Traffic Safety in China

Ride bicycles in China
Ride bicycles in China

The most important thing that you should pay highest attention to during your China tours is traffic safety. After all, keeping safe is your guarantee of a wonderful visit. If you join a group tour, your guide and travel agency will care for your safety, but if you have a self-help tour, the tips below may help you on your travels.

Your destinations' weather is the first thing that you should consider, so that you can immediately know about weather warnings and forecasts about typhoons, rainstorms, and mud flows, as well as other geological disasters. Avoid planning your trip in bad weather so that you will not be affected by unpleasant external factors.

The road condition of the cities you will be visiting is also an important safety factor to take into account. Due to different landforms with distinctive topographical features in China, road conditions change greatly in different areas. Be prepared to encounter bad road conditions and choose the appropriate vehicle. Generally, traffic accidents mostly occur on bumpy roads, sometimes with the addition of bad weather.

Cover yourself and those traveling with you for Personal Accident Insurance for your trip. Only thus can you minimize the accident loss in case you meet an unpredictable mishap.

Below are some detailed practical tips for keeping you safe whether you are on foot, cycling, or in a vehicle:

Walk on the sidewalk
Walk on the sidewalk


Be observant of the traffic rules. Walk on the sidewalk and be careful to give way to motor vehicles. Watch for the traffic when crossing the road and do not jay walk even if others may do so. Cross walks are designated to assist pedestrians who wish to cross the road - be sure to use them. Stop walking and stand to one side of the sidewalk if you wish to read a book, magazine, newspaper, or map, when out walking.

Riding a Bike

It is safest to take the bicycle path when cycling and the traffic rules must be obeyed. Be more careful at rush hour. Please pay attention to pedestrians who cross the road in front of you. Do not carry luggage behind you and keep some space between you and the bike ahead. Make sure your bicycle is safe and has no operating problems before you leave.

On Bus

Fastening your seat-belt especially when on the expressway may save your life in an accident. Do not sleep, even if you are very tired. Try to chat with others or look at the scenery outside the window. Have some medication on hand for travel sickness. It is important to be careful and guard against theft.

Inside a public bus in China
Inside a public bus in China
Get off the train carefully
Get off the train carefully

On Train

Please observe the regulations on railway safety and follow the advice proposed by the train attendant. Pay attention to your luggage and beware of thieves especially in the stations.

On Airplane

Fasten your seat belt on the airplane
Fasten your seat belt on the airplane

The flight regulations must be strictly observed, and you should follow the stewards' instructions, including when to fastern your seat belt.

On Cruise Ship

Life jackets and safety buoys are always on the ship for passengers. After embarking, first find out where your life jacket and safety buoy are. If anything happens, please follow the captain's command.


Find out about the road conditions and make sure you have your seat-belt fastened at all times. Do not drive if you are fatigued or after drinking alcohol. Do not speed and do not park your car inappropriately. Find out about the different traffic rules in different countries and get accustomed to them quickly. In China, the traffic keeps to the right. Conform to the traffic laws and give way to pedestrians.

If involved in a traffic accident, keep calm and don't panic. Being flustered may aggravate the situation. Then you should seek redress and ask for help. If possible, try your best to take down the driver's name, number of the driver's license, license plate number and the car type. Remember the process of the whole accident, perhaps recorded by camera, handset and so on. Don't interfere with the accident scene and ask several passers-by to be witnesses. Most importantly, please immediately report the accident to the police. If you can speak a little Chinese this may help, but if necessary, contact the branch of your embassy or consulate in China. Refer to our website's Foreign Embassy and Consulate for more contact information in detail.

- Last updated on Apr. 14, 2021 -
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