Pearl River Cruise Scenery

Guangzhou Pearl River Cruise
Guangzhou Pearl River Cruise
The Pearl River in Guangzhou has over 70 kilometers (44 miles) that can be divided into the front river-route, back route and the west route. As the front route passes the downtown area, this section has the most beautiful scenery of all. In this section, the majestic Canton Tower can be viewed in any angle. Among the noteworthy scenes there is architecture in Shamian - a convergence of ancient architecture of different countries. 'Red Heart of the Pearl River' and 'Night Moon over the Goose Pool'- are two of the eight famous features associated with Guangzhou. There are some famous mansions and hotels such as Aiqun Mansion, the Southern Mansion, Guangzhou Hotel, and White Swan Hotel, etc.

White Goose Pool

- 'Night Moon over the Goose Pool'

The White Goose Pool, also called 'Night Moon over the Goose Pool' is regarded as one of the eight famous attractions in Guangzhou. Since ancient times, it has been an important transportation channel. It features in a beautiful legend and is also famous for its charming landscape. The pool is the widest place for the river in Guangzhou and the water here is deep and torrential. As the water is of green jade color, the sun during the day and the moon by night, are reflected in it in hues that charm both locals and visitors alike.

Architecture in Shamian
Architecture in Shamian
During some important festivals such as the Spring Festival and the National Day, many celebrated activities are held on the White Goose Pool. Among them, there are firework shows and the so-called 'concert on the water' - cruise shows of the decorated ships. Also, hundreds of dragon boats for the annual Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Invitational Tournament usually gather on the pool waiting to depart.

Architecture in Shamian

Built in the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), Shamian is a small island flanked by the Pearl River with the White Goose Pool to the south. It is an island full of exotic flavors. Some 19 countries have had consulates there over the years.

With only 0.3 square kilometers (74 acres), there are 169 buildings of occidental style. 53 of them are listed as cultural relics. Visitors can admire the various styles of architecture - including classic, baroque, Gothic. Also many churches, foreign firms, post offices, hotels and other structures are scattered on the island. Because of its unique architecture, Shamian is renowned as the ninth most famous historical attraction in Guangzhou.

Xinghai Concert Hall

Located on the charming Ersha Island on the bank of the Pearl River, Xinghai Concert Hall is like a swan flying on the river bank. Guangdong Art Museum and Guangdong Overseas Chinese Museum are just to the east. The concert area consists of two halls – the Orchestra Concert Hall that can hold 1,500 spectators and the Chamber Hall with 460 seats. This concert hall is multifunctional and equipped with advanced facilities, raising it to the level of international standards.

Aiqun Mansion (Aiqun Hotel)

Jiefang Bridge at night, Guangzhou
Jiefang Bridge at night, Guangzhou
When it was built in the year of 1934, Aiqun Mansion, also called Aiqun Hotel, was the highest building in China. It covered 11,000 square meters (about 2.7 acres) with a height of 64 meters (210 feet). It is also renowned for its advanced and consummate modern facilities.

Since the 1950s, the mansion has been not only a feature of Guangzhou, but also an important venue for some foreign-related activities. Aiqun hosted the party services for the first to the tenth opening and closing ceremonies of the Chinese Export Commodities Fair (Canton Fair) exclusively. Until now, it is still the hotel that guests of the Canton Fair like to patronize.

On the east of the mansion, there stands another high building reaching 67.32 meters (221 feet). It is the new mansion connected with the old one that was built in 1966. On the 16th floor of the new building, there is a revolving restaurant from where visitors can overlook the charming Pearl River.

Haizhu Square

Located north of Haizhu Bridge, Haizhu Square was built in 1954 covering an area of 35 thousand square meters. In 1959, a monument for liberation in Guangzhou was built in the middle of the square. In 1963, the square was regarded as one of the eight attractions in Guangzhou called 'Red Heart of the Pearl River'.

Different kinds of trees are planted in the square including banyan, ceiba, redbud and palm. It is also a good place to admire the beauty of the Pearl River. South of the monument is Haizhu Bridge. The Exhibition building of Chinese Export Commodities Fair (CECF), the Guangzhou Hotel and some new architecture are to be seen also near the square.

Ta Ying Lou

Located on the west bank of the Pearl River, Ta Ying Lou is a four-floor building and a mixture of Chinese and western styles. Because, there is always an inverted reflection of the building in the Pearl River, the building is called Ta Ying Lou in Chinese. Sitting in this building, visitors can admire the beauty both inside and outside the building.

Built in the 1910s, Ta Ying Lou is of great treasure. It was once home to Chen Shaobai who was one of the important revolutionaries in the Xinhai Revolution in 1911. Many articles used by him can still be seen in the cafe of the building. Visitors can also admire his paintings and calligraphy works, his tea table, oil lamp, fan, and bird cage.

Under the influence of rise and fall of the Pearl River, the building has inclined 30 centimeters toward northwest. Thus it is called 'the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Guangzhou'. Ta Ying Lou has been renovated and opened to visitors since October of 2004.

North Gate Square of Sun Yat-Sen University

Covering an area of 15,000 square kilometers (about 5,792 square miles), the North Gate Square of Sun Yat-Sen comprises the Memorial Archway, School Badge, School Motto and School History.
The most attractive piece of architecture on the square is the ancient Memorial Archway on which the name of Sun Yat-Sen is etched in his own handwriting. The school badge is embellished by plants of different colors in the parterre. In addition, peach and plum trees are planted, symbolizing that the global presence of students from Sun Yat-Sen University. The square is the first campus square open to visitors. Now it has become a perfect place for people to relax.

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Please help we are planning to go Pearl river,Yuexiu Park, Shamian Island, White cloud mountain.
We are staying for 5 days. coming from Baiyun International Airport we will check in Chimelong Hotel for 3 days and then will go to the city. What hotel can you recommend near Pearl River, Yuexiu Park, Shamian Island and White cloud mountain. Please help I don't know where will we go first from Chimelong our iterenary.
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