How Much Would a Trip to China Cost?

Cost of dining in China is really affordable.
Cost of dining in China is really affordable.
 Is traveling cost in China very expensive?

 Answer: No, travel in China is affordable compared with other places in the world. Prices are much cheaper than in most western countries, for everything from meals to train or plane tickets, but the cost is actually increasing year by year.

 How much would a trip to China cost?

 Answer: Sorry, every trip will be different in what it costs. It depends on where you go and the level of comfort you require. Besides, travel in the big cities is usually more expensive than the smaller ones and travel during holiday times is more expensive.  Admission fees to some attractions are often a great part of your expenditure.

 What may be the biggest expense for traveling to China?

 Answer: The round-trip plane tickets may be the biggest expense.

 What about the standard cost for food and accommodation?

 Answer: Delicious food in China is much cheaper, even in superior restaurants, and a budget or luxurious hotel with very clean and well-appointed rooms are also inexpensive. Don't worry about this!

Buy Souvenirs in China
Buy Souvenirs in China
Transportation in China is cheap and convenient.
Transport in China is cheap and convenient.
 What is the transportation cost in China?

 Answer: Public transportation costs are reasonable in China and easily affordable. No doubt buses are the most economical public vehicle. However, traveling by metro, taxi or hiring a private driver can make your visit more comfortable and more efficient.

 What about the souvenirs in China, are they expensive?

 Answer: No, the souvenirs are cheap, but it requires you to be skillful in haggling.

 Do taxis in China cost a lot?

 Answer: Trains and buses are more reasonable while taxis are relatively high. Taxi fares in different cities are quite different.

The table below is a taxi fare list of 32 major cites at daytime in 2012 (excludes fuel surcharge):   

City Flag-Down Rate (CNY) Price per km
City Flag-Down Rate (CNY) Price per km
Beijing 13 2.3 Lhasa



Chongqing 10 2 Macau MOP 15 MOP 1.5
(per 230 m)
Shanghai 14 2.4 Nanchang 6 2
Tianjin 8 1.7 Nanjing 9 2.9


1.9 Nanning 9 2
Changsha 6 1.8 Shenyang 8 1.9
Fuzhou 12 2 Shenzhen 10 2.4
Guangzhou 10 2.6 Shijiazhuang 8 1.6
Guilin 7 1.6 Taibei NT$ 70 NT$ 5
(per 300 m)
Guiyang 8 1.6 Taiyuan 8 1.6
Harbin 8 1.9 Urumqi 10 1.3
Hefei 8 1.3 Wuhan 8 1.4
Hong Kong HK$ 22 HK$ 1.6
(per 200 m)
Xi'an 6 1.5
Jinan 8 1.5 Xining 6 1.3
Kunming 8 1.8 Yinchuan 7 1.4
Lanzhou 7 1.4 Zhengzhou 8 1.5

 Note: It is suggested that you bring 150% or 200% of your budget, especially if you to shop – and China is the place where your money goes far – or require a higher standard of travel arrangements. Of course it will still be an enjoyable trip, even if you travel under a limited budget, keeping your average down as much as possible.

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Questions & Answers on Traveling Cost in China
Asked by graham dobson from THAILAND | Aug. 06, 2019 17:24Reply
I want to visit China to open Chinese bank account where is the best place to try.
Also how long will it take to open a bank account also any tips or experiences of opening a bank account would be helpful
Answers (5)
Answered by Zachary from FRANCE | Aug. 07, 2019 20:01

Well, you are suggested to open the bank account at Bank of China. As I know, it won't take a long time. You should bring your valid passport.
Answered by Graham from THAILAND | Aug. 08, 2019 00:56

Thank you for your replay will it make any difference if I visit Hong Kong or Beijing do you think
Answered by Zachary | Aug. 08, 2019 17:52

Yes, I think the regulations are different in HK and Beijing.
Answered by Graham from THAILAND | Aug. 08, 2019 20:23

In what way are the regulations different do you know also which do you think will be best (easiest) to open a bank account
Answered by Zachary | Aug. 11, 2019 18:23

Sorry, I didn't have such experience before. I only searched on the internet and find the information. For details, you'd better consult the bank staff when you arriving there.
Asked by sarah elsayegh from LEBANON | Mar. 15, 2019 03:29Reply
trying to plan trip from lebanon to china
hello im trying to plan my trip to china and hoping to find some help
i would like to visit beijing, xi'an , chengdu , guilin, zhangjiajie and shanghai
my first concern : is what transportation to choose between the mentioned cities ( trains/ flight) and in what order to go
my second question is how much such trip would cost for 15 days if im planning to travel on a budget , no 5 stars hotels or so
as some travel agencies are sending quotations around 8000$ excluding international flights
thanks in advance
Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from AUSTRALIA | Mar. 17, 2019 18:54

Hi, the order can be Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Guilin, Zhangjiajie and Shanghai. From Guilin to Zhangjiajie and from Zhangjiajie to Shanghai, you can take flights. About other journey, you can take high speed trains.

The fare is hard to estimate since you have so many destinations and I'm not very sure what attractions you will visit. Maybe you can consult the TravelChinaGuide for a detailed price and they can tailor a trip for you:
Asked by moses from USA | Sep. 06, 2018 19:10Reply
where is the cheapest city to spend a week in china?
Answers (1)
Answered by Fisia from AUSTRALIA | Sep. 09, 2018 23:55

Dear, it is hard to say, and you need give the specific destinations what you want to go and what your budget is.
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