Osaka Weather in November

Season: Late autumn

Osaka weather in November is featured with decreasing temperature. The average maximum temperature is about 18℃ (64.4℉), and the average minimum temperature is 10℃ (50℉). It becomes not only cooler, but also drier, with the rainfall of 70mm. Leaves on trees change color gradually, while cold air blowing at dusk or dawn in late November. However, there are not many days in bad weather; instead it is clear on most days so that attractions, particularly places of red foliage, are always very lively. For those fond of autumn scenery, it’s the best time to come here. In addition to thick overcoats, sweaters should be worn to keep warm.

Averages for Osaka Weather in November

Temperature: 14°C / 57.2°F
High Temperature: 18°C / 64.4°F
Low Temperature: 10°C / 50°F
Humidity: 58%
Rainfall: 70 mm
Rainy Days: 6 days
Sunrise: 06:32 ~ 06:46
Sunset: 16:47 ~ 17:04

What to Wear in Osaka in November

In early November, a shirt plus a sweater, or a blouse plus a denim jacket is generally fine for the Osaka weather. To mid-late November with lower temperature, visitors should prepare a thick coat, wool trousers, parka, shawl, and so on.
Osaka Clothes in November November Wear in Osaka

What to See in Osaka in November

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Autumn red leaves is the most eye-catching attraction in Osaka in November. Expo 70 Commemorative Park, Minoh Waterfall Park and Katsuo-ji Temple, full of charming autumn leaves, attract a lot of visitors. Nagai Botanical Garden is also absorbing with blooming Japanese bellflowers, red Japanese maples, metasequoia leaves, and more autumn flowers as well as leaves. Moreover, 4-km-long central street Midosuji is shaded by bright yellow ginkgo, making it dreamy and away from the busy world. Winter illuminations have begun in November in Osaka, which make the whole city a fete of dazzling lights.


1. The peak season of red autumn leaves may start in mid-November and end in early December. As the most foliage spots are in rural areas, like Minoh Waterfall Park and Katsuo-ji Temple hidden in mountains, it’s recommended to wear comfortable sneakers or hiking shoes for a long walk.

2. Wear warmly when going outdoors at dusk for the temperature can drop a lot.
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