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Yading Hiking Tour

Itinerary: 9 Days Chengdu - Xichang - Muli - Shuiluo - Dulu - White River camp - Wanhuachi Pasture camp - Xinguo Pasture camp - Snake Lake camp - Yading - Daocheng - Chengdu
Day 1 Chengdu - Xichang
Schedule: Today, you can take the train from Chengdu south railway station to Xichang. There is only one train a day departing at 06:39 and arriving at 17:37, taking nearly 11 hours. Upon arrival at Xichang west railway station, you can take the bus no. 6 from Xichang west railway station to Xichang tourism service center station and then transfer to bus. no. Xichang12 or 17 and get off at Xichang passenger transport center station, which takes around 1 hour and 10 minutes and CNY4 per person. Afterwards, you can check in a hotel nearby to take a rest. There are lots of hotels near the station, so you can feel rest assured.

RMB75.00 net for the hard seat; 
RMB133.00 net for the second class hard sleeper; 
RMB205.00 net for the first class soft sleeper.
Day 2 Xichang - Muli
Schedule: Today, you can take the bus to Muli, which takes about 6 hours on the way. There are 3 buses every day, departing at 08:30, 10:50 and 13:10 separately. You can choose one according to your schedule. Upon arrival, check in the hotel to take a rest or wander around freely.

Price: RMB82.00 net per ticket.

Hotel: The Shancheng Hotel (Add: No. 36 Longqin north street, Tibetan Autonomous County of Muli; Tel: 18989236366) is recommended, which is only 10 minutes' walk from the bus station.

Introduction: Muli, located on the border of Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, is a Tibetan-dominated autonomous county with 21 ethnic groups including Yi, Han, Mongolian and Naxi. Until 1953, it was a Gelugpa Buddhist kingdom, dubbed the "Yellow Lama's Kingdom" by the famous botanist, explorer Rock.
Tibetan village
Tibetan village
Local people, Sichuan
Local people
Day 3 Muli - Shuiluo - Dulu
Schedule: Today, you can take the bus to Shuiluo, which departs at 07:30 and takes about 6.5 hours. On the way, you will have a stop at the Bugashan Pass for tens of minutes. If weather permits, you can see three sacred mountains from here. Upon arrival, you can take a taxi to Dulu village, which takes around 40 minutes. After that, you're advised to have a good rest in a local guesthouse to get ready for the following hiking journey.

Price: RMB100.00 net per ticket.
Day 4 Dulu - Shuiluo gold mine - White River camp
Schedule: Today, you will first trek along the White River from Dulu village to the Shuiluo gold mine. This part is very easy. Afterwards, you will go through the virgin forest. After walking for around 13 kilometers (8 miles), around 6 hours, you will arrive in the White River Camp and you will stay here for one night.

Introduction: The trekking from Muli to Yading Daocheng is a little bit difficult. During the journey, you will start from Dulu village, follows the White River, passes through Shuiluo Gongga, climbs over the three sacred mountains and finally arrives in Yading, Daocheng. Along the way, forests, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, snowy mountains and special rocks compose a marvelous highland view, which will definitely wow you. The whole journey is about 64 kilometers (40 miles), with an average altitude of about 4,000 meters (13,123 feet). The highest altitude you can reach is 4,700 meters (15,420 feet) at Zabala Pass.
Day 5 White River camp - XianuoDuoji - Zangbie Pasture - Wanhuachi Pasture camp
Schedule: Today, you're suggested to set off at 08:00 and you will continue to trek through the virgin forest. There are few side roads. After walking out of the forest, you will reach the Zangbie Pasture, from where you can see the XianuoDuoji, one of the three Hu God Mountains,. Then continue to trek to Wanhuachi Pasture camp. The view along the way is getting more and more enchanting and you can slow down your strides to enjoy the picuresque scenery. Today, you will trek for around 13 kilometers (8 miles) and around 8 hours.
XianuoDuoji Mountain
XianuoDuoji Holy Mountain
Day 6 Wanhuachi Pasture camp - Fanzabala Pass - Xinguo Pasture camp
Schedule: Today's journey is quite physically demanding, but the view will make it worth it. After breakfast, you will trek along the south slope of XianuoDuoji and pass over the Zabala Pass, from where the virgin glacier is visible. Afterwards, go downhill to the Xinguo Pasture, which is at the bottom of the south slope of YangMaiyong, another famous mountain of the three Hu God Mountains. Tonight, you will stay at the Xinguo Pasture camp. Today, you will trek for around 14 kilometers (8.7 miles) and 8 hours.
Day 7 Xinguo Pasture camp - Black Lake - Xiadu Pasture - Snake Lake camp
Schedule: Today, you will trek at an altitude of more than 4,000 meters (13,123 feet), which is a little bit intense. Therefore, you're advised to slow down your pace and not to trek too much. Today, you will pass several unknown passes as well as the Black Lake, which is glistening like black pearls while seen in distance. After walking through the Xiadu Pasture, you will arrive in the Snake Lake camp, which is at an attitude of 4,400 meters (14,436 feet). The scenery around the camp is quite beautiful and you can see the two sacred mountains of YangMaiyong and XianNairi at the same time. If lucky, you can also see the scenery of the snow mountain under the sunshine. Today, you will trek for around 15 kilometers (9 miles), 7 hours.
Day 8 Snake Lake camp - the three sacred mountains pass - Milk Lake - Colored Sea - Luorong Pasture - Yading scenic area - Shangri-La Town
Schedule: Today, you will set off from the Snake Lake camp and after trekking for around 1 hour, you will arrive in the three sacred mountains pass, which is at an attitude of 4,640 meters (15,223 feet). The three sacred mountains formed a triangle. After turning over the pass, you will enter in the Yading scenic area and then you will continue to trek for around 3 hours from the Milk Lake to the Luorong Pasture. Along the way, you will pass the Colored Sea. From the Luorong Pasture, you can take the electric vehicle to the Chonggu monastery, where you can see the amazing view of the 3 peaks from different angles. After that, take the sightseeing bus to the Shangri-La Town and you can stay one night here.

CNY50.00 net per person for the single journey of the electric vehicle
CNY120.00 net per person for the sightseeing bus
XianNairi Mountain
Xiannairi Mountain
Milk Lake, Yading
Milk Lake
Day 9 Shangri-La Town - Chengdu
Schedule: Today, you can take the flight back to Chengdu directly. Your memorable hiking tour will end here.
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