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3-Day Shanghai In-Depth Tour

Day 1 Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall - Shanghai Museum - East Nanjing Road - Xin Tian Di
Xin Tian Di
Take subway line 1, 2, or 8 to People's Square Station. Get out from Exit 2 and you will see the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall. After visiting there, go across Renmin Avenue to visit Shanghai Museum. Then, head northwards along Middle Xizang Road for 400 meters (440 yards) to find the East Nanjing Road to do some shopping and have a lunch. Then take subway line 10 from East Nanjing Rd. Station to Xin Tian Di. Leave from Exit 2 and walk northwards along South Huangpi Road for 400 meters (440 yards) to view the Shikumen Residences.

Urban Planning Exhibition HallIt is a place for you to have a better understanding of the city's development history as well as the future development plan. Here you can also see miniatures of the landmarks of Shanghai, such as Yuyuan Garden and Xujiahui Cathlic Cathedral.
Shanghai MuseumThe museum has four floors exhibiting over 120,000 pieces of bronze wares, porcelains, paintings, jade wares, furniture, ethnic handicraft… It is suggested to rent an audio guide at the entrance at a cost of CNY 40 and you can store your passport or CNY 400 as a deposit.
East Nanjing RoadIt is the most prosperous pedestrian street of Shanghai with a history of over 100 years. Many world-renowned brands have settled in western-style shopping malls there which were built during the 19th century. You can also feast your stomach with local snacks and some foreign dishes in restaurants along the street.
Xin Tian DiIf you want to have a look of Shikumen buildings, Xin Tian Di should be your best choice. Shikumen is the most representative Shanghai residence that combines both western architectural styles and traditional Chinese constructional features. There are also brimmed with open-air bars and cafes for you to spend some leisure time.
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition HallCNY 30
Shanghai MuseumFree
Subway: East Nanjing Road - Xin Tian DiCNY 3
Day 2 World Financial Center - the Bund - Shanghai French Concession - Fuxing Park - Hengshan Road
The Bund
Reach Lujiazui Area by subway line 2. Once you get out from Exit 6, you will see the towering World Financial Center immediately. After that, take a taxi to the boarding point of the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. Take the battery car to go across the Huangpu River and finally reach the Bund Area.

After touring around the Bund, you may turn west into Jiujiang Road and head southwards at the second crossroad to take bus no. 17. Get off at Middle Fuxing Road South Chongqing Road and start your exploration of Shanghai French Concession. Firstly, walk westward from the alighting point to visit Fuxing Park. After that, wander along Middle Fuxing Road westwards for 2 kilometers (1 mile) to Hengshan Road, which is a famous bar street in Shanghai. You may stroll around and pick a bar of coffee shop to have a rest.

World Financial CenterIt is one of the most outstanding skyscrapers around Lujiazui Area. There is a unique glass corridor on the 100th floor. You will feel like walking in the air with buildings under your feet and clouds by your side.
The BundIt is the best place for backpackers to take shots of the past and the present of Shanghai. This area used to be the British Concession in the 19th century. 52 old western-style buildings are lined up along one side of the road. On the other side is the rolling Huangpu River, and skyscrapers of Lujiazui Area can also be overlooked from the Bund.
Shanghai French ConcessionThe French had built their government sectors and residences around this place during 1849 ~ 1943. Some of these European-style buildings are still well preserved by now and are shaded by lush plane trees along the streets. You can also find old mansions of some celebrities here.
World Financial Center (94F + 97F + 100F)CNY 180
The BundFree
Shanghai French ConcessionFree
Fuxing ParkFree
The Bund Sightseeing TunnelCNY 50 for a single trip
Taxi fare: World Financial Center - the Bund Sightseeing TunnelCNY 15
Bus no. 17CNY 2
Day 3 Jade Buddha Temple - Yuyuan Garden - City God Temple
Take subway line 13 to Jiangning Rd. Station. Get out from Exit 4 and walk southwards along Jiangning Road to reach the Jade Buddha Temple after a few minutes. After that, take a taxi to Yuyuan Garden and also visit the nearby City God Temple. This 3-day independent Shanghai tour will end here.

Jade Buddha TempleAs its name indicates, the temple is renowned for enshrining two jade Buddha statues brought from Cambodia in the late Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). Besides admiring the precious Buddha statues, it is also suggested you have a bowl of noodles, as locals believe this can bring good fortune.
Yuyuan GardenIt is the private garden of an official during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). Wandering along the winding corridors, you can see rockeries, ponds, old plants and traditional building setting off one another. Although in the middle of a bustling block, this garden seems to be secluded from the outside world and still reveals the beauty of quietness.
Jade Buddha TempleCNY 20
*You need to pay another CNY 10 to admire the Jade Buddha.
Yuyuan GardenCNY 40 (Apr. 1 ~ Jun. 30 & Sept. 1 ~ Nov. 30)
CNY 30 (Jul. 1 ~ Aug. 31 & Dec. 1 ~ Mar. 31)
City God TempleFree
Taxi fare: Jade Buddha Temple – Yuyuan GardenCNY 30
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