Xianggong Mountain

In the beginning, Xianggong Mountain was merely an obscure small karst hill on the west bank of Li River in Yangshuo County of Guilin. A few years ago, a local photographer took some pictures on the top of this mountain and won the bronze prize in an international photography contest, making Xianggong Mountain famous overnight. From then on, it became a popular tourist destination beloved by enthusiastic photographers.
Distant View Photo of Li River from Xianggong Mountain
Distant View of Li River from Xianggong Hill
Xianggong Hill in Yangshuo
Sightseeing Platform
Lying between the picturesque Mural Hill and Yellow Cloth Shoal in Xingping Town, Xianggong Mountain, also known as Xianggong Hill, is about 28 km (18 miles) from Yangshuo and 57 km (35 miles) from Guilin. Xianggong refers to a government official in ancient times. The whole mountain looks like a man wearing an official hat and costume of feudal China, hence the name. It is also named Hebao Mountain by locals after the Hebao Village at its foot.

At the entrance, there is a row of grey-tiled houses. A wood plaque hangs right above the middle gate, inscribed with four Chinese characters “Jin Shou Yan Di”, meaning providing a panoramic view. From these words, you may guess how Xianggong Mountain will entertain you. Passing through the entrance, you will start to climb stone steps. On the way, you may think that the scenery pales in comparison with so many beautiful scenic spots in Yangshuo. However, after about 15 minutes when you reach the top, you will marvel at the gorgeous view.
Viewing Platform
15 Minutes' Walk to the Mountain Top
Xianggong Mountain, Yangshuo
Li River Seen from the Mountain Top
Standing on the three-storey sightseeing stage, you can look over a panorama of Yangshuo landscape. The meandering Li River, embraced by rolling hills on both banks, makes a 180-degree bend here. The sea of clouds, sunrise and rosy sunglows will surely not disappoint you. Looking downwards, boats and bamboo rafts sail down the river. Fishermen work on the river side. White farming houses are scattered here and there on the vast fields. In the distance, hills rise one above the other, partly visible and partly hidden. In sunny days, the water surface is checkered with sunlight and shadows, making you believe that you have set foot on a wonderland.

If you come to Yangshuo, do not miss Xianggong Mountain, the best spot to have a bird view of the sceneries along Li River! Just press the shutter and keep Yangshuo a life-long memory!

Photography Tips

1. The best time to take photos here is in the early morning on sunny days, so keep an eye on the weather forecast before going there. If you want to shoot the sunrise, you need to arrive at the mountain around five o’clock in the morning.
2. It’s advised to lodge in the Xianggong Mountain Villa at the mountain foot. By the way, the host can show you around to other nearby scenic sites offering wonderful angles for photography.
Sunrise at Xianggong Mountain Xianggong Hill in Yangshuo

How to Get to Xianggong Mountain from Yangshuo

1. Rent a car from Yangshuo to Xianggong Mountain. The cost is around CNY 300 for a round trip.
2. Take a bus to Putao Town from Yangshuo Bus Station or the exit of West Street. Then rent a car to arrive at the mountain. The rent is around CNY 80 per car. Alternatively, you can take a motorcycle taxi from Putao Town, at the price of about CNY 30.
3. There is another way for hikers: Take a bus from Yangshuo Bus Station to Xingping Town. It takes 40 minutes to get there and ticket fare is CNY 10. Then walk to the Xingping Dock to rent a bamboo raft to go upstream and leave the raft at Lengshui Ferry. Then hike along the country road for one or two hours to the mountain.

How to Get to Xianggong Mountain from Guilin

1. Take a bus to Yangshuo from Guilin General Bus Station and get off at Putao Town or Baisha Town. Then rent a car to arrive at the mountain.
2. First, take a bus to Yangshuo or Xingping. The bus departs from Guilin Bus station to Xingping at 07:00, 08:00, 13:00, and 14:00 and the ticket fare is CNY 31. Then choose one of the above routes.
Entrance Fee CNY 60
Opening Hours All day

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