Shutong Hill

Shutong Hill, Yangshuo
Yangshuo Shutong Hill

Shutong Hill, aka Schoolboy Hill in English, rises up on the right bank of the Li River, about 1.2 miles (2km) from southeast Yangshuo County of Guilin. With a height of nearly 100m (328 feet), it is the smallest hill along the Li River. Seen from a distance, the hill looks like a beauty standing gracefully by the river. While approaching the hill, you will notice a rock stretching out from a slot on the north hillside. Imaginative villagers think that the whole unit looks like a schoolboy, who is reading attentively with a book in his hands. Hence, the hill's name. Some also call it Mast Hill because of its column-shaped body.


Interesting Fairytale About Shutong Hill

A local legend explains the origin of this hill. It says that a long time ago, there was an evil dragon in the Li River. It often hovered around the river and harmed local people. One day, a schoolboy got a sealed book, which described a way to conquer this vicious creature. When the dragon saw this book, it fell down suddenly to the river. For fear that the dragon might play dead, the boy, holding the sealed book, changed himself into a hill by the riverside to protect the local people. To memorialize this kind schoolboy, the hill was named Schoolboy Hill.


Chanticleer Hill and Zhuobi Peak

On the south of the hill stands the majestic Chanticleer Hill, which looks like a rooster crowing at dawn. The Shutong Hill and the Chanticleer Hill compose a scene of 'studying at dawn'. Coincidently, it corresponds to an ancient story in China about a man who got up in the early dawn everyday and learned earnestly and then became a brilliant general later.

Zhuobi Peak, resembling an upside-down writing brush, sits to the east of Shutong Hill. People say it’s a magic writing brush thrown by the famous Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai.

Other surrounding peaks include Lingren Peak and Thumb Peak. These peaks are mirrored in the still water of the Li River, like a colorful landscape painting. Looking around, Tianjia Bay, studded with hamlets and bamboo, lies to the west of Shutong Hill. Along these mountains and Li River are old buildings and bridges.

Shutong Hill is in the Sanjie Liu Above-Water Park, which is called “Diamond Watercourse” by local people. Stretching from Sanjie Liu Sing Fair to Fuli Ancient Town, this section enjoys charming scenery with water and hills. With bamboo rafts available at Shutong Hill Dock, visitors can be fully immersed in the scenery.

How to get to Shutong Hill

Visitors can reach the hill from Yangshuo by foot within half an hour. Riding a bicycle takes about ten minutes. The rent is CNY 10-20 per day and you need to deposit CNY 100. Visitors can also take a bamboo raft from Yangshuo and disembark at Shutong Hill Dock.

Entrance Fee Free
Opening Hours All day long
Recommended Time for a Visit One hour

 Nearby Attractions
 Sanjie Liu Sing Fair is only a few feet away from the hill. It is the largest natural theater over the world, where you will enjoy the amazing show Impression Sanjie Liu. The show is definitely a feast for your eyes and ears.
 Xueshi Ridge, or Snow Lion Ridge, is located at the northeast of Schoolboy Hill. The hill is named so because it is shaped like a magnificent lion and the exposed rock is as white as snow.

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