Tokyo Weather in February

Season: Late winter

Tokyo weather in February is cold with an average temperature at 4-10℃ (39.2-50℉). Also, half of the month may be sunny while the other cloudy in Tokyo in February. The rainfall is small and the probability of snow highly decreases. To late February, the temperature rises, and it’s warm during the daytime.

Coming here in February, visitors can not only witness the splendid lighting show, but also enjoy pine plum blossoms flowering earlier to welcome the coming spring. It is recommended that visitors wear thickly but conveniently for travelling.

Averages for Tokyo Weather in February

Temperature: 8°C / 46.4°F
High Temperature: 10°C / 50°F
Low Temperature: 4°C / 39.2°F
Humidity: 48%
Rainfall: 57 mm
Rainy Days: 6 days
Sunrise: 06:13 ~ 06:42
Sunset: 17:08 ~ 17:35

What to Wear in Tokyo in February

It is still advisable to wear winter clothes like thick overcoat and sweater in February. For easy move and considering the complete indoor heating system, visitors are recommended to wear conveniently like an onion, so that you may take off your outer wear when getting into a room. Comfortable shoes are the must to take part in a variety of outdoor activities.
Tokyo Clothes in February February Wear in Tokyo

Top Things to Do in Tokyo in February

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There are a plenty of events happening in February, when visitors can enjoy Japanese cultures. In early February, the traditional Japanese festival to welcome spring allows visitors to experience unique culture at Okunitama Shrine and Sensoji Temple. Plum blossoms have blossomed in Tokyo since early February, in diverse colors ranging from light pink to cherry pink. Plum festivals are held across Tokyo to celebrate the bloom. The lighting show in urban Tokyo becomes a highlight there, making the city a multicolored world. Besides, Ome Marathon in Ome and Kite market at Oji Hinari Shrine are also absorbing.


1. The temperature at night is low throughout February climatically, so visitors need to keep warm when you go out for lighting shows.

2. Pay attention to Tokyo weather forecast before you go outdoors, especially when you are about to admire plum blossoms. Make sure the flowers have blossomed in advance.
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