the garden will check tickets for bus travelers to the park. 6 taxi parking stops are set up around the Expo Park at entraces of Bansongyuan Road, Luban Road in Puxi, Houtan, Changqing Road, West Gaoke Road and Bailianjing in Pudong. 
Pick-up-point at those entrances/exits: 
Bansongyuan: in the crossing of Baotun Road and Bansongyuan Road
Luban Road: in the crossing of East Longhua Road and Furun Road
Houtan: in the crossing of Tongyao Road and Jiming Road
Changqing Road: in the crossing of Changqing Road Expo Entrance
West gaoke Road: at South Pudong Road (Yutai Road-Hongshan Road)
Bailianjing: at Puming Road (Bailianjing)

Chartered Tourism Vehicle
Expo Parking Lots Map

As many as 19 cities in Yangtze River Delta host chartered services at their Tourism Transportation Center. In Shanghai City, there are 6 transportation hubs participating: Wusong Passenger Center, Yangpu Stadium, Hongkou Stadium (Gate 5), Shanghai Railway Station, South Railway Station, and Shanghai Stadium (Gate 12). 

Emphasizing the theme of 'Better City, Better Life' pubic vehicles used in the garden will consist of non-polluting electric cars and other advanced vehicles. Besides the buses in the exhibition garden, some places in the park can be visited only on foot. It is said that a three-story pedestrian channel will be built in the park. With two floors above ground and one floor underground, the channel will provide visitors with a good shelter to escape both sunshine and rain during the Expo.

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Asked by Ms.jennifer from PHILIPPINES | Mar. 25, 2011 04:57Reply
hi, want to visit shanghai expo eventhough it is finish.just want to see the place thie april. is it possible to go there and look outside the building sites?how can we go there by subway or taxi,estimate cost? hotel from pudong area.thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Frank | Mar. 26, 2011 01:51

Yes, you can go to visit the Expo site, you can take subway line 8, 6, 13 and 7 or bus no. 314,787,815,610,786 to there now.
Asked by Ms.Dyan | Sep. 27, 2010 03:52Reply
is lupu bridge metro station inside or outside the expo site?
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Answered by Ms.SUMMERSNOW from FIJI | Sep. 27, 2010 20:38

Hi, Lupu bridge metro station is outside the site.
Asked by Mr.krishna from NEPAL | Sep. 26, 2010 00:16Reply
hi I am a nepalese student studying in china.I plan to visit shanghai in this october vacation .we are about 5 people which will be cheap and economical area to stay and easy way to go world expo?
Answers (2)
Answered by Mr.Dean | Sep. 26, 2010 01:28

As metro lines 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 can directly reach the expo site, I advise you to stay at the suburb area where along those metro lines. It may be cheap and economical and easy to travel.
Answered by Mr.krishna | Sep. 26, 2010 03:10

thank you for the information
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