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Sichuan - Kangding Hiking Tours

Kangding01: Minya Gompa Adventure

Here, this 12-day itinerary will take you hiking through Kangding including Dacaoba, Shuangcha River, Shangriwugie, Panpan Mountain Pass, Yulongxi, Gongga Monastery, Bawang Lake, Caoke and Shimian.

Kangding02: Outing Toward Daocheng

Enjoy the famous Sichuan Opera and visit the most stunning village in Kangding. Conquer the towering mountains and experience the Tibetan custom. That's all this itinerary brings to you.

Kangding03: Unforgettable Kangding Outing

Follow our 7-day itinerary to hike through Kangding, Gongga, Hailuogou, Lotus Sea, Luding Bridge, Horse-racing Mountain and Well.

Kangding04: Yala Snow Mountain Hiking

The eastern part of the Sichuan basin is ringed by lofty mountains and experiences a subtropical and humid climate. Trek through Sichuan by Kangding, Tagong, Xiamalong, Yala Snow Mountain, Danba Rilong and Siguniang Mountain.

Kangding05: 4 Days of Chengdu - Jiulong - Wuxu Lake - Litai Lake - Chengdu

Jiulong, a county located in the southeast of Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture, is the junction of Ya'an, Liangshan and Ganzi. 250 kilometers south of Kangding and 580 kilometers from Chengdu, is a pretty Tibetan town with some other minority nationalities, such as Yi, Mao, Bai ect., a good place deserves your visit.

The main attractions in Jiulong are the alpine lakes of Wuxu Hai (Also called Wuxu Lake)and Lieta Hu(Lieta Lake), which attracts a lot of travelers to go there each year.

The best time to visit there is in June, when all the azaleas and rhododendrons are in full bloom throughout the mountainsides, you can see its natural beauty and enjoy the breath-taking scenery. While in late October-November, when the autumnal colors reach their peak, it is also a golden time to go.

Take the daily direct bus in Xin'nanmen Bus Station from Chengdu on the first day, departing around 07:00 and the bus runs abut 580 kilometers for about 12 hours to reach Jiulong. It will cost you about RMB180.00 net. You are suggested to stay in the Traffic Hotel(Jiaotong Binguan) with the expense of RMB40.00 per night. Stay overnight there.

The second day, you are suggested to hire a car or jeep outside the Longhai Hotel to Wuxu Lake since there is no bus service. It will cost you RMB100.00 one way (RMB200.00 a return trip) with 90 minutes' single way drive.

Located 25 kilometers northwest of the Jiulong County, Wuxu Lake, which means" brilliant and glittering lake in Tibetan language" is an idyllic scenic spot, flanked to the south by a long range of grey peaks called the 12 Sisters, and with an expanse of paddock leading down to the unspoiled waters edge. On the opposite side of the lake, the valley continues up to be lost in the snowy peaks. It is considered to be all very Shangri La. The entrance fee is RMB60.00 per person, the extra charge will be occurred if you rent a horse there. Visit the scenic area and enjoy its natural beautiful scene. Get back to Jiulong town before dinner time. You can walk back to Jiulong if you are still energetic, and it will take you about 4 or 5 hours walk. Stay overnight in Jiulong.

The third day, set out toward Lieta Lake, which located in the Tanggu Villge, 30 kilometers north of Jiulong town, it's an alpine lake featuring stunning beauty at an elevation of 4300 meters, adjacent to the Wahuishan Reserve. Around the lake, there are snowy peaks, virgin forests, meadows and other wildlifes. The most famous attractive reason for almost travelers to go there is that it is said a water monster hiddens in this lake. You can rent a car to go there, and it will cost you RMB200.00 net for a return trip. Upon your arrival there, you can hire a horse to the Lita Lake to see the ''Monster'' with the expense of RMB60.00 single way and RMB80.00 for a return horse-rent. The admission fee for the Lieta Lake is RMB100.00 net per person. Spend your time there to experience the mysterious atmosphere there. Get back to Jiulong and stay overnight in the town.

Take the bus from Jiulong to Chengdu on the fourth day, and your exciting Jiulong trip ends.