Tokyo Weather in September

Season: Early autumn

The temperature is still high and it’s relatively humid in early September in Tokyo. But to mid-late September, it becomes cool. The highest temperature reaches about 27℃ (80.6℉), while the lowest temperature drops to 21℃ (69.8℉) averagely according to historical data. As a whole, Tokyo weather in September becomes more and more pleasant. Typhoons often hit Tokyo in September, bringing heavy rainfall. This month, the total rainfall reaches 210mm at average. Visitors may watch weather forecast closely, to avoid tours on typhoon days.

Averages for Tokyo Weather in September

Temperature: 24°C / 75.2°F
High Temperature: 27°C / 80.6°F
Low Temperature: 21°C / 69.8°F
Humidity: 70%
Rainfall: 210 mm
Rainy Days: 12 days
Sunrise: 05:13 ~ 05:35
Sunset: 17:27 ~ 18:09

What to Wear in Tokyo in September

In early September, light short clothes are proper when it’s hot climatically. Later, thin blouses, cardigans, light jacket, light pants or jeans are advised to cope with Tokyo weather in September. Hiking shoes or other comfortable flattie facilitate walking are also recommended for your Tokyo tours in September. As there might be rainy days, raincoat or umbrella should be prepared.
Tokyo Clothes in September September Wear in Tokyo

Top Things to Do in Tokyo in September

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As it comes to autumn climatically, there are some autumn festivals held in Tokyo, which offers visitors opportunities to experience Japanese culture. The annual Grand Festival at Nezu-jinja Shrine, Fukuro Matsuri (Ikebukuro Festival), and Meguro Sanma Matsuri (saury festival) are the grandest festivals to welcome autumn. Visitors may also appreciate red spider lily during Manjushage Festival in Kinchakuda, and cosmos flowers on Cosmos Festival at Showa Memorial Park. September is the month of sumo in Tokyo, where a tournament is held. Visitors who are interested in sumo could go to watch the sumo competitions. Game enthusiasts can’t miss Tokyo Game Show, and culture lovers may enjoy a tea ceremony.


1. In typhoon season climatically, visitors would better be on the watch of local weather forecast and news before Tokyo tours. Don’t plan your tour to Tokyo on typhoon days.

2. To watch a sumo battle at stadium, visitors need to book the ticket long in advance. Before each competition, there will be a ceremony, which takes more time than the real battle; so be patient.
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