Yangshuo Travel Guide

Yangshuo Travel Guide

Yulong River, Yangshuo
Yulong River
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Yangshuo lies to the southeast of Guilin and in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Since being introduced by 'Lonely Planet' in 1980, it greets an increasing number of visitors annually.

The rippling Li River traverses the county and brings it breath-taking natural beauty. The county is regarded as one of the most beautiful counties in China and the local scenery is the essence of Guilin. It is also the termination of a Li River cruise.

The special geography gives it amazing beauty while over 1,400 years of history and diverse ethnic minority groups bless it with deep traditional and splendid cultures. Keeping their original charater, streets there present the simple and primitive atmosphere of the ancient town. Ethnic groups’ special folk customs represented by their various festivals, and exotic flavors added by foreigners make this town more colorful. The West Street in town is the most popular site, gathering and dispatching a great number of tourists.
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Cycling in Yangshuo
There is no airport in this town. But the high speed trains have connected it with Guilin, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Besides, buses to Guilin, Guangzhou, Nanning, Shenzhen, and Xingping Town are available at the local bus station. Those traveling by air can transfer from Guilin, where you can choose a Li River cruise or take a train or bus to Yangshuo.  City-bus and motor tricycles operate within the county. Cycling and hiking are good choices to view the idyllic countryside scenery.

Yangshuo Beer Fish
Yangshuo attracts tourists with its delicious specialty foods, such as Beer Fish, Niang dishes and special snacks including rice noodles and various glutinous rice cakes. You can taste them in most streets of the county. The local specialties such as Shatian Shaddocks, kumquats and Chinese chestnuts are worth tasting as well.

Shopping in West Street
If you want to buy some souvenirs, painted fans, embroidered balls, and painted shirts are all good choices. You can buy in tourist spots or pick up some when wandering along West Street. Bargaining is necessary before paying. If you want to buy some local specialties, you are suggested to go to supermarkets like Ninety-nine Supermarket.

Night Performance of Impression Sanjie Liu
Impression Sanjie Liu, a local performance directed by Zhang Yimou, is highly recommended to enjoy at night. It is performed on the Li River as a natural stage and many folk songs and dances are shown. West Street turns into a bar street at night, where one can relax and listen to some pop songs. Many foreigners reside there. Different kinds of clubs and cafes, as well as plenty of snacks in the roadside eateries will leave you with an unforgettable experience.

Basic facts and practical tips are provided to facilitate your trip or living in Yangshuo.
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Questions & Answers on Yangshuo Travel
Asked by Adrien from CANADA | Dec. 21, 2018 10:12Reply
We will be visiting Guilin and Yangshuo late April into early May.
How many days do you suggest in each place or is it even advisable to split our stay in each town? We want to raft on the Li River, go to the Flute cave, enjoy the nature attractions/surroundings and possibly go to the Impression Sanjie Liu Show (has anyone seen this show?). We are not rushed for time, but we are just not sure how many nights we need in order to relax and really enjoy the area. We will be travelling from HK and back by high speed train. Thanks.
Answers (2)
Answered by LANCH | Dec. 23, 2018 23:29

Based on your planning, 3 or 4 nights would be okay, besides, Impression Sanjie Liu come from a Chinese folk story, I am not sure whether it is hard for you to get the meaning, may be you can read some background, and keep warm because of the weather. --- Haven't been to Yangshuo but hope the words from a Chinese could be helpful.
Answered by Adrien from CANADA | Dec. 27, 2018 21:13

Not knowing the meaning is fine. Chinese shows are always colorful and spectacular to watch.
Asked by Mim from DONGGUANG | Dec. 03, 2018 23:00Reply
Hi we’re in Yangshuo now, but would like to know is there any nice places to go by fast train
to another city worth to see and stay for couple nights? We already been to Guilin. Thanks
Answers (1)
Answered by Taylor from USA | Dec. 04, 2018 23:21

There are bullet trains operated to Chongqing and Chengdu in YS railway station. The duration is about 5-6 hours to Chongqing and 7-8 hours to Chengdu.The two cities border upon. You can take the bullet train to Chongqing first and then visit Chengdu where you can see pandas and eat authentic Hot Pot and other delicious local snacks.
Asked by Lynne Kudus from AUSTRALIA | Jun. 05, 2018 10:42Reply
hi i bought a train ticket from chengdu to yangshuo. Will the train stop at YS railway station?
Is it a direct train or i have to change train? Also,how far is the yangshuo railway train station to the yangshuo town (west town)?
Answers (1)
Answered by Emma from USA | Jun. 07, 2018 21:42

Yes, of course. It’s a direct train. The distance is around 25km. You can take the special line to the town which takes about 30 minutes and the fare is CNY 20.
Asked by pau from SPAIN | May. 28, 2018 00:56Reply
Hi, I am planning to visit Yangshuo for 3 days at the beginning of july (7th,8th, 9th) in 2018
But I'm a little afraid about the weather, because of the rain? My plan is hiking, taking the Li River cruise and cycling. Considering this, is it better to go any other time?
Answers (1)
Answered by Pine from POLAND | May. 30, 2018 21:29

Yeah, it is often rainy in YS at that time. I think the best seasons to visit are Sep. to Nov.
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