Jiuzhaigou East Circular Line

Itinerary: Chengdu - Mianyang - Jiangyou - Pingwu - Huanglong - Chuanzhusi - Jiuzhaigou - Chengdu
This is another hiking itinerary, called the East Line, from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou. Today, you can take a bus from Chengdu Zhaojuesi bus station to Jiangyou and you’re suggested to get off at Fangte Dongfang Shenghua Station. There are 4 buses every day, departing at 09:10, 11:50, 13:30 and 17:00 and costing CNY60 per ticket. The trip takes around 2.5 hours and on the way, you will pass the second largest city in Sichuan - Mianyang, and enjoy the picturesque scenery.

When you arrive in Jiangyou city, you can take the bus Jiangyou 9 to the Former Residence of Libai, one of the most famous poets in ancient China. It takes CNY2 per person and around 40 minutes on the way and the entrance fee is CNY40.00. Tonight, you can stay in a hotel or hostel nearby.
On the second day, you can head to visit the Doutuan Mountain, which is famous for its ancient temples, unique peaks and picturesque landscapes. Besides, the national paragliding championships are held here every year. As there isn't public transportation to get there, you can take a taxi, which takes around CNY90 and about 1 hour. The admission fee is CNY65 per ticket.

After the visit, you can take a taxi to Jiangyou bus station, which takes around CNY50 and about 40 minutes. Then take to the bus to Pingwu, which takes CNY32 and around 3 hours. You can stay here tonight and the hotel we recommended is the Pingwu Hotel, which is the best local hotel for foreigners. (Tel: 0816 - 8822022). Pingwu city is home to the best preserved royal Buddhist temples of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644), the Bao'en Temple and many historical relics from the Three Kingdoms Period (220 - 280).
Multi-colored Pond in Huanglong
On the next day, take the bus departing at 08:40 to Huanglong, which takes CNY75 per ticket and about 2 hours on the way. The entrance fee is CNY170 in peak season (Jun. 1 to Dec. 15) and CNY60 in low season (Dec. 16 to the next May 31) and the cable car fee is CNY80 all year around. After entering the scenic area, the Yingbin (welcoming guests) Colored Ponds, a group of exquisite, crystal ponds, will immediately catch your eyes with their unparalleled charm. Along the valley, you will also see many other attractions such as Feipuliuhui (glowing waterfall), Xishen (washing body) Cave, Penjing (miniascape) Ponds, Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Temple and Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Cave.

In the afternoon, take the regular bus, which departs at around 15:00 to Chuanzhusi and stay at the Family hostel, where you can also personally experience the local people's life. If you're not interested in Chuanzhusi, you can get to Jiuzhaigou directly.
It is easy to find the bus from Chuanzhusi to Jiuzhaigou and the travel time is 1.5 hours. The hotel we recommended in Jiuzhaigou is the Jiuzhai Mofang Hotel. With its good service and pleasant surroundings, it is also the best choice for hiking travelers. The contact number is 0837-7764926. Two days in Jiuzhaigou Valley should give you enough time to explore. The entrance fee is CNY169 in peak season (Apr. 1 to Nov. 15) and CNY80 in low season (Nov. 16 to Mar. 31) and the sightseeing bus fee is CNY80. During the peak season, you need to buy the admission ticket twice if you want to enter twice. However, during the low season, you could only pay an additional fee of CNY20 if you want to enter twice. Please kindly note that you should tell the staff if you want to enter twice when you purchase the ticket on the first day.

On the last day, take the bus back to Chengdu from Jiuzhaigou Bus Station. It is suggested that you purchase the tickets the day before so you can get good seats and enjoy the scenery on the 10-hour journey.
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Jiuzhaigou Valley
Our Friendly Tip:
If you are pressed for time, an alternative is to catch a bus from Chengdu to Mianyang. From the Mianyang Pingzheng bus station, there are direct buses to Jiuzhaigou departing between 6:30 to 13:30. The one way ticket is about CNY86.00. If you take this option, you do not stop at Jiangyou and Pingwu.
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