Osaka Weather in June

Season: Early summer

June is the beginning of summer in Osaka, with the average temperature going up to 24℃ (75.2℉) or so. In the whole month, the max temperature may reach 28℃ (82.4℉), and the min temperature may be 21℃ (69.8℉). A short-sleeved T-shirt would be right for Osaka weather in June. The rainy season comes in Osaka in late June, during which both rainfall and humidity are high. But it doesn’t mean it’s rainy all the time. Even though, rain gear should be taken when visiting Osaka. For ultraviolet radiation also gradually enhances, sunscreen appliance becomes a necessity.

Averages for Osaka Weather in June

Temperature: 24°C / 75.2°F
High Temperature: 28°C / 82.4°F
Low Temperature: 21°C / 69.8°F
Humidity: 72%
Rainfall: 184 mm
Rainy Days: 11 days
Sunrise: 04:43 ~ 04:48
Sunset: 19:06 ~ 19:15

Clothes to Wear in Osaka in June

In Osaka in June, short sleeves and thin pants or shorts could be worn arguably. As rainy season arrives, a thin jacket might be added, and rain gear like umbrella and raincoat should be prepared on raining days. It would be better to wear breathable clothes for it is muggy with high humidity.
Osaka Clothes in June June Wear in Osaka

Where to Go in Osaka in June

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Museums are the best sites to visit on raining days, and Osaka Castle and Osaka Museum of History are the best-known among the kind. Please know that Osaka Museum of History is closed on Tuesdays. Hydrangea flowers are prosperous in June, and Nagai Botanical Garden embraces the most exuberant hydrangeas in Osaka. A “candlelight night of 1 million people” is held every June in Umeda in northern Osaka, as all variety of candles are lit. Visitors could see the scene of whole area covered by dreamy and soft lights, and take part in the activity to make candles by hands.
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