China Civil Aviation

Traveling by air is perhaps the most convenient and the fastest way to travel around China. The country's civil aviation began in 1949. Presently, most major cities in China feature large, state of the art airports that provide passengers with modern facilities and word-class aircrafts. They are under the supervision of the General Administration of Civil Aviation of China (CAAC).

Currently Chinese airports service about 1,279 regular air routes. 1,035 of these are domestic flights (including the routes to Hong Kong and Macau), while 244 are international. Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou handle the majority of the country's air traffic, while more than 200 Chinese airports (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), connect 127 domestic cities and 80 international cities (in 38 countries). These airports are equipped to efficiently handle the ever increasing volume of air transportation.

Airport Shuttle Bus in China
Airport Shuttle Bus
Beijing Capital International Airport
Beijing Capital International Airport
The four largest Chinese airlines are Air ChinaSouthern Airlines, Eastern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines. There are a number of other local airlines, including a civilian-run airline, Spring Airlines. These offer quality service in advanced, world-class aircrafts.

Shuttles conveniently provide transportation from airports to accessible city locations. Shuttles schedules offer information about pick up times as well as shuttle routes. If you are willing to pay a little more, taxis are widely available throughout the country, providing faster and perhaps more convenient city to airport transportation. Generally, transportation fees are relatively inexpensive, though they vary from city to city.

It is very easy to book flights while in China. You can purchase tickets directly at the airport, or book them through hotels, ticket-booking offices or travel agencies. It is also possible to reserve your tickets on-line. For your convenience, we offers China Air Ticket and online reservation services to assist you as you plan your visit. As you  compare ticket prices, remember that an additional tax is charged, for both domestic and international flights. Additionally, foreign passengers must provide a valid passport and ID card when purchasing air tickets. 
Aircraft of China Sichuan Airlines
Aircraft of Sichuan Airlines
Airbus Aircraft 330-300
Airbus Aircraft 330-300
The seat assignment on flights cannot be booked when purchasing the tickets. However, your seat can be assigned when you receive your boarding pass at the airport. Please ask your tour guide or the airport staff to do it for you.

Airline usually stop checking-in 30 to 45 minutes before scheduled departure of the flights, so you need to arrive at least 90 minutes before the departure time. Don't forget to allow for time to get from your hotel to the airport.

If your international flight is cancelled, delayed or changed so that you cannot arrive on time, you need to contact your travel agency very quickly so that they can make necessary changes to your tour to minimize any inconvenience. If you have booked our tours, you can telephone our office 24 hours.

If your internal flight is cancelled, the airline company usually will arrange for you to stay overnight at a hotel and let you board another flight the next day. No matter what happens to your flights (cancelled, delayed or changed), you need to contact your travel agency immediately so that they will know what is happening. They can help you contact the airline company for the best solution to the problem and then arrange pick-up, hotel accommodation, and tours accordingly.
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Questions & Answers on China Civil Aviation
Asked by GOMEZ from CHIINA | Jun. 15, 2017 21:32Reply
Can i hand carry a speaker in my flight going to HK from Fushou?
Qty: 4pcs
Weight : 3kgs
Box Dimension : 10*8*8 cm
Answers (2)
Answered by Lisa from UK | Jun. 16, 2017 04:34

As I know, you can take it in your flight.
Answered by Gomez from CHINA | Jun. 16, 2017 05:07

Thanks Lisa ...

Do you think , this could not be declare by customs since it will go scanning at HK or pay the tax which i'm afraid of ....
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