Hebei Pictures

Hebei Province is located in the northern part of North China Plain and on the Coast of Bohai Sea. Embracing Beijing and Tianjin, so it is a place of great strategic value. It has been known as the northern gate to the capital since ancient times. Here, there are imperial Mountain Resort, Outer Eight Temples, and Mulan Enclosure in Chengde, classical Zhaozhou Bridge in Shijiazhuang, Beidaihe Scenic Spot and Shanhaiguan Pass in Qinhuangdao. Detailed information about Hebei Travel Guide

Chengde (65)

Chengde, called “Rehe” in old times, is located in the northeast of Hebei Province. It is one of the 24 noted historic and cultural cities in China. In 1994, the Mountain Resort and the Eight Outer Temples in Chengde were listed as World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO.

Shijiazhuang (24)

Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province, is only 278 kilometers from Beijing. It is an important transportation hub, which injects great vitality to its development. This city is rich in tourist resources, such as ancient Zhaozhou Bridge, Mt. Cangyan, Longxing Temple and Xibaipo.

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