Tokyo Weather in October

Season: Autumn

Tokyo weather in October becomes pretty cool, with the temperature ranging at 16-22℃ (60.8-71.6℉). In early October, there is a small risk of typhoons, so pay attention to weather forecast before going there. The humidity is not low, as the rainfall continues to be abundant, reaching 198mm. In general, the mild climate is very suitable for sightseeing and outdoor activities. The temperature is lower in western mountains of Tokyo than in the city center, so visitors may wear a little thicker when travelling to see autumn foliage. The temperature after sun setting also drops obviously, when visitors would better add an additional piece of coat.

Averages for Tokyo Weather in October

Temperature: 19°C / 66.2°F
High Temperature: 22°C / 71.6°F
Low Temperature: 16°C / 60.8°F
Humidity: 66%
Rainfall: 198 mm
Rainy Days: 10 days
Sunrise: 05:36 ~ 06:02
Sunset: 16:47 ~ 17:25

What to Wear in Tokyo in October

As Tokyo temperature continues to drop, long-sleeved shirt, long pants and jeans are right clothes to wear. Long sleeves like blouses and knitwear are also proper. With time going by, it gets cooler and cooler, so tourists need to add thin tops in mid-late October in Tokyo.
Tokyo Clothes in October October Wear in Tokyo

Top Things to Do in Tokyo in October

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In early October, Cosmos Festival at Showa Memorial Park is going on, so visitors can go to appreciate wonderful cosmos flowers. To late October, many Halloween activities are held, and visitors may experience the Japanese Halloween at Tokyo Disney Resort, Sanrio Puroland, Shibuya, etc. Although Tokyo has not entered the peak season of red foliage in late October, tourists can glimpse Tokyo’s autumn landscape in western mountainous area. Tokyo Ramen Festa is another happy event starting from late October, during which a variety of Japanese ramen noodles are served and sold in Komazawa Olympic Park. Food enthusiasts can’t miss it.


1. Halloween is one of grandest events in Japan. If you are in Tokyo with kids, you may have fun in Tokyo Disney Resort and other parent-kid paradises. The best-known parade on Oct 31, like a night carnival of thousands of goblins as cosplayers get dressed, perhaps is unsuitable for children.

2. Appreciating autumn leaves is an essential event throughout Japan. The best time to see autumn leaves in Tokyo is from mid-November to early December climatically. In October, the autumn is not the most beautiful. If you are fond of red leaves, please go to Tokyo a little later.
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