Li River Map and Scenery

The sketch map of the Li River cruise:

(Please click on different sections for details.)Li River Map

The first section: Guilin-Ox Gorge

Elephant Trunk Hill
Chuanshan Park (Cock Fighting Hill and Pagoda Hill)
Jingping Hill
Daxu Ancient Town
Millstone Hill
Ox Gorge

The second section: Ox Gorge-Water-Dropping Village
Wangfu (Yearning-for-Husband's-Return) Rock
Crown Cave
Embroidery Hill
Half-Side Ferry
Yangdi Village
Wave-Stone View
Mural Hill
Yellow Cloth Shoal
Xingping Landscape

The third section: Water-Dropping Village-Yangshuo

Snail Hill
Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Peak)
Schoolboy Hill (Shutong Hill)
Snow Lion Ridge (Xueshi Ridge)

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