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Two-Day Independent Shanghai Tour

Day 1 Yu Garden - Shanghai Museum - East Nanjing Road - the Bund - Era Acrobatic Show
The Bund
Today's independent Shanghai tour will start with Yu Garden. Take subway line 10 to Yuyuan Station and leave from Exit 3. Walk eastwards along Fuyou Road for 350 meters (380 yards) to the Yu Garden. After the visiting, get out from the northern gate and go northwards along Anren Street to Renmin Road. Turn west to find the stop of bus no. 930 on the northern side of the road. Take that bus to People's Square (Guangdong Road) and walk westwards to visit the Shanghai Museum. Then go along Middle Xizang Road for 750 meters (820 yards) to find the western end of East Nanjing Road, a famous shopping block of the city. Stroll along the pedestrian street to the eastern end and you will reach the Bund Area. After viewing scenery there, take a taxi to Shanghai Circus World to enjoy the Era Acrobatic Show.
Yu Garden It is a typical private garden of the southern China with bridges, pavilions, ponds, and rockeries linked by zigzagging corridors and stone-paved paths. Besides, exquisite carvings on columns, beams, and eaves are also worth enjoying.
Shanghai Museum It is a comprehensive museum with nearly one million precious items on display and the oldest ones can be traced back to the Prehistoric Ages. Among them, bronze wares, porcelains, paintings and calligraphy works are the most notable exhibits there.
The Bund Most backpackers would put this attraction on their to-do list. Here 52 European-style buildings constructed during the 19th century stand side by side on the bank of Huangpu River, presenting the past time of the city.
Era Acrobatic Show It is a classic acrobatic show that has been putting on the stage for around a decade. Large water curtain, mirror walls, and projections create a dreamlike world to the audience. Exciting acrobatic shows will be played on this magical stage, such as balancing a porcelain vat on head, performing on the rolling wheel, and riding motorbikes in a giant steel ball.
Yu Garden CNY 40 (Apr. 1 ~ Jun. 30 & Sept. 1 ~ Nov. 30)
CNY 30 (Jul. 1 ~ Aug. 31 & Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 31)
Era Acrobatic Show CNY 150 ~ 700 according to different seats
Bus no. 930 CNY 2
Taxi fare: the Bund - Shanghai Circus World CNY 30
Notice: It is suggested you book the ticket of the Era Acrobatic Show one day in advance on their official website. The show starts at 19:30 every day and you need to collect the tickets at least before 19:00.
Day 2 Zhujiajiao Ancient Town - Shanghai Tower
Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
Take subway line 8 to Dashijie Station and leave from Exit 4; walk through the square to find the stop of bus Huzhu Express Line, Pu'an Road East Yan'an Road. Take that bus to reach the water town in around one hour. Upon arrival at Zhujiajiao Bus Station, go westwards down Xiangningbang Road for about 200 meters (220 yards) and turn north onto Xinfeng Road to find the entrance of the town.

In the afternoon, reverse the trip back to downtown area and then take bus no. 455 to Dongfang Yiyuan. Walk southwards along Lujiazui Ring Road for 150 meters (165 yards) and you will see the Shanghai Tower. This two-day independent Shanghai tour will round off with the night scenes there.
Zhujiajiao Ancient TownIt is a typical water town through which Caogang River flows. You will find black-awning boats dotted among the water. Residences there were mostly built during the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368 - 1911) with white walls and black tiles, lining orderly along flagstone-paved lanes.
Shanghai TowerIt is the highest point of the whole city, with a height of 632 meters (2,073 feet). The 'Top of Shanghai Observatory' on the 118th floor is the best viewing point to have a bird's-eye-view of the whole Lujiangzui Financial District and Pudong Area on the opposite bank of Huangpu River.
*The best visiting time of this attraction is during 17:00 ~ 21:00.
Zhujiajiao Ancient TownFree to enter, but you should pay to visit attractions inside.
Shanghai TowerCNY 180
Bus Huzhu Express LineCNY 12
Bus no. 455CNY 2
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