Best Time to Visit Jiuzhaigou

Middle to late October is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou, when the green, yellow, orange and red leaves are reflected in the lakes of different sizes and shapes. Upon seeing this scenery yourself, you will know why Jiuzhaigou is hailed as the fairyland on earth. In addition, the weather in mid to late Oct. is very mild and comfortable, providing tourists with nice conditions to go for a hiking.

best time to visit jiuzhaigou

Peak Season: April to Mid-November

Many tourists travel to Jiuzhaigou during this period to visit the breathtaking lakes, waterfalls and forest. In other time of the year, it’s too cold there. Accordingly, the accommodation fare is two or three times higher than the low season, and the charge for transportation and dining is also raised to different degree.

Slack Season: Mid-November to March

Visiting Jiuzhaigou in the slack season has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one side, winter is the best time to visit Jiuzhaigou’s snow view and icy waterfall. Traveling expense also decreases a lot. On the other side, many attractions are temporarily closed for the good of environment, and so do some hotels and restaurants. Thus, it is important for tourists to book available hotel in advance.

Times to Avoid Travel

Since many Chinese spend the National Day holiday from Oct. 1 to 7 at Jiuzhaigou, the price for plane and hotel increases a lot at that time. Plus the over touristy attraction, tourists from other countries are not recommended to visit Jiuzhaigou at the time period. July and August are also worth noticing, because many Chinese students and parents spend their summer break here.

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Travel to Jiuzhaigou in Four Seasons


Spring: March to May

Spring in Jiuzhaigou is a little bit cold, and the maximum day/night temperature difference reaches 12℃ (53℉).
Average temperature: 10 – 20℃ (50 – 68℉)
Clothes: overcoat, thick jacket, sweater, hoodie, sneakers

Spring is the best time to go to Jiuzhaigou to see how everything comes back to life. Melting snow, gurgling brooks and sprouting branches can cheer everyone up. If you come here in April or May, you will be greeted by colorful azalea and peach blossoms all over the place.

Summer: June to August

Summer in Jiuzhaigou features high temperature and strong ultraviolet light. But compared with many other places in China, it is much cooler, hence a great summer resort. July to August is also the rain season there, so pay attention to weather forecast to avoid rainy days.
Average temperature: 18 – 30℃ (64 - 86℉)
Clothes: thin jacket, T-shirt, long dress, short pants, sandals

Rich vegetation makes Jiuzhaigou a natural shelter from summer heat. Various ponds and splashing waterfall could also make people feel cool at once. Most importantly, due to the refraction of strong sunlight, the gradual change of water color is much more appealing than other seasons.

Autumn: September to October

Autumn in Jiuzhaigou is cool and sunny.
Average temperature: 13 – 23℃ (55 - 73℉)
Clothes: long sleeve shirt, cardigan, jacket, jeans

Colorful lakes and colorful leaves add radiance to each other, making September and October the best months to visit Jiuzhaigou. During this period, nearly every attraction can satisfy tourists’ needs of enjoying stunning scenery and taking beautiful photos. Apart from the natural scenery, tourists may experience the culture of Tibetan and Qiang ethnic groups. Roast lamb feast, dance performance and religious site can also be exciting parts of your Jiuzhaigou tour.

Winter: November to February

Winter in Jiuzhaigou is very cold, thus tourists may bring thick clothes to keep warm.
Average temperature: -2 – 8℃ (28 - 46℉)
Clothes: down jacket, windbreaker, sweater, padded trousers, scarf, gloves

Jiuzhaigou puts on a completely different look when waterfalls, creeks and lakes freeze in winter. More interestingly, under the co-effect of light refraction and ice density, frozen waterfalls and streams look blue instead of white, and late Jan. to early Dec. is the Jiuzhaigou best time to visit this marvelous phenomenon. Snow-capped mountains in winter mist also bring people a sense of tranquility. Nevertheless, it needs mentioning that many boardwalks are closed in winter in case of forest fire.

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Trains for Jiuzhaigou
Is there any train service from Chengdu? Thanks.
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Answered by Pepper | Sep. 27, 2023 23:06

No, the railway to Jiuzhaigou is still under construction and there is no train going there by now.
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