Jiuzhaigou Shopping

Handmade Scarves
Handmade Scarves

After visiting the astonishing natural scenery of Jiuzhaigou, you must want to take home some special souvenirs. Several years ago, it was difficult for visitors to find a good place to buy mementos. Now, the number of shops open in and around Jiuzhai Valley has grown with the developing local tourist industry, so your suitcases will certainly fill up with souvenirs by the time you leave.

What to Buy

The most attractive souvenirs sold here are the variety of mysterious, exotic and colorful Tibetan decorations. For generations, Tibetans have inhabited Jiuzhai Valley. They are happy to share their beautiful native arts and handcrafts with people from all over the world. The Qiang people, another ancient minority in China, also live in this region and keep their distinct ethnic culture alive. A piece of beautiful Qiang embroidery is praised as one of the best souvenirs in Jiuzhaigou.

Additionally, the area also produces some tasty fruits such as delicious Diwen apples. Other bounties of the natural environment are a number of rare Tibetan medicinal herbs such as Chinese caterpillar fungus and fritillary. Of course, yak beef is another delicious snack which you can easily find around Jiuzhaigou. However, please check your country's Customs restrictions before buying some beef to take home.

Tibetan decorations
Tibetan decorations

If you want to share the charming beauty of Jiuzhaigou with your friends, some beautiful cards of the Jiuzhaigou landscape are the best gifts to give. These cards can be bought in shops all around Jiuzhaigou.

Where to Buy

Although Jiuzhaigou does not have any large department stores or supermarkets, it still has a few shops to meet visitor's needs. You can easily find a number of small shops and supermarkets out in the valley, some of which are managed by local Tibetans. Tibetan handcrafts and other souvenirs are available at these shops. Generally speaking, the price of goods sold around Jiuzhaigou is a little high, but bargaining is allowed. Usually, the Tibetan decorations can be purchased at a reasonable price. If you are interested in Tibetan herbal medicine, you'd better buy them at the normal drugstores, which ensure good quality.

Yak Beef
Dried Yak Beef

There is a tourist bazaar open and waiting for you, just outside the valley. Bianbian Street is about 1 kilometer (0.6 mile) from the entrance of Jiuzhai Valley. This street, said to be the fourth most popular tourist district in China, is about 2.2 kilometers (1.37 miles) long and is constructed in the traditional Tibetan architectural style. Shops selling local and exotic goods, restaurants and amusement centers located on the street will add a spice of excitement to your visit. On the other hand, the special atmosphere of Bianbian also makes it a tour highlight for Jiuzhaigou's visitors. Lingering at a Tibetan shop, looking over the crystal lakes and emerald forests, hearing the village monks chanting and feeling the cool breeze on your face will be a memory you will treasure forever.

- Last updated on Apr. 25, 2023 -
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