Best Time to Visit Taipei

The best time to visit Taipei is spring and autumn. To be specific, the best months to visit Taipei are March to May and October to November. During these periods, the climate is pleasant, with relatively less rainfall. The temperature is usually within the range of 20-25 ℃ (68-77 ℉), not hot yet not cold. In spring, visitors can also see many blossoms; while in autumn, one can appreciate colorful leaves.
Best Time to Visit Taipei

Peak Season: June to August

The peak season of Taipei tourism is during the summer months from June to August. It might not be the best time to go to Taipei due to its extremely hot and humid weather, but it is indeed a high season because many of the local students off from school would enjoy their summer vacation traveling, accompanied by their families. Besides, there are a lot of local festivals falling in these months, which are also the reasons attracting more people to travel there.

The travel cost during this period will be a little higher since many scenic spots adopt peak season admission fees. Remember to book a hotel room in advance and be prepared for higher prices of accommodation. In addition, check the weather forecast to avoid typhoon days.

Slack Season: December to February

The winter months from December to February is the slack season when Taipei receives the fewest tourist arrivals. At this time, the weather is cold and humid. However, you will get big discounts on plane tickets, accommodation prices, and admission tickets of scenic spots. In another world, it’s the cheapest time to visit Taipei.

Times to Avoid Travel

Typhoon season is absolutely the time that should be avoided when you’re planning a Taipei trip as no outdoor activities can be carried out smoothly. Usually, Taipei enters typhoon season in June, and it lasts to early October. You need to pay attention to the weather forecast to know the exact typhoon days.

Travel to Taipei in the Four Seasons

1. Spring: March – May

Coming out of winter, Taipei’s temperature begins to rise in late March. The weather in spring is mild and sunny. By the end of May, it will become slightly hot. A short rain season usually brings a few weeks of constant rain sometimes in mid- to late-May.
Average temperature: 20 - 25 ℃ (68 - 77 ℉)
Clothes: thin jacket, light sweater, blouse, hoodie, long pants

Recommended tour destinations: This is the best time to travel to Taipei for hiking and some other outdoor activities. Spring marks the cherry blossoms coming into full bloom, and visitors may go to Mt. Yangming and Tianyuan Temple to capture them with a camera. Other worthy to do activities in spring include getting on the observation decks of Taipei 101 to see spectacular skyscraper; strolling around Ximending, the most bustling district in Taipei; exploring the underground shopping area at Taipei Main Station; heading to Treasure Hill Arts Village after dark to admire the numerous art light exhibits. On warm spring days, you could also go to beaches around Taipei to appreciate the grand sea views. Fulong Beach Sand Sculpture Festival starts in April and tourists will see enormous sand sculptures on the beach.

2. Summer: June – August

Taipei is incredibly hot in summer and the entire city is covered in heat and humidity throughout the day, usually resulting in heavy but short showers in late-afternoon. Typhoon season also falls in summer months, so you need to check the weather forecast to avoid typhoon and rainy days if planning to travel there in summer.
Average temperature: 28 - 32 ℃ (82.4 - 89.6 ℉)
Clothes: T-shirts, dress, shorts, sunhats & sunglasses, rain gears

Recommended tour destinations: Summer is the best time to go to Taipei for beach activities. White Sand Bay and Qianshui Bay are highly recommended. The Dragon Boat Festival usually falls in June and you can watch and even apply to participate in the traditional dragon boat race in Dajia Riverside Park. Double Seventh Festival - Chinese Valentine’s Day comes in August when you can enjoy huge fireworks display at the Dadaocheng Pier. In addition, you could go to Taipei National Palace Museum to see over 690,000 collections of all dynasties in ancient China; head for the outdoor waterparks, such as Taipei Water Park and Road Castle to beat the summer heat; hang out around dusk to Tamsui Old Street, Shilin, Raohe, and Ningxia Night Markets for street foods…

3. Autumn: September – November

With the typhoon season coming to an end, autumn is an ideal time for travelers to visit Taipei. The heat goes away and you will enjoy some of the most pleasant and clearest days of the year.
Average temperature: 22 - 28 ℃ (71.6 - 82.4 ℉)
Clothes: jeans, blouse, long-sleeve shirts, thin coat

Recommended tour destinations: Autumn also belongs to the best season to visit Taipei. You may plan a family trip with kids to Taipei Zoo to see animals from tropical rainforest, African savannah, desert, etc. The Mid-Autumn Festival often takes place in September when tourist can enjoy moon cakes with different fillings. Mt. Yangming is a popular destination in autumn where visitors can see red maples all over the mountains in October and witness the blooming of Chinese silver grass in November. The hot spring in Mt. Yangming is also quite popular, especially in late-November. The Top, a sightseeing restaurant on the mountain offers you a charming night view of downtown Taipei below.

4. Winter: December – February

Winter may be the driest and coolest season in Taipei. However, the weather is pretty milder than that of other northern cities in Chinese mainland. Taipei winter months are characterized by chilly, constant gray, overcast skies and occasional drizzling rain.
Average temperature: 7 - 19 ℃ (44.6 - 66.2 ℉)
Clothes: woolen sweater, thin thermal shirt, overcoat, light jacket, jeans

Recommended tour destinations: Winter is the best time of year to visit Taipei for thermal hot springs. Beitou is probably the most famous hot spring resort in Taipei. Christmas in December is not an official holiday in Taipei, but you will see numerous decorations dressed up in shopping centers and malls. Most western restaurants offer Christmas dinner. The Lunar New Year also falls in winter when you can climb up the Taipei 101 to see the gorgeous fireworks. On the 15th day of the Lunar New Year, the Lantern Festival is celebrated by locals with masses of colorful lanterns in Pingxi district. Late February marks the beginning of cherry blossom in Taipei, and the Mt. Yangming, Tianyuan Temple and Lohas Park are great destinations to appreciate it.
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