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7 Days Chengdu - Songpan - Huanglong - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu
Upon your arrival in Chengdu, you can find a hotel near Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Terminal to stay overnight, which will make it earlier to catch the early morning bus the next day. If your time and energy permits, you can head to the Broad and Narrow Alley, the Jinli Street or the Renmin Park to explore the local flavors and city life. Or you can also watch the Sichuan Opera, which is an important symbol of Sichuan culture. Tonight, you're suggested to sleep early to prepare for the following journey.

Today, you can take the bus to Songpan and it takes CNY109 per ticket and around 5.5 hours on the way. There are 3 buses every day, departing at 07:50, 10:00 and 13:00 separately. You're suggested to seat on the right side of bus for a better view of the natural scenery of the Minjiang river valley. Upon your arrival in Songpan, you can find a local guest hotel to stay overnight. Afterwards, you can explore the ancient town of Songpan.
Songpan Ancient Town
Songpan Ancient Town
Local people in Chengdu
Local people
Today, head to Munigou Valley to appreciate the wonderful scenery. Riding a horse back and forth will be a special experience. Upon arrival, you can visit the Erdaihai scenic area. FYI, Shunjiang Horse Trek Company, located near the city gate of Songpan Ancient Town, is a good choice. It takes about CNY500 for the 2-day journey, 2 people sharing one guide and you will ride the horse for about 4 hours each day. Tonight, you can choose to stay in tent a or a log cabin.

On the next day, return back to Songpan and you will pass some Tibetan villages on the way, which will offer you a good opportunity to meet the local residents and get insight of their life.
On the morning of the fifth day, take a bus from Songpan County Coach station to Huanglong to see this "Fairy Land on Earth". It takes CNY28 and around two hours on the way and the one departing at 7:00 is recommended. The entrance fee of Huanglong is CNY170 in peak season from Jun 1st to Dec 15th and CNY60 in low season from Dec 16th to the next May 31st. The cable car fee is CNY80 all year around. Four to Six hours are enough to tour Huanglong and afterwards, continue to Jiuzhaigou by bus. There are three buses available every afternoon between Huanglong and Jiuzhaigou and please kindly note that the last one departs at 15:00. Upon arrival, find a hotel in Jiuzhaigou. There are many of different class and prices for your choices and our recommendation is Jiutong Hotel, which is 400 meters (0.25 miles) away from the entrance of the valley.
Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Today, you can spend the whole day to visit Jiuzhaigou Valley National Park. The entrance fee is CNY169 per person in peak season from Apr 1st to Nov 15th and CNY80 in low season from Nov 16th to Mar 31st. You’re advised to take the sightseeing bus to tour Jiuzhaigou and the fee is CNY90 in peak season and CNY80 in low sea. You can first take the bus to Long Lake and then hike to the Multi-Color Lake. Afterwards, continue to take the bus to Nuorilang Waterfall and then walk to Heyezhai Village. On the way, you will enjoy the virgin forest, waterfall and blue lakes. Such abundant natural resources will give you a worthy trip. After the tour, head to the Jiuzhaigou Passenger Transport Station to purchase the return bus tickets to Chengdu for tomorrow.

In the morning, take the bus back to Chengdu. Upon arrival in Chengdu, head back to your hotel and your hiking tour will end here.
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