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Pingyao is well-known for its ancient city wall and courtyard dwellings. The pictures here will show you the antique architectures in the city, characteristic local features and the local residential houses. Detailed information about Pingyao Travel Guide
As a highlight attraction of Pingyao, the Ancient Ming-Qing Street is actually the North Street of this ancient town. It is a narrow pedestrian street, being more than 750 meters (820 yards) long.
The City Wall of Pingyao is one of the well-preserved city walls in China. In 1997, Pingyao City Wall along with Pingyao Ancient Town was listed as one of the World Cultural Heritage.

The Qiao Family Compound is situated in Qiaojiabao Village, Qi County, Shanxi Province, about 54 kilometers from Taiyuan City. It is the famous capitalist Qiao Zhiyong's private house in the Qing Dynasty.

At the Spring Festival, the Shehuo (Traditional Festivity Show) performances are put on in Pingyao, Shanxi Province.
The Temple of the City God is situated in the southeast of Pingyao City, covering an area of 7,302 square meters (around 8,733 square yards). It has a long history but has been well preserved.
The Wang's Compound is located in Jingsheng Town, 12 kilometers east of Lingshi County, Shanxi Province. It is only 35 kilometers from Pingyao City. Many visitors think that the Wang's Compound is very big and magnificent.
The local market in the morning is located in the ancient Ming-Qing Street, mainly selling a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.
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Questions & Answers on Pingyao Pictures
Asked by John from CHINA | May. 10, 2014 07:33Reply
We will be arriving in Xi'an on June 14 and would like to take a train to PingYao.
How long does the train take and is this the best way to get there? We are in China now.
Answers (1)
Answered by Julie from USA | May. 12, 2014 20:14

Personally, it shall be the best way to go and the train for the trip takes 8-9 hours.
Asked by Ms.Betty | Nov. 16, 2010 22:22Reply
I should appreciate if someone can help us out with train information, including name of train line,( both in English and Chinese ) the train number and cost for softseats for the following itinerary. 1)From Beijing to Datong, 2)Datong to ATaiuen/PingYao, 3)Pingyao to Kaifeng, 4)Kaifeng to Luoyang, 5)Luoyang to Xi'an. We (a group of 4 persons) would like to tour these various cities on our own and would also like information if we need to purchase the tickets before starting our journey. Many thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.chang | Nov. 17, 2010 02:07

Hi, I'm afriad that you are unable to purchase these tickets before you departing for your journey, for most train tickets in China are sold 10 days ahead. For the train schedule and ticket fare, you can search by youeself at China Train Schedule( by entering the leaving and arrival stations.
Asked by Mr.demets from BELGIUM | Mar. 06, 2009 09:45Reply
where can I book the train tickets Beijing-Pingyao & Pingyao-Xi'an ?
Answers (5)
Answered by Mr.Simon from CHINA | Mar. 10, 2009 04:34

Hi, tell me where are you now? Are you in Belgium or Beijing?
Answered by Mrs.Demets from BELGIUM | Mar. 20, 2009 02:46

I'm still in Belgium. We are arriving in Beijing the 3th of April and we would like to take the train to Pingyao the 7th of April.
Answered by Mr.Simon from CHINA | Mar. 20, 2009 04:26

Hi, as far as I know, you cannot book the ticket if you are not in China, so when you come to Beijing in April 3rd, go to the Beijing Railway Station to buy the ticket to Pingyao, or if you have friends in Beijing, you can ask them to buy the tickets for you in advance.

Have a nice trip in China!
Answered by Mr.nayar from CANADA | Mar. 23, 2009 14:42

is there any deluxe kind of airconditioned overnight train with comfortable sleepers from Guangzhou to Yiwu and how much is the fair.
Answered by Ms.Cora from CHINA | Mar. 24, 2009 04:55

To Mr.nayar:
Yes, there are three trains satisfying your need: K528, T170, K210/K211, for details,plz click, to check details.
You can make a comparison among these three trains to get a good choice.
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