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Olympic Sites Bike Trip

Bike Tour
This bicycle route is along the north-south axis of Beijing, starting from the Arrow Tower (JianLou) at Desheng Gate (Deshengmen), passing by the Olympic Park but leading to the Olympic Forest Park and then back to Desheng Gate. The whole tour takes about 4-5 hours and you are advised to set off after 9:00 am to avoid the morning rush hours.

Commence riding eastward along the Deshengmen East Avenue for about 10 minutes, passing the Drum Tower Bridge. Desheng Park is on the south side of the avenue. Right opposite the park is the Drum Tower Station of Subway Line 2. Turn left at the crossroad and ride northwards along Gulouwai Avenue. After 10-15 minutes, you will reach Anhua Bridge.
Desheng Gate was one of the Nine Gates of Beijing Inner City during the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It once comprised the City Tower, Earthen Tower, Brake Tower and Arrow Tower, and played a crucial role in the military defense system. Only the Arrow Tower is preserved now and it is one of the only three preserved Arrow Towers from that period.
After passing the Anhua Bridge, you will find the China Science and Technology Museum on the left (west side) of Beichen Road. It is a spherical building standing alongside another majestic building. The Museum consists 3 exhibition houses. House A is the main exhibition and popular science report hall; House B is a Film Hall; and House C is a Science Garden for Children. Stop for a visit if you are interested in science. The adult entrance charges is CNY30 for Houses A and B respectively; CNY20 for child and CNY10 for the accompanied adult. It's free for disabled.
Bird Nest
Then ride on along Beichen Road. In about 10 minutes, you will reach the Beijing Yuan Dynasty Capital City Wall Relics Park. It is 4.8 kilometers (3.0 miles) long and 130-160 meters (142 - 175 yards) wide. It is also the largest linear park in Beijing. Built on the city wall relics of the Yuan Dynasty, a moat dug in that period flows through the park and divides it into two parts, connected by six bridges. The north section is the protected area of the city wall relics and the south is planted with trees, flowers and grass dotted with sculptures, pavilions and murals. It is a modern city park with rich cultural and historical connotation, integrating heritage protection, citizen amusement, ecological environment improvement and emergency refuge as a whole. It is free to enter the park and you are recommended to pay a visit.
After visiting the Yuan Dynasty City Relics Park, go on riding northward along the Beichen Road. Remember to ride on the right side. After about 900 meters, you will arrive at the Beijing National Olympic Centre on your right. You can see the large Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium as well as the National Olympic Badminton Club, Beijing Olympic Golf Playing Course, Taekwondo Stadium, Yingdong Swimming Gymnasium and others. You are also able to see a tall torch-shape building in the northwest direction. That is the famous Pangu Building. It has just been added in the Olympic Park.
Water Cube
Continue riding northward and pass the Beichen Bridge, you will arrive at the Olympic Park, where the iconic Bird Nest (National Stadium) and the Water Cube (Beijing Aquarium) sit. The two structures stand opposite each other, with the Bird Nest on the east side and the Water Cube on the west. The entrance fee to the Bird Nest is CNY50 per person and CNY30 per person for the Water Cube. As bicycles are not allowed in the park, leave your bike in the parking lot. 

After your visit, retrieve your bicycle and continue your journey by riding along the Beichen East Road. Remember to ride along the right side. Turn left when you reach the intersection of Beichen East Road and Kehui Road. Ride on for a few hundreds meters, you will find the South Gate of the Olympic Forest Park. Park your bicycle at the designated area and walk into the park. Entry is free.
Beijing China Nationalities Museum
After visiting the park, proceed on by riding westwards along Kehui Road and turn left at the first intersection to Beichen West Road. Ride along it and you will pass the Olympic Village, Olympic Park Center and Pangu Building. After 20-30 minutes and passing two roads, you will get to Beichen West Bridge. Turn left onto Beichen Bridge and turn right at the first crossing to Beichen Road. About 3-5 minutes later, you will find China Nationalities Museum on your right. The museum is also called Folk Park, divided into south and north Parts by Minzuyuan Road. The park displays characteristic gardens of different ethnic minorities. It is like an epitome of China. Stop by for a visit if interested. The entrance fee is about CNY90 per person for a through ticket, CNY60 for each garden.

Ride across Beitucheng Road onto the south section of Beichen Road, where you can then take the original route back to Desheng Gate.
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bike rental in drum tower area
Where i can find bike rental in drum tower area? how much it cost? per hour?
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Answered by James | May. 24, 2012 07:43

Hi, you can find the bike rental spot near Houhai, not far from the Drum Tower. The rental cost is CNY10 per hour and the deposit is around CNY100.
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