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Wuhan is called one of the “four furnaces” in China. With rich sunshine and rainfall, Wuhan weather is characterized by a scorching hot and wet summer, when the highest temperature usually reaches 38 C (100 F). Its winter is cold and humid.

Best Time to Visit Wuhan
March to May is the best time for Wuhan travel. Flowers are in full blossom especially cherry blossoms, always attracting amounts of travelers. Traveling in September to November is also a good choice. The weather is cool and wonderful for outing.

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Wuhan Climate - Seasons & Travel Advice

East Lake, Wuhan

As an inland basin located far away from ocean, the city is easy to gather heat but hard to dismiss it, which makes it so hot in summer. Because of the lakes and rivers in the city, water vapor is much, making the Wuhan climate wet throughout the year.

Spring (Mar – May)

The temperature and humidity are the most delightful in the spring. Abundant flowers are in blossom. You can go to the Botanical Garden to enjoy the beauty of various kinds of flowers. In mid to late March, cherry flowers are in its full blossom. Wuhan University and East Lake are the top places to see cherry blossoms. If you travel in this time, you’d better book the hotel three or four weeks in advance. In early spring, sometimes the weather may turn cold suddenly, so take some warm clothes with you.

What to Wear: long sleeves T-shirt, baseball jacket, light pants, sneakers

Summer (Jun – Aug)

The general temperature in summer is 28~38C (82~100F). As mentioned above, the geographical position makes the weather hot and wet. Traveling in summer, it is suggested to take sun-blocking protections like sunscreen, sunglasses and a sun hat. In early summer, it usually rains. Therefore, taking an umbrella or a rain coat is necessary.

What to Wear: sun hat, sunglasses, T-shirt, skirt, shorts

Autumn (Sep – Nov)

Autumn is a good season for travel, only second to spring. The climate of Wuhan is cool and the rain is not so much. In this season, Hankou Bund is a place recommended to go. You can take a walk along the bund, and visit the largest reed wetland in the urban center in China even the world to see reeds dancing in the autumnal wind. It will be a great experience to enjoy the cool autumn.

What to Wear: trench coat, shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants

Winter (Dec – Feb)

The lowest temperature of winter is around -2C (28F). You might feel much colder indoors, because there is no heater in most families and hotels in the city. Although the weather is not so pleasant, the scenery of plum blossoms in winter is great. Plum flower is the city flower of Wuhan. Every January and February, Plum Festival will be held in East Lake. You can make a visit to enjoy the bright plum flowers.

What to Wear: sweater, wool overcoat, downcoat, snow boots
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Questions & Answers on Wuhan Weather
Asked by Abdul Wahid from PAKISTAN | Oct. 05, 2017 08:29Reply
Is there any snow falling occur in wuhan? If yes than in which month?
Answers (1)
Answered by Alice from MALAYSIA | Oct. 10, 2017 02:30

Yes, you can expect snowfall there and it may happen in late Jan. - mid Feb.
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