Osaka Weather in February

Season: Late winter

Osaka’s temperature hovers between 4-10℃ (39.2-50℉) averagely in February. However, people may feel colder than it actual is because of the strong wind. Osaka weather in February is also characterized by low level of rainfall, which is 63mm at average based on historical records. It rains or lightly snows on a few days, but the snow melt as soon as it falls to the ground. Winter clothes are essential, including windbreakers, gloves, scarves, and padded hats, etc.

Averages for Osaka Weather in February

Temperature: 7°C / 44.6°F
High Temperature: 10°C / 50°F
Low Temperature: 4°C / 39.2°F
Humidity: 59%
Rainfall: 63 mm
Rainy Days: 6 days
Sunrise: 06:29 ~ 06:56
Sunset: 17:27 ~ 17:53

Clothes to Wear in Osaka in February

Warm clothes are necessary for travelers to Osaka in February. They could wear a sweater, padded pants, and add thick outwear like a down coat or wool overcoat. Warm hats, scarf and gloves are also great to protect people against bitter coldness in winter.
Osaka Clothes in February February Wear in Osaka

What to Do in Osaka in February

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As it comes to early February, the traditional festival to welcome spring is celebrated. On this day, Japanese families sprinkle fried beans to their children and people, and shout "Ghost out, blessing comes in", to invite good luck. Sumiyoshi Taisha, Osaka Tenmangu Shrine, and Shitennoji Temple also hold activities to celebrate the festival, where visitors can experience Japanese traditions in person while enjoy the antique scenes. Winter illuminations do not end in February in Osaka, which allows visitors to appreciate the dazzling lights. Plum blossoms flower in late February, and it makes Osaka Castle Park a charming attraction. If you don’t want to expose yourself in cold air and wind, do indoor activities, like learning tea ceremony, trying an onsen bath, tasting various Japanese food, or enjoying yourself in an indoor amusement park.


1. February is the peak of the flu outbreak in Osaka. Thus, please be sure to wash your hands once after returning back to your hotel, especially returning from a crowded place.

2. Absolutely keep warm when getting out, even if plum blossoms have indicated that spring is coming.
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